Minimum System Requirements

I have been using FS2020 since in first came out. Generally have been pleased, and have had no serious problems, though I am a casual user.

Since latest update, when I start FS2020 I get a popup Warning that my system does not meet minimum requirements! I have never had this before, and am not sure why it is suddenly appearing, or how to stop it.

My system:
AMD R5 2600
AMD RX580 w/ 8GB RAM
32 GB system RAM
Windows 10 with latest updates.

Only hardware change is I recently upgraded from a 21" 1080 monitor to a 27" LG 1920 x 1080 monitor.

Any thoughts?


Take a look at the following topics:

If you were to upgrade that GPU it would be money well spent. The rest of your system is quite good, but that GPU is your bottleneck.

I had a similar setup to the Topic Author’s - same CPU, same GPU, 16 GB of System RAM instead of 32. MSFS is on a separate dedicated NVME M2. SSD.

I’m able to run a mix of Medium and HIgh setting (including the all important to me Glass Cockpit Refresh Rate of Medium and High Volumetric Clouds) - and I average around 45 fps at 1080P even in busy Photogrammetery areas. The RX580 is a champ, and until prices drop a bit more closer back to MSRP, it’s actually one of the most sought after 2nd hand GPUs on the market.

I found a good deal on an RTX 2060 12GB, that’s the only reason why I upgraded - now I can run with some additional settings like Anisoptropics enabled. It’s about 40 percent better GPU performance from the RX580, but I logged a lot of my nearly 600 hours on the sim using the older card - it is by no means a slouch.

I’d love to, but at today’s GPU prices it ain’t happening! When I built this system a few years back, it cost me about $600 for everything. The video card was $120 - brand new!! Now it is hard to find a GPU for under $300 - $400, and that is for an older, used card. Will upgrade when I can. I can still fly just fine with the RX580 and get around 35 FPS unless flying in a high graphic area, so I can live with that for now.

I now have an R5 5600x, 32 gigs of RAM, and an RX 6600 XT graphics card, with latest MS 10 update, and I STILL get the Your system does not meet minimum requirements message!! If I click OK game runs fine, but this is still a perplexing problem, it appears.

Trust me when I say, I know exactly how it feels to be constrained.

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