MSFS 2020 does little for me. I'm back to X-Plane for now

Well, I may be over-reacting here, but MSFS 2020 will do nothing for me until they get their SIM to be “ready” at a minimum level, like cameras, erratic movement of small single-prop planes, largely non-functional cockpits for the airliners. The scenery alone is not why I love simming, and I realized this even more now. I need to feel I’ve learned and accomplished something, like a new skill, a great controlled landing, navigation in low visibility etc… to feel good about a flight. It’s not enough to just see pretty scenery, which, by the way, is not that pretty after all. The resolution of Google maps, when compared to Bing maps is incomparably better. I checked out my neighbourhood yesterday and the houses where mine is, which is a series of reddish-brown townhouses, don’t even have the right colours, never mind the actual house architecture style. Not that it matters that much, but I don’t want this right now. I must have gotten very intolerant about some things with age (though very tolerant of other nice things too).

It’s highly unlikely that it will have the detailed, functionally “thorough” (not necessarily complete, but detailed) satisfying planes that X-Plane has through the multitude of payware add-ons, until 3rd party add-ons also come out for FS2020 also. Some of these “hand-crafted” excuse for airports are also, basically neglected like in not having any gate numberings neither on the pavement nor on the jetways/buildings. WHICH means more add-ons are needed. No thanks Microsoft! I’ve requested a full refund for MSFS 2020. I’ll wait, and see what happens, in 6 months time and I’ll decide then.


Hello again muppet 69.
May I politely point out that you started this thread after having given your (similar) opinion in other threads.
I am questioning why you did that and what help you expect to get.
I also advise other users to check his other postS in his profile before responding (or taking any bait). Ignoring can also help.
Dear Sir, if you feel you are an unsatisfied customer (and want your money back) PLEASE USE THE APPROPRIATE CHANNEL


This isn’t an airport, you don’t need to announce your departure :wink:


just got done with an unforgettable flight in Idaho, sees xplane “vs” topics and yawns. Yep that’s my Tuesday.


Do these people really think their constant advertising for that ancient sim will save it somehow? The bell has rang and the coffin is beeing walked. It’s dead


Dear Sir, may I politely point out that if you don’t like what muppet69 writes don’t read his posts and don’t comment as he has a right to express his opinion as many times as he wants as their is no forum rule saying he can’t.


this made me laugh :+1:


This post does little for me…going back to the main board.


The reality is that other than pretty pictures X Plane 11 is still ahead in many areas not the least frame rates, VR, , helicopters , gliders, Spacecraft , fast military jets , superiority of physics simulation especially for bigger aircraft and it uses the latest Graphics API Vulcan.


The reality is it looks like fs2004 with a performance that is insulting on modern hardware.

Physics are better in FS2020, mil jets are in DCS and what I should need a spacecraft for is unclear to me. VR will come as are all the major addons.

I evaluated xplane before fs2020 was out as a replacement for my P3D and decided back then it’s a completely worse sim in all regards.

Now with fs2020 it’s not even worth thinking about it


again we are comparing a mature product that existed for a while with plenty of addons to a new born product. Its really about what has more potential in the near future and 3rd party devs are not that far off to throw up all over us with new awesome products let alone continuous updates by Microsoft and Asobo. Its really cool if some feel they get the best immersion in XP11 for now, understandable but we must be patient with this sim and enjoy what we dont have elsewhere as of yet, amazing graphics with upcoming study level planes. Im an avid experienced airline simmer so yes im hungry for a study level aircraft with accurate weather, etc but i appreciate what the future brings and just waiting for things to improve while in the meantime enjoying the near realistic looking graphics. I stopped running XP11 before the announcement of msfs20 just felt like I was flying planes with textures looking like they were made out of cardboard and the bland washed out scenery.


I still don’t understand this kind of childish warnings about leaving the game to other one or asking a refund at the end of the day, who cares?


For me, i think its worth the 1 dollar im paying for it with its current state


Did you evaluate X Plane 11 beta or just X Plane 11 as I can’t go back after using the new Vulcan based X Plane 11 Beta.

I also wonder how you can evaluate a full sim against a half finished sim other than pure speculation as it (MSFS) is missing VR and a full suite of aircraft .

I can accept if you like bug smashers and flying at 5000 ft and pretty pictures MSFS is going to be your choice but there are many people like me will be sticking with X Plane until MSFS has DX12 API VR and helicopters . My assessment is that I will probably be sticking to X Plane 11 Beta for a while as MSFS needs at least 2 years to catch up.


Dear Sir , I have send you a private message because I don’t know if you are an administrator and perhaps do not understand the forum rules or what trolling is. Please reply. I am quite prepared to stop trying to help disappointed FS2020 purchasers on this forum and leave it all to people with a Tech Alpha Insider title.


you stopped USING capslock which is a good start :slight_smile:

It’s a matter of principle. I don’t want to support a sim that is blatantly deceitful, and a beta level, incomplete product! Asobo apparently protested when MS wanted to release the sim because there was so much missing. After getting over the initial excitement of the scenery, and then finding out how bad the Bing maps (upon which the World in FS is based) satellite images portray the planet, compared to Google maps, and checking out (just for the fun of it) my neighbourhood and finding that the reddish-brown townhouses on my street aren’t even the right colour (!) in MSFS, I realized the problem: Marketing hype and I fell for it.


People like you with 0 empathy will never understand that and will interpret it like you did.

I for one share the same opinion and pain with OP. I wont go back to x-plane as i already deleted 8TB of orthos (which are far superior than low res textures in msfs) but it will be bumpy road till study level planes arrives and a simple feeling that im not alone is good. So no, nothing childish about this, you will just never understand


Then just get your money back and call it a day. We all hope that the problems we are seeing are sorted out and sorted out soon, but carping about it over and over again is tedious. Please go back to XPlane forums and tell them how wronged you were, please.


Does anyone READ the posts properly in this forum?! What did I just say? I asked for a refund! It’s one thing you don’t agree, it’s another rambling on and on for me to do what I already did!