MsFs 2020 site map

I normally don’t ad anything to the cummunity folder. I am running latest update and when I try to find arond again the installation is quite different from what I have seen earlyer.
I have to ad bridge an software for skydemon sim connection.
Where to install them?

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This is a link to a thread that may help.
This is a freeware method, but there are also payware ones available as well.

Hi Sevenflyver
You answer is not what I meant. I have used both before. The question is : what has happend to the site map, it is quite nnew structure.

I’m not sure what you are referring to as site map.

Are you trying to find the community folder?

If its based around finding the community folder, have a look here.
Copy and paste the appropriate folder location into the File Explorer address bar.

Windows Store install:

Steam install:
%APPDATA%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community

Boxed version install:

Custom install:
If you happened to use a custom location for your Flight Simulator installation, then locate the custom folder and look for the Community folder there.

When you are looking around with file finder (some times called pathfinder) You se diffent maps where files are located. And this is importent to know if you looking after a spicific config file etc.
The tree fom c: is site map

It varies from the type of install, whether that be MSStore, or Steam.
Is there any particular one you are looking for?

To flyingCookie.
Have you seen installing from MS store and Xbox now?
In my pc it is quiet different.
We are not talking in the past

No, I only want to know if things are going a new way.
I mean there must bee a reason

If you are looking for your “Community” Folder, Start the sim, enable “Developers” mode from the General Options.
Then go into the sim.
From the small toolbar at the top of the screen, select “Tools”
In there, click on “Virtual File System”
Then select “Packages Folders”

From what I know, nothing has changed MSFS wise. The file system structure is the same.
I don’t know about your addon

For Xbox, add-ons are developed on PC and are submitted to the marketplace. Xbox cannot load add-ons outside of the marketplace for security reasons.
I’m still not sure what you are trying to ask, but we will get there :slight_smile:

Flying cookie and other.
I am not trying to ad something,I have enough to due keeping up my few airplanes and honycomb bravo /Alfa/TPR controller. As told before I have seen the MSFs installing paths before. Now on my computer running win 11 and update 1. 23.2.0 it is quit different. What am I missing.