More Physics, More Real Winds

USE MAN PITCH TRIM is a lot nicer in the sim (an IRL I’d guess) than the MAN PITCH TRIM ONLY message :wink:

& @anon50268670 it may also be them trying to simulate the Airbus g limit protections. Obviously other than normal law isn’t modelled to any degree, and to get that to happen they’ve probably put something in their code to make it work, preventing any other aircraft from operating normally in the process…

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Oh yeah. Even Airbus says this one is just until you get something else working… :rofl:

Yeah, These are really challenging winds, while trying to fly hands off… But look at the touchdown, if you try this on a Level-D simulator, you will get no G-protection, and the aircraft will bounce like crazy, But something else also should happen, you are very close, you have already mentioned it somewhere in this thread… And that was very close to what is going on… the Force that is not present…

Hey, Hey captain … ( until the end of the video.)

This was regarding the Boeing 748.

For the record, I don’t think he was commenting on your video. Other than that, will there be a price for the right (wrong) answer?

I fear that to satisfy their A320 wishes, they’ve implemented things across the board that broke other aircraft, like the 748… :frowning:


I don’t get what you’re going on about here, or the video (your landing video?)

There is G protection via the fly by wire system - it will modulate what the control surfaces do regardless of your stick position. There are other things it does during flare mode too, such as introducing a nose down tendency so that you have to pull back on the stick to make it feel like other aircraft, not really for discussion here though as its late my time…


Most pilots, take a rest after touchdown, or enjoy stepping on the rudder, but still if you don’t step on the rudder, And don’t maintain control, can you predict what will happed to the aircraft? Remember Gusting crosswinds 90 degrees of the runway, with hands-off, and no rudder input…

I really think its the Asobo way of making the aircraft (748 in this case) feel heavy and sluggish instead of getting the inertia right. You just can’t pull any aircraft into an accelerated stall in MSFS. The aircraft should continue down its original flightpath initially when making rapid pitch up manoeuvres, instead the flight path changes immediately and stays in synch with the pith rate, never exceeding the critical angle of attack until running out of kinetic energy. The 748 does feel heavy but its not because of simulated inertia.


Even Parorng, didn’t comment on the video, Action and Reaction forces apply in all situations… All physics problems have common rules… they are applicable in all situations and Universal to all aircrafts…

Yeah I agree.

I feel there was a lot of aerodynamic detail that was promised but really not delivered sadly. Hopefully it’s something that can be fixed/changed over the life of the sim, rather than like FSX where we are stuck with some big issues/limitations.

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What on earth are you talking about??? Where’s the connection to my post???

If you had the MAN PITCH TRIM ONLY message you are probably tired so you need to take a rest after touchdown? Is it so hard to see the connection?! :joy:


Ah, now THAT makes sense. :rofl: :+1:


When that comes up, you’ve basically lost all hydraulics, which the controls depend on.

The mechanical linkages are for the Trimmable Horizontal Stabiliser (THS) (Trim for the laypeople reading) and the rudder. Not ideal, especially if you have to approach like this!

So yeah, you’d be so tired you’d need a decent vacation, or retirement! :rofl:


Thats what I’m saying, you are probably tired if you had that, I’m trying to find the connection between two posts here :blush:.

It’s a little… ‘abcoherent’

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