MSFS 2020 and stutters


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A while ago I had problems with a “game” it ran fine on my laptop but not desktop. During my annual “clean” reseating every connector, memory module, clean fans etc. I discovered the stutters had magically disappeared. I searched “stutters video game” and was surprised by the things that can be the cause.
Most can be caused a hardware event that may not be obvious.
How is it in off-line mode etc.

@AC52399 I think it is pretty clear I read your original post. I also remember giving you some suggestions to help you achieve that “fluid flight” experience.
If I can get that experience with MY system, with minimum effort and a little trial and error, I am pretty sure your top of line screamer can do it too.

In my experience there are 2 different kind of what is usually called “stutters”:

  • Actual stutters. These are most often that not caused by CPU/GPU sync issues. In general this is happening because the simulator is trying to upload an amount of data to the video card (textures, buffers, vertices whatever) and it fails to do so within the frame time budget, making it skipping the next frame. The other root cause is the simulator loading assets from disk or preparing assets in RAM and again skipping frame because it didn’t manage to do so in time.

  • Juddering. This is due to displaying a non integer divisor number of frames from your monitor refresh rate. In effect, if you’re rendering at 40fps on a 60hz monitors, here is what is happening to the displayed frames in sequence: 0,1,1,2,3,3,4,5,5,6,7,7 In other words, this breaks fluidity and this is why recommending ½ monitor refresh rate for example eliminates juddering and why people are reporting having a smoother experience in this case.

How to solve this?

For the former, apart from the occasional load-from-disk/prepare-in-ram causes which you can’t do much to lessen but using maybe an NVME and faster CPU, the only way to solve most stutters is to not overload your frame budget. Which means you have to consider lowering some settings so that there is always some VRAM available for new data uploads, and eventually lower some other settings which are causing less frequent data uploads. This takes comparing and testing different settings, probably in isolation, to determine which is doing what. It will be easier with GPU tools specifically addressing monitoring what is going on like NVidia NSight.

For the later, there are only 2 options if you can’t reach your monitor Hz: either use ½, ⅓, ¼ locked V-Sync refresh rate, or use Freesync/G-Sync which is adapting your monitor to the game frame rate instead of the reverse.

In “My 4K Settings” I explain how to enable G-Sync Compatible mode (Nvidia + Win10 settings) with my LG 4K Freesync monitor, which was key to eliminating juddering. My other recommendations (specific to my system at first but amazingly helping many others with different configs) are helping eliminating stutters. Therefore there is effectively another way to achieve stutter-free-fluid flight / movement, not just the one you’re recommending.


Thank you very much for your suggestions.
As I wrote in the first post, ½ locked V-Sync refresh rate
wich would be 30 HZ, (correct me if I am wrong),
but locking it to 30 FPS MSFS drops to 18-22, instead of keeping
those 30 FPS / ½ Hz. of the monitor…


Having stutters not necessarily has something to do with the frame rates.
However, we now have well established that a constant 60fps with FS2020 is nearly impossible with ANY rig at the moment. So there’s no use whining. The program simply is like that and the Devs won’t be able to change the whole game engine at a point like this. No matter how much you want them to.
Whether that’s due to shoddy programming or simply due to the fact that the complexity and detail level is higher than in other games, is something probably neither one of us here can accurately determine. In any case any comparison with other games is totally useless at this point.

If your rig does not allow you a stutter free experience, it’s far too easy to blame it on the game. So if an answer to a complex problem is too easy, it’s most likely wrong. Especially since other people (me included) obviously do not have that problem and have their system configured differently.

From reading this thread I get the impression that you basically want your opinion validated instead of finding a solution that lets you play the game satisfactorily. Unless of course you only derive your satisfaction from constant stutter-free 60fps (which - as indicated above - won’t happen). In that case you’re beyond help here.

In case actually playing FS2020 is more important to you than that 60fps benchmark - and considering that even cinema uses only either 24fps or 48fps - you might also want to consider listening to some of the tips people tried so hard to give you above:

Let me summarise:

  • deactivate V-Sync in the game and set the V-Sync setting in the NVidia control panel to “Fast”
  • activate G-Sync. This will constantly sync your monitor’s frequency with that of the game and should eliminate stutters.
  • listen to what people tell you. There are always people out there who know more than you do.
  • accept that FS2020 is not any other game and will never be, and don’t fret over stuff you cannot change
  • worry less about performance tools, benchmarks and stuff like that. That’s just statistics and won’t give you a better gaming experience.
  • check out this thread. There’s really useful information in it:
    My 2070 SUPER 4K settings and suggestions - episode 2

I’m wondering if someone of ASOBO or Microsoft really read these posts, I think that all that we discuss here is just for pass the time or free our frustration

I have to declare first, i am NOT a framerate chaser, I try to run the Sim at a level of detail where it is “playable”.

