MSFS is an amazing piece of work... Right?

I get that money is tight and we all work for our cash but I keep hearing, “For what we paid for this…”

With inflation = $137.95 Base

$59.99 Base / $89.99 Deluxe / $119.95 Premium Deluxe

I think we can all agree that we got a lot more for our money this time around.
And for those that argue that, “At least it worked…”

BUGS Flight Simulator II at release.

  • If the Reality mode is enabled, the engine stops when leaving the Editor menu to resume flight.

  • Three out of the four Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) available in the default scenery are not accurately aligned with the associated runway. The affected ILS localizers are offset from the runway center line by up to 2°. Only the alignment of Van Nuys ILS 16R is correct.

  • On European C64 computers, the simulation runs 20 percent slower than real-time speed. Consequently the airplane appears to react sluggishly and flight progress is slower than shown on the airspeed indicator. For the latter reason, navigation parameters like ground speed, wind speed and estimated time of overflight cannot be correctly determined.

Let’s step back and take a deep breath. Asobo/Microsoft have delivered a pretty amazing technological leap. We are riding the hairy edge of developement. There are going to be some casualties along the way. I for one am enjoying the ride. Let’s keep working together to help those with issues and try to reduce the frustration some are dealing with.
This sim/game has been out long enough that the knowledge base on this forum is getting deep enough that I think we can manage to bring everybody along on this ride.
Keep perspective and Fly ON.


How in the world did you conserve those release notes?

Got lucky and found an old computer magazine archive.

I remember flying that first screen shot.


Thought the first one was X-plane 11 until I read the comments.



And I remember shooting the ILS’s and wondering what I was doing wrong… :grin:
Even FS II was “broken” :wink:

That’s so good! Thanks!

Was gonna :black_flag: you for that one. By the time I stopped laughing, I forgot. :rofl: :wink:


My first Flight Simulator was FS 5.0 back in 1993. It was stored on 2 floppy disks. A few years later came FS95 on CD-ROM. It was so amazing! Good memories.


Remember the 747? The FMC was just a painted piece of the cockpit. Didn’t do anything. Buttons didn’t even say “INOP”. Mouse never saw them. :grinning:
I think the 182 had more automation than the airliners.

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Yes, I remember :smile: But it was great fun anyway. And look at us now. Still flying :smile:

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Thanks and sorry for derailing the thread.

Bit naughty I know but just couldn’t stop myself :relaxed:

@willisxdc Well said 1+

wasn’t it the same in FS2004? :smiley:

Don’t forget the refresh rate of a couple FPS at best (at least that’s how FS II ran on my Apple). And forget finding your town, let alone your home (unless you lived in the Sears or Hancock towers).

What SubLogic FS did was give a kid the dream, if not the experience, of flying - and on really modest hardware. I think FS 2020 has the potential to do that to a much larger audience (once they work out the kinks).

Talk about a thread that brings back memories… I am starting to realize I’ve actually aged a bit since that first screen… lol. When I start to think how much money I’ve actually dumped into MSFS over the years, I realize it was all worth it.


I wouldn’t want to add it up. Could have had the mortgage burning party years earlier if it wasn’t for flight simulators.

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This is the kind of attitude I am looking for.
There ARE experts on this forum. They ARE willing to help. They ARE tired of the abuse, and defeatist posts. There is hope for all of us.

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I’d be happier if I could fly a plane that works.

Long long time ago, I can still remember… :musical_score: :guitar:

What times!! :slight_smile: I use this song to fly with