More Physics, More Real Winds

Do you have an idea, how one can evaluate numerically if the logic within the bounce of the aircraft upon touch down is formulated by an equation, or it is a random occurrence in the physics within FS2020?

Yeah, that is the general reason for the competition, While it is much less effective in regards to creating a thriving industry as you believe… And I will tell you why, Because when people compete, they pay less attention to the real details rather to their own impression of their own perfection, their need to be better than the other causes them to miss where are they not perfect. And as a result, they put more attention on arguing, rather than on paying attention to details… In addition, I know I did start a little bit of the spark to the competition, but there is a reason for that too…

This section of the SDK documentation appears to reference ground reaction forces:

Flight Model Physics (

Sub-sections “Fundamental Equations In Inertial Frame” and “Contact Gear Forces”.

I wouldn’t have a clue how the simulation is applying these variables, however is it reassuring that such provisions exist and therefore can be improved?

FYI, nobody competes with you. There’s nothing to compete and trust me; Nobody even enjoys the endless and annoying discussions with you.


Thank you very much for sharing the link, It seems that the documentation that I have of the SDK on the local drive present the equations properly, but the online documentation, I see only text code of the equations , I don’t see the equations properly. Do you know what Addon is needed to my browser in order to have the browser formulate the correct symbols of the online documentation?

If you analyze your selection of words, and your ego within them, you will realize in time that if you had not compete with me, and you would try to think harder, you would come up with more information instead of trying to correct my pilot’s skills, you would use your own videos or my videos to present what level of physics you comprehend in order to provide better Quality Control to the Developers and community, May be even advance your own awareness, but if you pay attention, you are focused on being Annoyed, and as a professional pilot, that seems to be because you have other issues that ignite this attribute of being annoyed… I am a very small trigger to what you presume that is effecting you. Sorry for analyzing you, as I believe you are very clever person, but directing your energy to places that don’t improve on your contribution… Thank you for your attention and time, it is quite a adventure to communicate with a wise and clever and creative person like you.

Is the stream of misinformation ever gonna stop? I went to sleep yesterday only to wake up to a million missed posts, none of them making any sense or contributing to a better sim.

No offence, but the second mister IncoherentBananabread enters the room the whole conversation goes down the tube and I can feel my IQ seep into the carpet.

For anybody unfamiliar, there is this option:

I have looked up your posts and I can’t find any bug reports or wishlist items created by you mister Toast, so far you haven’t contributed much to the community… Unless you really believe the devs are gonna read 1100+ and counting posts of :poop:.


Did that a few days ago, and honestly reading the professionals talk to nothingness actually almost makes this thread make more sense.

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Morphia, is it you here?!:eyes:

Thank you Raynen, For improving on my image in the community, and bring more awareness to others… I believe and want to see more people feel how important it is that our Flight Simulator 2020 will soon be the best one, and even better then Level-D Simulators, as nothing is impossible if we put our minds to it… Thank you once again… :pray:

Here is something interesting, Nijntje91 stated before… Now I would like to add to this, if we all look at the following video, and analyze what is happening to the aircraft, to indicate aggressive vibrations, and how any pilot can indicate these conditions even without being on the aircraft, and only by looking at the video. And What is missing in FS2020 in this relation…?

And still the BakedBrioche continues, oblivious to the rhetoric which it believes is praise and adoration… :rofl:


My take on it and i’m done:

There is one person trying to orchestrate a competition, where as others are working in cooperation, including the sharing of ideas, experience and knowledge.

Being competitive in cooperation is healthy as long as it’s done right and the competition adds value to the cooperation to achieve the aim, however the core objective should always be cooperation.

There is a world of difference between education and competition.

Overall I see clear communication including good explanations to questions when asked backed up with obvious real world experience that are easy to understand for the less knowledgeable, which promotes learning. With one exception.

I see someone repeatedly going on about ego’s, yet they display the biggest one, and that is said without bias.

I see claims and statements made as facts that have been debunked and proven to be wrong. These all stem from the same source.

The definition of hubris isn’t the same as the one for humble, yet the former applies when the latter is mentioned.

The idea of giving Yoda a physics book and a $10 joystick, pointing him in the direction of these forums, patting him on the ■■■■ and saying ‘There be real pilots, go get em’ seems completely ludicrous, yet here we are.

The advice Nijentje posted above is sound.


You find my praise unreal? have you looked at the video? have you paid attention to details? Can you see the details, I am presenting? Let me tell you, if a serious programmer, or developer, who is really fascinated by physics, would read and analyze my requests, he would have this discussion seriously improving on the professional analysis of the simulator, I am investing my time for free, I don’t get even one cent from contributing my effort… In addition, I believe you have plenty of money, to have your jokes on my account… it makes you feel superior, I suppose, But there are other forms of investing time and making 10 times what you currently earn… Would you like to have some suggestions?

I already got those pilots on my videos, but yes, your perception of my Ego is correct… for a reason, I don’t contribute free information without understanding and knowing the character of the people I contribute to, It is very common in our modern world, people play around with words and enjoy their own impressions… That is what their mind and choices are demanding… It is your free choice to move ahead of your emotional impressions, I don’t have control over what you feel or how you respond… The free choice is yours… Thank you for your time.

I’ve updated this thread to include all the new bug reports and remove the bugs solved:


Keep all topics on the topic. Not on each other.


Thank you for your good work Nijntje91 - your knowledge and expertise are much appreciated.

I have no doubt that Asobo will have visibility of your thread and will find it useful. I also hope that they do not find it too disheartening - their efforts and their product are also much appreciated.

It is difficult to ascertain what is a reasonable expectation with regard to progress (and in some cases, regress) from previous Flight Simulator titles.

The obvious ideal is to have such elements incorporated in to the engine by default. However I hope - most of all - that if Asobo decides against or finds they do not have the ability to implement or improve elements of the simulation which improve realism, that the architecture allows for improvement by third-party developers instead.

This will allow MSFS to bloom like FSX and iterations prior.


Just came across this dude, also lives in Disneyland. With a left crosswind, use differential thrust in the direction of the wind (?!) because then its not a direct crosswind anymore, it becomes a quartering headwind :exploding_head:. A320 and 737 not certified for side loads on the gear, you don’t want to collapse the gear, nice fairy tale :+1:. He only forgot that using his technique you would have just as much side load on the gear, just not in a crab but in a drift :neutral_face:. Differential reverse during landing roll, another great tip! I hope this guy is not actually an instructor… He forgot the disclaimer, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME :joy:. Or actually, ONLY try this at home :sweat_smile:.

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What the f… I watched until he said that an aircraft weathervanes in the air…

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