MS / ASOBO - do they monitor global use of FS?

Just curious, since cloud based, assume actual usage of the program can be tracked / monitored. Nothing negative here, but sure would be interesting to know (in general) how much use FS is seeing !

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Yes, they have brought this up several times during the Q&As that they are seeing record use numbers, etc…

They haven’t been actually shared, but they do have the data.

Yes, they know everything. Latest dev Q&A was pretty telling :grin: they see who does what.

Or was it an interview or smth… anyway, Jorg talked pretty detailed about how new users are using the sim. How they use freeflight first and have fun, and then come back and try something else and how some do stay and get more into it.

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Pretty much every major game from every publisher – and MSFS is no exception – sends anonymous telemetry data back to the development team. This is used to improve the product by showing how and how often it is is being used, and it also sends crash logs to the devs so they can better diagnose and fix bugs and issues.

If you haven’t seen it yet, we recently made a new beta build available to Xbox players. This build contains no code changes and is otherwise identical to the current live build except for the fact that it has enhanced data logging and telemetry capabilities. If you are an Xbox player and would like to opt into this build to help the devs better diagnose and resolve crashes, please see the thread linked below for instructions:


There was a similar topic posted recently that you might find interesting

Pretty cool, IMO - would be fun to see a summary of use:

  • flight successful (y/n)
  • length of flight
  • aircraft used
  • departure & arrival airport
  • real weather or user set


Interesting for sure… still curious what stats show…





I bet a very resounding YES.
It gives them a sense of future earnings and assists with new marketing strategies.

We live in an age where you can’t really be considered a legit software company unless you are doing data tracking alongside your product.

And this is Microsoft we’re talking about here.

Of course they can see that all you do is practice flying Class G routes then fly into high priority landmarks.

Maybe 40th Anniversary infographic? People love infographics…

Yes we do! I want more of this kind of stuff!

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I would love to more Infographics being used they really show the great potential of MSFS and how it is being used by people world wide. I saw a thread the other day where people on the thread were from China, Uraguay etc its really great to see.

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