Mouse cursor randomly DOESN'T REAPPEAR when moving around (translation) in the cockpit after last “mouse going to top left corner” fix

Having similar issue on Xbox. Cursor disappears in cockpit. Only way to get it back is to restart game. After this it seems to be ok I can use as normal.

After this one I’m really sure they don’t pay enough attention to understand what the bug actually is in detail. They read the title then try to fix it. Thats all. Then we have another form of cursor bug. Anyway. We will have it fixed by SU 10 or so with this pace. Be positive friends :yum:

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Can confirm the cursor doesn’t snap to the top left, but it still does disappear from time to time. Very annoying in situations you need to quickly change camera view and your cursor is missing.

Guys please report this issue via zendesk to make sure they are informed directly. Otherwise I doubt if they really read the forum IN DETAIL or not. Let’s spend couple of minutes for reporting about the situtaion after SU6.

Edit: Reported via Zendesk after SU6

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I did it after SU5, they marked them (this and the shock ultra one) as completed and… GUESS WHAT, THEY AREN’T FIXED.

This is the kind of things that really annoys me. Ok, every software is susceptible of bugs, but this isn’t only a bug problem, is also a “I don’t pay atention to the customers” problem and a “I didn’t test that the bug is solved” problem.

Edit: Sometimes I feel like wanting to write a looooooooong post about my point of view with the sim, all the pros, the cons, things that they fixed and what they don’t.

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I just feel the same. You are totally right but we don’t have many choices other than reporting the bugs. That’s all we can do so let’s try our best and report this issue in particular and other ones repeatedly via Zendesk to pull their focus on to. I guess increasing number of reports will increase the amount of attention by devolopers. I know that they really lack quality monitoring but for our favor we need to constantly call out major bugs and not to let them to be overridden and forgetten.

For notice to devolopers
W E S T I L L H A V E C U R S O R B U G ! ! !

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Exactly, I totally agree with this.

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In Thursday Development Updates we have Top Bugs/Wishes screenshots.
How and where can I upvote this particular issue? An appropriate link would be appreciated.

You just need to vote on the particular topic header like this one. Go to messaga one you will see vote button. No other bug voting exists.

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Thank you.

Maybe I should reformulate the name of the topic becouse of the change on the issue?
From " [BUG LOGGED] Mouse cursor went back to the top left corner when moving around (translation) in the cockpit" to something like “Mouse cursor randomly dissapear when moving around (translation) in the cockpit after last SU6” or “Mouse cursor randomly dissapear when moving around (translation) in the cockpit after last “going to top left corner” fix”? What do you think?

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Pretty reasonable from my perspective.

It would be nice to represent bug in much more proper way.

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Maybe we should create a new bug report where we identify what happens after SU6.
I’m not sure if the disappearing cursor when transiting throught the cockpit is a bug or a feature.

I think we need to focus on the cursor not always reappearing.

I believe the new bug report will be seen by more people, thus collecting more votes.

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That is what I wanted to mean. The cursor not reapearing, sorry.

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who on earth does the testing when confirming whether a bug has been fixed?! “doesnt go to top left anymore, all is good, i’ll mark that as fixed” - check whether fixing the bug has any other consequences…

Great with the title re-naming :slight_smile: Makes it much clearer.

This needs to be solved ASAP… enough waiting around for this.


Everybody please vote on the topic if you identify with it. Let’s make this post bright, flashy, glowing, garish, vivid and gaudy so developers can see it.


Just for info, I submitted this as a bug on Zendesk as well now, with a recording that I took. I don’t have much faith in the Zendesk system, but hopefully it will help…

The recording I gave them can be found here: MSFS Mouse Cursor Bug

Just to explain the various issues I experience in the video with timestamps:

From the beginning until 0:15, you see how the cursor simply doesn’t re-appear after translating the camera. However, moving the mouse around makes it re-appear.

Then from 0:15 and onwards, the mouse cursor disapears, but does not re-appear by simply moving the mouse any longer. I can even right-click to look around and release the button, and it still doesn’t re-appear. Instead, I had to press V (or something else) to open up the VFR map. That made it appear again…


Thanks for giving them more info! ^^
I hope they fix this finally in SU7.

Hey man, we gotta keep hoping right?