More drag on floats please

When landing on water there is very low resistance and the aircraft slows as if making a wheeled landing on pavement without any brakes. I often end up skidding on to the shore, unrealistically. Are there plans to fix this or are there mods that address this?


This should be up to the Plane developer to select appropriate parameter values on the Plane’s .cfg file to control the flight model correctly ??

I expect that with the 40yr expansion MSFS will address the water handling - only because they are releasing a seaplane with it. I suppose I could be wrong -

and yes the airplane modeler is responsible for making the sure the parameters of the flight (and taxi wet or dry) are correct - but MSFS has their end of it too. The GLOBAL core flight and taxi parameters have to be accurate and discoverable to the 3rd party content creators. When it isn’t (as now for water taxi) the developers have to do workarounds and tricks to emulate the behavior that should have been built in…or has yet to be updated by MS


MSFS already has “Official” Asobo Seaplanes.

Unfortunately, they currently do not FLOAT in water, but instead remain at MSL, while the water & waves rise up and down around them,.

Hopefully, this will be something that gets improved in SU10 !

yes - but those weren’t introduced as part of an anniversary expansion - just in and of themselves. I, and I alone apparently, look at that as a huge difference.

I guess we will all be looking for, and hoping to see that “Huge Difference” with the Anniversary Expansion :wink:

There’s a bug voting topic with a good discussion about float physics here: Unrealistic Water Physics for Float Planes

Big aspect of flying that would be a great improvement to MSFS!


and everyone having “high hopes” will be disappointed as always when it’s about a “game changing update”…

Water physics are borked in general right now, and are generally inferior to where they were in FS9 and FSX.

Some of MS/Asobo’s first-party seaplanes can’t even be steered on the water. A few third-party developers have done a better job but this entire aspect of the sim needs a complete overhaul.


I mean, MSFS released with a seaplane, but did not even have water animations at that time.

Later, they added water animations and floats to a number of default planes, but the water physics still are what they are.

They’ve continued to release official seaplanes as Local Legends throughout the year as well.

I don’t think their rate of improvements to the water physics and effects really coincides with the content they’ve been providing. We are all hoping for the best when it comes to what will actually get updated/fixed in SU10 or 40th Anniversary, but their track record points more to a slow evolution of the sim as a whole, rather than any specific part of the sim getting major overhaul fixes.

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More signs of a product released before it was ready. And not much has changed overall.

AFAIK, this has been added to the backlog and should start to be addressed in upcoming Sim Updates… at least some of the issues…

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