On saying that, I have a three to four year old system consisting of a Ryzen 1800x, a GTX1080 (not ti) an EVO 1tb nvme, 48 GB ram at 3200Mhz, WIRED network with 220 Mbps internet connection. Two monitors, one 4k, one 1080p. I play the game at 4k high end settings on the 4K monitor, with some windows (atc/vfr) map on the other 1080p monitor, as well as little nav map. I find it largly playable, yes there are occasions when i get a little stutter, but the game remains playable, which i think is the most important thing. When i did put the frame rate counter it was around 25 in very heavy cities, and around 35 to 40fps elsewhere.

Note i did have to stop my corsair iCue, and other background applications such as anything controlling lights/rgb etc, as they caused more slowdowns than other stuff.

Have you checked your internet speed? are you on wireless? (wireless causes more stutters, especially if the wireless is on USB). are any drives on USB? i haev found that accessing some usb drives can cause micro lockups on the PC.

Also check your power supply. that RTX card is known to peak far above its normal average. Check ariflow and throttling even of the GPU. Even your GPU, there has been cases where some 3000 based cards where havign power capacitor issues (google it). Also even among the same model, some CPUs may have more headroom (read up on sillicon lottery).

Set your cpu for maximum perfromance, so that when it throttles up and down, it doesnt freeze (all CPUs can freeze/lock for a few milliseconds).

I am not trying to doubt you or your problems, but try and check everything. Also try dropping your resolution to 1440p and see if there is an improvement. Check your network latency to MS servers. try pre -caching some manual caches?

That’s a known issue. I tested it and you’re correct with that.
I can only recommend deactivating V-Sync altogether and using G-Sync (comes with the NVidia driver and is compatible with most modern monitors. But has to be activated in the monitor as well. In monitors it is also often called “Adaptive Sync”.)

Thanks for your suggestions,
several of your questions are already answered in the first post…

They do read the forum. In their updates they rank the most popular threads.
This discussion is most likely pointless to them since it basically concerns the game engine which they most likely won’t change. So I do not believe there is much they can do besides fine-tuning the engine. And that’s something they already know.

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Thanks, I’ll try that too, sounds as something I have not tried yet amongst
the dozens of settings external and internal to MSFS…


Well, if fine tuning gives a smooth ride, then welcome!

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Sure. But it still most likely won’t give you those 60fps :slight_smile:

Regardless, this has been a very helpful and positive thread that has been put to good use.


Thanks, that was the original intention!


We don’t need a tool for that! It’s quite simple. DevMode, turn on Display FPS. It shows everything you need to know about your system and any bottleneck!

Ryzen 3600, RTX 2060, 16GB Corsair Vengeance 3200 c16, 1TB Samsung SSD, 2TB HDD, 47M/bits Internet

High-Ultra settings

40FPS over NY, London, 55FPS on average.

I have no complaints and spent a fraction of the price.

The obsession at throwing hardware at a software problem has me rolling my eyes. There seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding that the code is optimized and ought to run without issues if you have the fastest hardware in the market. It is using Javascript in most of the maps and displays, some of it that causes infinite loops or gets called hundreds of times per minute for no apparent reason (I’ve debugged some of it). Tie that in with network latency and whatever else is going on under the covers (leaks, mutex locking, single threaded code, DirectX, etc) and here we are. Over and over again in multiple threads.

Until the code is as efficient as it can reasonably be, you’re destined to be permanently disappointed.


new high end rig, was getting an average of 50ish fps, then after the first patch it stutters at times… times that it does not seem it should be… ie not nearing a busy airport

SOMETHING after the first patch significantly changed the performance and caused intermittent hangs and/or stutters. I was flying without a single glitch before then ( I am closing in on 200hrs flying btw)

I suspect there is a processor thread or seomthing, especially since it can go from high framerarte to 1fps for a few seconds then return to normal… even when my system is optimized to run the sim (unnecessary stuff shut down)

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