Milviz C310R Official Thread

As far as I know the main reason to keep them off until needed is reduce the chance of failure later on.

Failure of the de-icing in just the one blade of a prop is particularly worrisome as it will result in an unbalanced prop.


Rule of thumb anytime air temp is +10C or less you have the possibility of icing

I found this informative

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WOW!.. How many hours did it take to get that level of polish?
Good thing it’s winter so you don’t smash bugs all over it!

I definitely like the red and cream over the black from the screenshots. The black just has something wrong about it, the wear and tear on the red and cream looks more realistic.

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Worn leather seats is tricky.

With large expanses of fabric you can get realistic fading by overlaying something with a random pattern (I found a photo of fallen autumn leaves worked well) at something like 5 or 10% opacity to introduce a subtle variation to the texture. This can even work for stuff like fabric on seats.

Leather upholstery is trickier as leather only wears at certain specific spots where it rubs and not other spots so you need to put a lot more thought into it, and you need to do it manually.

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I just thought his images of the red on cream looked more realistic than the black leather textures…

They do.

I was just explaining why it is easier to get fabric to look realistic. Worn black leather is probably the hardest upholstery to work with, which is why it is often done as “brand new” rather than ratty with worn spots .


Great video!

That is very true. Just to put it in writing for skimmers (like me :wink:), it’s generally +10C TAT or OAT sometimes with a lower limit of -40C SAT, at which point it’s considered less conducive for ice formation. Some aircraft add other requirements like “during climb and cruise” for turning off the AI below -40C SAT, but these are specified by the aircraft flight manual.

And visible moisture. That last one can be a little funny, since I think MSFS knows where cloud layers are but not where clouds are. So, I’ve certainly been in the clear in MSFS and picked up ice.


310 livery update…
I’ve now started on the Radio & navigation units. Getting the look the way I want it is causing me some issues. But I’m slowly getting there.


I’ve finally got to a point where I’m happy with my livery, and it’s now live on


Great job! Thanks for posting. :+1:t2:


I now got rid of the grey carpeting, and given the 310 a cleaner look. I’ve added a new carpet and mats.


What’s the latest on the update hitting the marketplace?

Waiting on MS’ approval.

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Flying the updated 310R in Xbox Series X right now, very nice ride so far. It’s nice to get away from the BS & CTD issues with glass cockpits for a while!


Yup, marketplace update releases today for the 310!


I got the update this morning. Made my first flight along the Oregon coast. All when well. YEAH!


Haven’t flown this magnificent bird in a while.
I’m seeing a lot about updates here.
Are we still on SP3 or did something newer come out?

SUper Impressive Work…
Excuse me asking, ist there a paint-kit somewhere or some kind of tutorial or do I have to extract from the installed liveries and fight my way through?

Thanks, great aircraft with great support.

Is there anywhere to see what’s changed/fixed with this update?

Noticed one change, don’t need throttle almost 100% with full flaps on approach, before would drop out the sky if at say 25% with full flaps.

I think it will be this:

The FDE has been revised to not require quite so much power on final.
Load stations and CG have been modified to closer match the real aircraft.
Cameras have been modified to accomodate the revision of the CG.

You’ll notice the different camera view right away, the default pilot
view is further back and a bit lower, we’d like your feedback on this change.

The aircraft should be a little less stressful to land with considerably
less power required to maintain speed on final. There’s slightly more lift
during the flare. A side effect of these changes is that the nose wheel
steering at higher speeds requires a bit more attention than before.


  • Elevator trim effectiveness has been adjusted to make each increment
    do less movement. This has the side effect of making the AP less effective in the
    pitch channel so big adjustments to pitch by the AP will take a bit longer to
    accomplish. Also, the indicator position has been moved up 20% to better
    reflect the actual setting.

  • Several relatively minor model fixes are also incorporated in this release.

  • Changes to the way the avionics suites are handled are included with this
    SP. Better integration with the latest WT changes to the base 530/430 and
    KAP-140 autopilot is a result. See “Notes on Avionics Configurations” below
    for more details.

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Brake damage is not saved and restored. (This affected other damage too.)
Fixed: Prop switching back to max fine setting after landing with feathered prop.
Fixed: Dirt is not accumulating on the airframe.
Fixed: After recovery from a stall the AP will no longer work.
Fixed: Engine does not actually fail when it should based on damage.

This release contains a code fix that addresses a potential timing
issue that could be causing some of the save/restore state issues that have
been reported. I was never able to reproduce this issue with any regularity
so please if you’ve had problems with save/restore in ‘owned’ mode, see if
they are any better or have gone away.