MSFS doesn't launch - opens MS store with Gaming Services instead

I do not know the result that other users have had, but in my case, I have tried all the options in this post and many others in other forums, none of them solve the problem, when I try to launch the MSFS it opens the MS Store in Game Services

But I have found something that works temporarily.

In Xbox, I go to “Manage” option for MSFS game, then “Files” then “Verify and Repair”, this downloads 1GB of some kind of reinstall from MSFS, after that I can run MSFS, as long as I don’t restart the computer.

If I restart the computer, I have to go through the steps again.

It is all the contribution that I can add.

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I reinstalled of Windows10, removed all aftermarket apps, did all the repairs, resets…yada, yada…I went to the Microsoft Store to reinstall MSFS 2020 Standard AND the Premium Deluxe upgrade, and they have disappeared from the Microsoft Store!! I still have a record of the purchases, complete with Order numbers, but so far, I have not found a way to reload the games I paid for.
Microsoft has caused a lot of grief and frustration, but it’s still the best sim by far…when you can download it and actually use it.

Did you submit a help request at the MS Store?

I think that my solution was reinstall from fresh W10 or 11 and then FS20, but if you don´t have it in the Store logged with your email of purchase…, very weird, contact with Microsoft yes.

worked for me, thx

THAT was the solution for me! Thanks!!!

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Thanks, that fixed it for me!