Mouse lags in VR

This mouse lagging issue in VR has to be the just infuriating bug ever, I can only think it’s hard to fix as it’s been so long since first reported. I can’t reproduce it at all, it just happens, and his on two completely different PCs.

I had the same problem for ages. However, I’ve found a fix today (at least for me!). I was trying a performance improvement trick from another thread which somehow fixed the mouse issue as well!

Basically, what I did was reinstalling Nvidia drivers with NVCleanstall utility and setting MSI interrupt priority to high on advance settings. This improved my FPS, removed shutters (!!!) and fixed the mouse. Now feels smooth as in 2D. I don’t know how but worked for me! Would be great if someone tried to replicate.

This happened to me today with FBW. Realised that is due to my throttle not being exactly in the range for the CLB detent.

Went into throttle calibration and could see it was sitting slightly on the border of the CLB detection range. Moved my throttle level slightly up and into centre of the 2 green lines and viola - mouse lag went away.

I have the mouse lag almost every time I use VR. Apparently this bug was reported 1 year ago and still hasnt been fixed…

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Same here. The mouse seems to be sticky under VR most of the time. In any case, it’s not moving fluently as it does under 2D.

Did you see inprovment in SU10 ?
I made one flight and no problem but it is not enough testing

Had this issue throughout SU10 and sadly, even still in SU11 Beta so far…
Noticed that this gets better in certain positions of the throttle lever of my Saitek Pro Flight Quadrants.

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Would you mind looking if the buttons / axis associated to your flaps/spoiles on Saitek are a possible cause ?

I found a solution for my own setup but never had feedback about others’ :wink:

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Thanks for the hint! I checked that right away and even if I don’t have flaps/spoilers bound to an axis on the throttle quadrants, your post got me in the right way - at least I can reproduce it pretty precise now.
So here’s the deal:

  • The issue (at least for me) is mostly noticeable in zoomed mode (when you right click somewhere in the cockpit).

  • I’ve had the lags when I moved the throttle axis to idle (below that triggers a joystick button for reverse thrust). So I removed that binding and got rid of the issue in this specific scenario.

  • However, the mouse lags are happening also when I move my joystick (which is a Virpil VPC Constellation Alpha) across the center point of the Y axis. There’s nothing bound to that except the normal elevator movement axis (so it’s just a native axis, no axis to button whatsoever) but if I move it up and down, the mouse lags for a brief moment almost exactly when it crosses the center point - which is kinda funny because while I’m zoomed, those inputs are not recognized by MSFS (I think that’s a known issue, at least I was having that like forever and got used to that).

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Are there any new ideas about this problem, its still pretty bad for me and has been for ages now. I cant believe its something they can’t fix, it has never happened in any of the hundreds of games I’ve bought over the years so don’t see why it should be happening on this game at all. Its just as if the mouse is faulty or you are trying to move it without a mouse pad.

I know all games have their faults but with this I get so frustrated I have to keep myself from throwing the mouse at the wall from time to time.


Sadly, I think this is not on their radar to fix, because not enough people are filing Zendesk tickets for it. (Yes, I have)

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I think the mouse will lag while any analog axis values are changing rapidly. Stop the values from changing, and the mouse is fine.

I run all my controls through VJoy so I was able to limit the axis update rate to 2/second while the mouse is moving - problem solved.

I have found the mouse freezes momentarily only when an axis is rapidly moving back and forth through its centre point.

Whether I waggle my pedals or either joystick axis, as it crosses the centre rapidly, the mouse lags. So it’s most noticeable with the rudder pedals at rest if the signal from the potentiometer is fluctuating. If I give the pedals a tap it often clears it.

I cannot replicate it when quickly moving an axis back and forth but not through its centre. The mouse is fine then.

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Just here to tell you that I got rid of any mouse lag in VR. I went into the control options, to the mouse assignments and removed both the X and Y axis from the cockpit interaction. It’s not needed anyway if you fly either in VR or with TrackIR. I don’t know if it would disable the mouse panning as I don’t use it. Anyway, my VR mouse cursor now behaves exactly like my normal Windows mouse cursor.


Hi, I’m new to MSFS and the mouse lagging in VR was one of the very first bugs I found within minutes of gameplay. I’m worried that this thread was started in 2021 and it’s still not fixed yet, any idea if it’s in the pipeline? Because as far as I’m concerned this is a Game Breaking bug and should have utmost priority.

Thank You.

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Hi I also found this worked! The downside is though that you in fact do lose mouse look in cockpit. I have assigned cockpit look to my joystick hat switch and also use TIR and VR. Sometimes I don’t though so it may be a little annoyance to not have mouse look. But the times with the mouse lag are gone!

Thank you so much for sharing this. Not sure which setting I changed that made the mouse cursor lag all of a sudden but your suggestion fixed it. Thank you

There has been zero development on VR for a long time. No idea if they are going fix it at all, the UI generally isn‘t done well.


Yeah I found that too when I wasn‘t wearing my headset with the mounted TrackIR clip when I only wanted to make some adjustments to my AAO profile. Couldn‘t move the view. The whole game has been built and designed for use with an XBox controller and the mouse just pretends to be a thumb stick. Horrible design decision but we‘re stuck with it. :man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

Hi, yes thank you, I have been watching the past Q&As and the response to VR hasn’t changed for some time which is disappointing as there are clearly issues. I hope they can fix them soon.

Thank You.