MSFS deleted itself

Before Sim Update 4 the sim was running perfectly for me. After it it’s just been constant Ctd, reinstalls and just general instability.

Worse thing now the Sim deleted itself. When I look at my E: drive it’s empty. I had just opened the sim yesterday with no problems and today without touching it or the drive it just seemed to have disappeared.

I was on Xbox game pass and I decided to buy it, thinking it would be more stable and I wouldn’t have to do these random reinstalls.

I honestly don’t know how it happened and now I’m doing like my 4/6 reinstall. It’s annoying cause I live where there is poor internet, takes me a couple of days to install this game.

One of the reasons why I don’t like installing games to a custom directory… I keep everything in default path… Less of a headache that way from Windows registry and MSFS perspective.


I always install games in a custom directory.
I certainly don’t want them on my C: Drive along with my OS.
So I install my games on a separate M.2 NVME Drive.


That’s what I did, I bought a separate M.2 Ssd for Msfs separate from my Os and other games for that reason.


Install launcher on C and game on a separate drive E (packages).
Do not, do not, do not move or install launcher on E.


Actually trying this on my current reinstallation hopefully it solves it.


I can’t say if Windows erased it or not but I suggest you check for malware.

And as a rule Windows is streamlined to work best with programs installed on the same drive, NVme or otherwise. Putting the core MSFS install on it is always a good Idea.


Complete folder delete ist a orginal FS gimmick in the Steam Version, if you check the installed files. XD

I don’t use Steam which by the sound of it I should be happy about

For some, the MS Store version doesn’t work at all.
No download possible. (LTE user)

For me, i have made a secure copy from the offical folder on a external HDD.
The comunity folder would not be deletet.

Ck this out.

Just happened to me too. I didnt see this topic and already posted about it. Played yesterday, fired up the pc today and its gone.


Hi there

I’m having a big problem. I didn’t use MSFS 2020 for 2-3 weeks and wanted to use it again today. But the problem is that i cannot find it anymore in the bottom-left Windows Searchbar. It just doesn’t appear when i type “Flight…”.
And if i open the Microsoft store, i can only choose “Install” and not “open”. It looks like it wants to install the whole sim again.

As far as i know there was no new update in the past 2 weeks. All folders seem to still exist on my C-drive (community-folder etc.).

Do someone know what could have happened here and where i can find it again?

Thanks for any help.


Just to say the same has happened to me. It was working fine yesterday.

All the best,



Same issue 3 times. I have found that if you have the sim split between two drives you will always have this issue every time there is an update. Try this:

Microsoft store- download the update (should be relatively small)

Then, when the sim tries to re-install itself, just hit “Browse” and direct it to the drive/folder where you have the other portion of the sim installed and then it will “check for updates” again and load as normal.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks but i saw that too late. I already clicked “Install” and it has installed the whole sim from scratch. And what i was the most afraid of: it has deleted my community-folder (!), although i renamed it before to “community_copy”. It’s so disappointing, i have to reinstall everything now. I am not aware of having the sim being installed on different drives. As far as i know it is installed on my C-drive…but thanks anyway. I made a ticket to Asobo and i hope they can tell me how to avoid that in future. Unfortunatyle i cannot move any files form my community-folder to another folder, means i cannot make any backup of my community-folder :frowning:

You need to go into your MSFS installed folder and find the .exe file, then just create a shortcut on the desktop from there or the taskbar as far as that goes.

Played yesterday, no issues. Turn on the PC today, go to click on MSFS on my taskbar…huh weird its disappeared. Go into the Microsoft store, it loads the main screen but then get told I need to download 132GB. Awesome.

Im fed up with the Microsoft Store and regret buying it thru them and not steam. This is ridiculous.

Have exactly the same problem, see MSFS has disappeared from the Start menu

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Wow, yeah and I just found another post where someone is having the same issue