Mouse acceleration why do you exist?

Looking around the cockpit using the mouse has never been an issue, but now since this last patches i have an horrible mouse acceleration that hasnt present before.

It is even worse if you are zooming in on some panel and want to move the camera with precision, its basically impossible since the sim doesnt register small mouse inputs.

This only happens in view mode when pressing the RMB. mooving the cursor otherwise is totally normal.
How do i get rid of this awfull mouse accel?

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Haven’t noticed any of that. And there’s no mouse acceleration setting in the sim I’m aware of.

Have you checked to see if it’s not turned on in the Windows mouse control panel? Perhaps a Windows / driver update enabled it there.

If not, look in your controller options under Mouse / Sensitivity. It should be set at 50%.

1st thing i checked has the windows config. Its all as it should. There is no acceleration anywere else in my desktop apps or even the sim, except when using the RMB to look around. Outside view also has it but it doesnt bother me, but the in cockpit it is really obnoxious. I have the sensitivity for the mouse at 100% this apparently was the default setting as i dont remember changing it. I will set it 50 and see.

You can notice if you press RMB in the cockpit to look around and then try and move the mouse slowly. You can go across the mouse pad all the way without the camera moving anything.

Yeah, I don’t have that issue at all. Mouse motion is uniform all around as long as I keep my motion speed the same. No acceleration. In my case, I know that’s a feature in mouse software and I have it disabled because I hate mouse acceleration. I can see why you would find it annoying.

The sim uses negative mouse acceleration, as far as I can see.

If you move your mouse very slowly, you will observe that you should be able to move your mouse across most of your mousing surface without the view moving much at all.

Now do the same thing, but now move the mouse faster, but at a steady pace. You should notice that over the same distance your view will change greatly.

It’s kind of like trying to walk around with a ball, and chain on your ankle!

Mouse look, camera controls, the interface…all of this is has been designed with one device in mind, and that is a console controller, not a mouse. So in that regard, you could sensible argue that there is no mouse acceleration. What it effectively does is completely ignore any mouse input at all below a certain speed! :wink:

I have one of those giant Steelseries mouse mats, nearly a half metre wide. I can move my mouse across it’s entire surface without moving my view one inch.

It’s not as bad as the more common form of mouse acceleration, the thing you see in the worst console ports on to PC, but it’s almost as bad, and I would dearly like to see the back of it.

Being able to detect mouse acceleration is not a difficult skill to learn. One trick I found years back was to use a reference point for your mouse, like the edge of your keyboard, or the edge of your mouse mat, and start from there. If you vary the speed of your mouse, moving from that position, at any speed you like, then back to that position, if your view does not return exactly where you were before then you have mouse acceleration.

As you can tell, I detest mouse acceleration. :slight_smile:

I play many other titles, and it is one of the first things I look for, and disable if it is present.

I do not have it enabled in Windows either, from the console, or Razer Synapse. I use a Deathadder v2, for the record.


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Thank you! Finally someone that gets me. Im not crazzy. this for me is an issue, that though doesnt stop me from using the sim but it degrades its enjoyment.

The thing here is that i disnt noticed any of that mouse behaviour before the 12/2020 patch. After the patch imediatelly getting into the cockpit i noticed when i wanted to move the view.


It’s been there for as long as I remember, and was one of the first things I noticed back in August. My assumption is that this perhaps to make it easier to get at instrument controls with simulated headshake.

It can also make controlling your view with a console controller a little smoother, and less jerky. But it isn’t really needed for a device with absolute positioning, like a mouse.

I find it obnoxious. :slight_smile:

For those that suggest it doesn’t exist, because they can’t detect it, I would remind them of the occasional post that pops up where a user proudly claims they found a way of doubling their framerate by simply popping out an instrument panel…

We don’t always see what is right in front of our eyes, and not being able to detect that your frame rate hasn’t actually doubled is a classic example of that.

