More Physics, More Real Winds

I would like to show you also, a video of my previous landing, but not from the cockpit, rather form the spot view, so that you can compare the difference between what we all can presume about how perfect the landing was, and what actually occurred while touchdown. That is very relevant to what is also missing in FS2020, The level of accuracy, of pressure on the gear, and to experience the view of the gear pressure, is a different topic…

We all can view the touchdown as not being perfect, The aircraft bounces once after touchdown, and only on the second touchdown it sinks onto the runway, but from the previous video, of the landing the pilot can’t experience what occurs, and the Simulator should enable the pilot to experience the movement of that aggressive pressure even if it was very slightly seen on the touchdown.

Please state WHAT you think is wrong.
Also, you’re using a poorly imported FSX model to make your point.
I know you’re keen to learn, but this is not the way to do it.

Please just go and enjoy your beloved sim.

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That’s an understatement, but what stands out (besides the just barely avoided tailstrike) is the application of more than idle reverse while the nosegear is still in the air. A big no-go.
As an active real world 737-900 pilot you should know that.

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What is wrong, is very simple, If you compare the two landings the one in my previous video, and the one in the FS2020 while not applying the ailerons or rudder, and if you hear clearly at the rate of descent, “50, 40, 30, 20, 10,…” The pilot hears the rate at which the aircraft is touching the ground, but even when it was too fast, you can see the aggressive shark to the aircraft, you can’t experience the aggressive vibration on touchdown, Look again at the Video I presented in FS2020, and pay attention to the details…

So what’s the problem? You dropped like a brick. Of course there will be a shock to the aircraft. :man_shrugging:

Try keeping a little more speed. Another 5 knots or so.
With the A320 you may need to select idle thrust later.

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Yes, Thank you for improving my pilot skills, but my pilot skills are not in question here, even if it’s hard for you to pay attention to the reason why I choose to land in that aggression so that it will not be viewed from the cockpit but only while watching the spot view and paying attention to the details, suddenly you will see the difference between the two simulators, and what is missing in FS2020…

My Pilot skills are to a very high level, I would love to see some serious analysis as to what you can improve in FS2020, and show serious videos, which will contribute a great deal of QA for Asobo…

And still, after DAYS, you have not said WHAT is missing!

So WHAT is missing?!?!

Thank you for your response, Dear Sir, I know that my landing was aggressive, but it was aggressive in order to prove that the simulator is not responding correctly, the physics is not showing any bounce, even with that aggression there was no bounce, while in the other simulator, the aircraft was landing very softly, and even then the bounce was visible only from spot view… It takes a very precise artist which is a very detailed pilot to pay attention to these details, and to see them clearly… But as pilots can accurately evaluate these conditions, but it needs a lot of paying attention…

I am sure you had more than 2000 landings in your whole life as a pilot… And out of those 2000 landings, I am quite sure that 0.1% of them were hard, do you remember how it feels like when you land too hard? if you do, see the video again… and then you can tell me what is wrong… in FS2020.

No… :man_shrugging:

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Are you by any chance referring to the absence of any observable application of Newtons First and/or Third Laws of Motion?

The First being often referred to as the principle of inertia, and

The Third would (from my understanding) explain the aircraft’s tendency to bounce then settle upon firm landing.

If one wants to improve on landing, and make them best as possible, you should remember what are your mistakes, even though it is hard for a pilot with an ego, to remember his mistakes, or his lack of professional skills, one really needs to be sensitive to the physical phenomena in order to really be able to evaluate the flaws within a simulator… If I would have a professional Job as a QA for Asobo, then those details would be possible to measure and document by exact analysis in order to make the Simulator perfect.

I assume AdherentToast91 attempts to describe Bounced landing - Wikipedia , or rather its absence

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Without a doubt, but with that aside:

What properties/concepts of physics do you observe in X-plane that appear to be absent in MSFS?

(I am by no means a sympathiser either way, but I believe this to be the origin of the ‘discussion’).

I believe that in this 1000 post thread of ‘riddle me this’, you have to give The Riddler the answers. Cllairvoyancy skills optional but recommended.

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I have no ego mate. You are unable to simply answer a direct question. No answering direct questions with guessing game questions back to the asker. Until you can do that, please stop typing, think about what you want to say, then say it, otherwise this conversation is over.

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A bounce is more referring to the Action and reaction forces that is present, they are present in FS2020, you can cause a bounce, but the range of descend is way to high for a bounce to occur.

Why couldn’t you say that days ago?

Right, now we have a stated problem. That the bounce reaction requires too much vertical speed force on touchdown.

Now we can have a conversation. (See how that works?)

Ok, I believe that the bounce reaction is an interesting phenomenon. I’ve had aircraft bounce with not much vertical speed, and others that have been firm landings, but have stuck with no bounce.

I don’t think the sim is too bad in this regard, but I haven’t done as much testing on this as you.

We are all here to enjoy bringing more awareness to the community, I did invest my time and effort to provide the details, But I also like to communicate, and I believe that the competition people feel here fascinates me. If people enjoy competing with me, there is a reason for that? do you know what is the reason?

The aviation industry thrives off competition, as you both probably well know.

I have also observed strange reaction physics upon touch-down. There is every possibility that this is much more correct in X-plane (albeit I have only observed this in videos posted by others).

Is this likely to have more to do with the modelling of oleos and landing gear specifically?

That said, X-plane certainly presents a more believable sense of inertia which is especially observable with heavier aircraft.

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