More Physics, More Real Winds

Well I used to fly the Jetstream 32 before, no autopilot or flight director at all :muscle:. But also no CAT II / III or other fancy stuff. It was a hell of a experience though…


Okay. But some “scientists” came to the conclusion that bumble bees can not fly, too. Until they refined their understanding of insect wings movement and micro turbulence production.
I am sure these tanks are anti-gravity devices that makes this vehicle fly!


Here. I already posted it above but you are not interested in reading other people’s replies to you it seems to me:

It’s an autolanding of the FBW A320NX. If AP can do it in MSFS, so can you, using nothing but ailerons and rudder, in good visibility of course. Notice how radically the plane is crabbing (not sideslipping!) to the right, which is very close to the real world crosswind and crabbing video you just posted.


Look at the video I posted last, and you will find plenty of aircrafts landing with real crab and de-crabbing technique, I am sure it is much easier to believe your eyes, instead of all of the users that are only managed by their egos.

Again, I don’t see that the AP is engaged in these videos, let alone autoland?

Can’t remember about the A320 (and if they ever told us) but e.g. the 767 and other heavies start the align (side-slip) ~150ft in certain xwnd conditions during an autoland.

I’ve forgotten to add:

Should this question matters to you, you might want to support @anon50268670 questions for the next Q&A.

You’ll also find mine about this topic here:
Live Dev Q&A: Guided Question - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

If anyone is questioning the FS2020 ability to fly as good as XP11 or even reality, I believe the best course of action right now would be posting his/her question directly for the next Q&A, and abiding by his/her self principles (re: “In addition, I think it would be quite a challenge to convince users who are attached to their beliefs.” )

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Yeah, we all see. I can’t imagine a wide-winged B787 side-slip onto the runway.
But what’s the point?
Is there anyone against crab and de-crabbing?

Lobsters maybe? :upside_down_face:


Wow… That is very nice, and beautiful… Can you please show me how you do with with your controls, because mine have worked well with X-plane but with FS2020, the de-crabbing is causing a wing drop of 2-3 degrees… And I need to see that with 35+ crosswind… That is important, because if the physics of the aircraft model doesn’t make the right calculations then the de-crabbing with the ailerons correction will not work.

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Probably because It was a very early and therefore dirty and quick developer demo of FBW A320NX’s autoland system. Here’s a better one:

Again from Asobo documentation file:///C:/MSFS%20SDK/Documentation/03-Content_Configuration/SimObjects/00-Aircraft/Flight_Model.html#fundamental-equations


which finally leads to the following system of equations for the dynamics of rigid bodies:

Thanks to the simple form of the matrix of inertia of the aircraft written in the body frame, the pitch momentum equation is decorrelated from the others."

And now, please discuss with your neighbor and find the bug/the optimization.


Lobsters? It’s a new technique I must learn. Hey FO, could you please help me to keep it on my notebook? I am busy hand flying this sh*t and tired of autopilots~ :sunglasses:


I am sorry, but that is only 7 knots with a crosswind component of 2-3 knots maximum… If you try that with 30+ knots crosswind component, it will not work. I have already tried it with 40+ knots crosswind component.

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Absolutely false. Calm down, relax and watch the entire video slowly. I’m referring to the developer Andreas Guther’s video here. He is demonstrating autoland in various wind speed configuration and the maximum he tested was 30 knots. Even at 200 feet he had 25 knots crosswind. Every single autoland was successful. There’s nothing to hide here. Anyone can watch the video


Okay, this “proof” is a lot of work. How much $$$ do I get? And if you are not satisfied with my proof, do I still get the $$$?


I am sorry, But I didn’t see 30+ knots crosswind component at touchdown. The only landing I saw is 7-9 knots side wind, with max 2-3 knots crosswind component. Here is the screenshot.

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Asobo themselves have also answered it in their Feature Discovery videos

And I’m not sorry. You are watching the wrong (second) video. Let me remind you again: calm down and read slowly and attentively when people reply to you. For the third time, I’m referring to the developer Andreas Guther’s video where he was demonstrating autoland in various wind speed configuration. The video is titled “Airbus FBW - Custom AP - Autoland” Airbus FBW - Custom AP - Autoland - YouTube

I’m not referring to the video titled “A320 - Autoland System in MSFS 2020 by FlyByWire (experimental edition)”. I posted that for @PZL104 only to show him the AP’s text labels in the PFD.


Again, in the first videos there wasn’t a single autoland or even the AP engaged?!?

Maybe also because the autoland has limitations, this wing low technique is not meant to be used with 30/40 kts of crosswind.

Edit: it seems the Airbus is using de-crabbing before touchdown (with wings level) technique, I don’t know if that is accurate to real life, you can do that at any crosswind, autoland itself still has limitations of course.