Milviz C310R Official Thread

That looks awesome.

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Update not in FS marketplace?

Not yet. Soon


Thank you. (How soon…are we there yet, are we there yet…) :wink:

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Usually a few weeks after we submit it.



has anyone managed to feather the props using Honeycomb Bravo? I tried my best, but still need to use my mouse to feather.

In SPAD while looking at your profiles
highlight the Online Profiles
In the Search box put PW

Look through the results and get PW C310R

Activate that profile and save it.

It does feathering and other stuff you might need for the 310

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Edit: sorry it does feather, however the levers in sim remains in the DEC position. Wont move down to FTH.

Thanks for the tip. I tried, but still wont move to FTHR.


I use FSUIPC 7 to feather the props on most of my twins with the Honeycomb Bravo.
Works great on the Cessna 310!

Left engine:


Right engine:


Hope this helps.


I noticed my passenger comfort index was near 0, however the text says “The cabin is comfortable and steady”… uh, is a lower number better here like golf?

Also I have the heater on and cabin air turned up. Any idea what’s happening?


If you do some uncomfortable maneuvers, despite you are alone, the comfort index of the passengers decrease.

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That’s a really bad level. Did you have to clean vomit from the passenger seats?

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But I’m not alone, I have a full plane of unhappy and or/happy passengers

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been a smooth ride the whole way. It’s just cold outside in Norway so my passengers are popsicles

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Remember what you see as a perfectly normal 30 degree standard turn the average passenger sees as insane daredevil barnstorming.


Maybe turn on some cabin heat? :cold_face:

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I did mention

Also I have the heater on and cabin air turned up

is there something else I need to do to get the cabin warm? I had air and passenger air knobs turned to the right, and the heater switch flipped up

The temp control knob. Notice the temp control knob is open to the left.

I believe if it says the cabin is comfortable and steady, the temperature isn’t the problem.
Perhaps this:

Climbing or descending too fast
When you exceed about 1000 FPM for a sustained period of time in a
climb or descent, some passenger’s ears may not be able to cope with
the rate of change and this can cause significant ear pain.


Are you trying this while flying? Because you won’t see them move if your not flying.

While in a cruise…
Pull one (Right for a test) prop down passed the detent and the mis passed the detent. you should see the right prop eventually quit spinning and the prop will be in the feathered position.