Is this not caused by the “inertia” of the MSFS camera system? You can turn that off in the options, there is a slider for that. I have it turned off completely, together with motion blur and other nonsense.

Edit: it is called “freelook momentum” I think that one is causing your problem.

Your post appeared just as I was firing up the sim to post a shot of my settings. I also turn off motion blur, another “trick” invented to cover low frame rates, likely invented by the same people that think 30fps is more “cinematic”. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Unless there is another setting I never found, I believe the one you are referring to is “Freelook Momentum”? It’s not really mouse acceleration, positive or negative, more like persistence of movement.

What that does is allow your view to continue moving when you stop giving mouse input, like rolling a free spinning wheel. In fact, one of my old mice had that as a hardware feature. Another feature I struggle to see a purpose for.

I’ve found that lowering the “Freelook Speed” also feels a little better, but only because you have already consciously decided that you now wish to have lower sensitivity, and thus greater mouse input. This means you are forced to move the mouse faster to achieve smaller changes to your view, making the mouse “dead zone” less obvious. Somewhere between 30-40 is okay-ish.

I’d be much happier setting a value to “0” in a config file somewhere, though. I think I’m going to log with with Zendesk, and refer to this thread.

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I cant recal my setting but i believe its at zero for momentum, i remember though messing with that setting. To be honest i dont even see the purpose of that. Its not like im playing curling with my mouse look

Well the flight model also pings back to legacy for some people after updates, key bindings get lost so it wouldn’t surprise me…

It’s also worth adding that this does not just affect the freelock cockpit view. The external view also suffers from this. Note that this is not the drone camera/showcase view, as you cannot use the mouse with that.

Yup this is something that I’ve been scratching my head about since release… I mean… Why?

Not sure if it’s gotten worse lately, 'cause the effect is really profound now when I double checked.

Slow mouse movement, camera won’t move at all… Increase mouse movement speed beyond a certain threshold, boom there’s sudden movement!
Why in the world would this be considered useful? Especially messy when doing slow diagonal movements, ending up like a jagged zigzag motion

And freelook momentum doesn’t fix this, only smoothens out the deceleration.

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I logged a Zendesk ticket, marked as “Closed” as predicted, so hopefully this will get looked at at some point.

It might be worth petitioning a mod to get this moved to the “Wishlist” group instead, so that users could vote on it if they feel it is worthy, which is essentially what the email I received stated at the end, to find a thread to vote on.

GTA IV had this same thing. It made precise aiming so bad during combat that I had to just stop playing it. Shame, because I loved it back in the day. I was super bummed to see it here as well.

Yes, another example of a terrible console port, complete with all the trimmings!

It always fills me with dread when I see a new PC game being advertised, and I look down and see the PS, and XBox logos at the bottom. It leaves me wondering how badly they are going to mess up this new title. Almost inevitably the PC version suffers in some way.

Luckily for us MSFS was not released on both platform simultaneously, but you can see some of the groundwork has been laid already. It will be interesting to see, over the next year or two, how much the sim changes to align with a future XBox version.

Could this be one of the rare examples of a port done right, from PC to console, rather than the other way around? I sincerely hope so.

Lets see if there is some improvement at some point because im pretty sure this wasnt so bad in the begining. I was actually ok at the begining but i noticed after the december patch it was noticeable at a point that started to interfer with the sim operation.

Also i really wish the mouse scroll would only zoom when using RMB to look around. Otherwise you are rotating knobs and a small camera shake will move the knob away from the cursor and you will change zoom instead which even more anoying

You can bind Zoom to be two functions at once, and some use RMB + wheel to zoom. Not me personally, but this would stop those accidental zooms when adjusting dials in the virtual cockpit.

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Please vote up:

Freelook with mouse SERIOUSLY broken since Update - Bugs & Issues / Hardware - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Does that work now? I tried to do that during the alpha but it wouldn’t work right, so I just bound it to the thumb button and I got so used to it that I put it like that for the full release, too. Haven’t tested it since.