MSFS has gone crazy. Impossible to fly

After upgrading to SU5 the controls (keyboard + Xbox controller) have stopped responding, I can’t do anything, it has gone completely crazy. The FBW A32NX also seems to be possessed by the devil. Am I the only one to whom it happens?


Have you checked your control assignments?

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And so it begins…

Did you check if your flight model is still on ‘modern’? It might have snuck in there and changed it to ‘legacy’.

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Also, you might want to get the latest FBW.

PMDG already announced their DC-6 will break with this update and are ready to push a new version. So 3rd party planes might indeed act like the devil if they are not adapted.


In General settings → Accesibility, try changing control type from “Lock” to “Legacy”. And maybe reset your key bindings to default


Did you do this, under peripherals?

Also, do exactly what @Mati52w and I just recommended about changing the setting under Accessibility to LEGACY. No idea why Asobo made this as default now.


  • Leaving the title while downloading content for 10+ minutes causes the download to restart in Content Manager.
    • Workaround:
      • Restart downloads if title is suspended during content download


  • Downloading ~25 GB of content and entering a flight durations of 2+ hours may cause a crash or service disconnection issue
    • Workaround:
      • On Xbox: press the Xbox (jewel) button on the console face once, which places the console into connected standby mode. Then, press it again to wake it back up.
  • Sim may crash after connecting / disconnecting peripheral
        • No known workaround at this time
  • Sim may crash when flying with AI traffic
          • Workaround:
            • Set AI Traffic settings off by going to General > Traffic > Aircraft Traffic Type > OFF
  • Sim crashes when returning to default profile for Mouse from a custom one
    • Workaround:
      • Users who are unable to manipulate the aircraft instrument panels due to using a custom profile for the Mouse and are unable to switch to the default profile for this bug can work around this by switching to the Legacy interaction model.


  • Xbox Live Friends will not appear on in-game leaderboards unless a friend request has also been sent and accepted within the sim
    • Workaround:
      • If users do not see leaderboards propagating as expected, ensure that friends are added within the sim


  • Syncing customized controller mappings from a PC build to console may cause the controller to become unresponsive other than the B button.
    • Workaround:
      • Select the Default controller profile in your PC settings and sync the updated settings to the Console
      • Use an external mouse attached directly to the console to update to the Default controller profile and then customize as needed.
  • User can get stuck in the Freelook view and be unable to bring the cursor back up
    • Workarounds:
      • Restart the flight, this will set the Cockpit Camera Type back to Fixed Look.
      • Use a mouse and press the scroll wheel in, this will change Camera Type back to Fixed Look.
      • Go to Options > General > Camera > Cockpit Camera > Toggle Home cockpit mode “OFF” .


  • Textures in Free Flight do not properly render nearing both the North and South Poles
    • Workaround: Select another location for Free Flight
  • Groups in Free-Flight causes TIN Data to fail to continually load in during Multiplayer
    • Workaround:
      • Leave the group
      • Re-enter gameplay with open MP Settings


  • Plane altitude is different than expected
    • No known workaround
  • COM radio unexpectedly goes off frequency shortly after departure on IFR flight plan
    • Workaround:
      • To recover, the user can tune back to the previous frequency.
  • Pilot informs ATC they are descending to their assigned altitude even though they’re still below it
    • No known workaround
  • Fuel information not saving in flight (FLT) files so user starts off with no fuel
    • Workaround:
      • Refuel after flight loads


  • User will not be able to launch a saved flight plan using a deleted aircraft. The FLY button in the loading screen will be disabled with no messaging.
    • Workaround:
      • Re-install missing aircraft used in saved flight plan
      • Create new flight plan with valid aircraft installed
  • User may see incorrect duplicate waypoints in their flight plan
    • Workaround:
      • Click on the destination and press “insert before” to enter your waypoints in the correct order
  • On VFR flight plan aircraft automatically under Flight Following without having request it
    • Workarounds: Depending on whether the flight departed a controlled or uncontrolled airport the steps to cancel Flight Following will differ:
      • Uncontrolled Airport
        • After taking off and when the option becomes available, tune to Departure and cancel Flight Following.
      • Controlled Airport
        • Take-off and exit the airport’s airspace.
        • Tune to the tower of a nearby controlled airport (may be the one that you just took off from).
        • Request permission to land.
        • After given your landing clearance cancel your landing intentions.
        • Tune to Departure.
        • Cancel Flight Following.

I have done both and it still does not work :frowning:

Can you send us a screenshot? I am having zero issues.

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Do the axis show up if you go into the sensitivity menu? And if you try to move them, do the indications change?

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Even the default airplanes have gone crazy. I’ve tested with Asobo’s C172 and with the Xbox controller disconnected the engine accelerates on its own. I reduce power with the mouse and it goes back to full power.

Everything appears and works fine in the sensitivity menu.

empty your communityfolder and try again.


Check Settings, find Keyboard and check things. Throttle should NOT be handled by the mouse.

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Well, I have not downloaded the beast yet… but I did notice they added all kinds of extra AI stuff. Maybe check if you don’t have another pilot running the show?

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protip : do not use modded aircraft before they’re patched to work with the update.
About everything else : did you empty your community folder?


Something isn’t right with your set up - re-do your bindings, as annoying as that is, but something seems to be messed up as I am not having any of those issues.

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AI and assistance features disabled. It was the first thing I checked. The community folder I emptied and nothing has changed.

I am going to delete everything and reinstall MSFS.

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sounds like you’re not connected online? Try signing off and signing back on. Also, try a simple reboot of your PC first?

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I switched from “Lock” over to “Legacy” and that definitely helped restore some of the old controls back, but im not liking the new key bindings on the xbox controller. Is there a way to revert that? or are we SOL?


Downloading again 111 GB at 20 Mbps (my ISP provides 950 Mbps). If I turn off the monitor to save power the installer crashes. Wonderful. Thanks MS/Asobo.