MSFS_C152 Community (V1.0.0!) - Updated: 09/10/2021

Yes, I am pretty sure the taildragger will just be a variant.

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Are the textures no longer mirrored?

How is the update coming along? Can’t imagine how even better this will be once the update is out. Looking forward.


All the default Asobo GA planes have a tendency to float more than real life. But it’s not to any great extent, so most people just ignore it, or don’t believe it. What I do is before choosing FLY is to go to hangar and move center of gravity forward a little bit.


Recently grabbed/installed this one. Lovely update to the venerable 152. TY all! :smiley:


Last post from the Dev was from May. Is this project dead?

There are still plenty of posts from the Dev on his Discord page, so I’d say its still very much alive. The latest post says he’s working on a major update that he wishes he’d broken down into smaller ones! I guess we’ve all been there on that one…


Thanks for the info, but I think here in the official forum play’s the music. I don’t want to monitor another social media channel. :wink:

You might be wrong, as quite some devs moved to other channels.

Yes, it’s a pain having to keep track of several spaces but Discord certainly seems to be the place for detail on some addons, especially the freeware developers, and for this one there has been constant traffic over there on developments…

Yes, they have to move because there will always be some support questions asked in development threads, and that’s not allowed here.

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Actually there are too few messages related to development on Discord too. And more important, no new commits on Github. I hope developers will take a rest and come back some time later. It is really great aircraft. In any case, many thanks to all developers and good luck!


Is there anyway of improving the engine startup sounds on the 152? After you turn the starter and get that sound it goes quiet before you then get the engine running sound. It’s as though there’s something missing between starter motor sound and engine idle sounds, just an odd silence in between.

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Hello everyone. Somewhere on the forums, information slipped that the glasses would have various defects and scratches. Do you hear anything when this happens?

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The current 3d model (like the Asobo donor model) mirrors the texture on the centre of the vertical fin and the doors. For the default 152 the way around this is the use the Livery01 3d model. This model provides a full non mirrored livery decal for the whole aircraft. Unfortunately using this 3d model on a livery means that it is no longer compatible with the JPL mod, and you end up with no exterior model.

It would be great if the JPL 152 could use the LIvery01 3d model as its source rather than the flawed default 152. After switching to this model all you would need to do is add a blank copy of the 6 textures that control the decals for Livbery01, to your main texture folder. Adding the blank textures would ensure existing 152 liveries continue to work with the new 3d model. The change to the Livery01 3d model would allow users to create liveries bypassing the mirrored doors and tail for the JPL 152. Currently these sort of liveries are only possible for the default 152.

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Thanks for the lengthy answer. And is it possible in the texture configurator file to replace the lines of Glass 152 jp with textures from152 Asobo?
It turns out that it is impossible to add an exterior from the Asobo model, or is it still possible to do it somehow?

Sorry , i wasn’t responding to your post. Just adding another comment about this mod.

It is clear, but maybe our activity will attract the attention of those who can help solve this problem

JPL doesn’t seem to rerspond to these sort of requests. I originally posted this on their discord and didn’t get a reply. But since then have worked out a way around the texture duplication problem by getting the alternate 3d model from the default 152 to work with the JPL mod. This change dowsa disable the opening doors and I haven’t tested this extensively to see what else it might have broken. This may also be the solution to your glass issue, since all textures would be sourced from the Asobo 3d model.

It will be necessary to try to replace the textures of the models on your advice.