MSFS Madness 2024!

I truly wish planes other than airliners got more representation :frowning:


I think they should have had 2 tiers – one for GA, the other for airliners.


We had an absolutely CRAZY finish in the Final Four matchup between the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 747. With nearly 19,000 total votes cast across Twitter + Instagram combined, the 747 won by a mere fifteen (15!) votes: 9,364 - 9,349!!! As a percentage, this was 50.04% for the 747 vs. 49.96% for the A320!

Instagram results:

Twitter results:


And now it’s time for the Grand Finals!

Sixty-four aircraft started, only two remain:

The community selected two wide-body Boeing jetliners as their MSFS Madness finalists. Will you pick the modern and efficient carbon fiber Boeing 787 OR the legendary Boeing 747, the majestic “Queen of the Skies”? The choice is yours! Vote now!

Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner vs. Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental


God did “Save the Queen” :slight_smile:

I think neither of these finalists would have made it without the AAU treatment given by the Working Title team.

Now, with that said, time to go flip a coin to figure out who to vote for.

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Amazing… the two finalists are an aircraft that I never even touched once (787) and one that I flew for about 10 minutes tops when I did the landing challenges (747). :smile:


So you don’t realize the 787, A320 Neo and the 748 is some of the most popular aircraft in Aviation today. That is all I plane spot for. If Asobo and MS made a A380 watch out for next years poll.

Why would you assume that? Not being interested in something doesn’t mean complete ignorance, you know?

And your MSFS Madness 2024 winner is… :drum:

The Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner!

Thank you to everyone who voted in our daily Twitter and Instagram polls over the past few weeks! We hope you enjoyed participating with the community in MSFS Madness!

P.S. The DC-3 was robbed. :wink:


My dearest Queen of the Skies got bullied by the new kid (787).


So many unexpected twists!

A small minute of silence for all the great planes that never saw the light of the second round - you are not forgotten.

@SeedyL3205 You should highlight some of the less voted planes on the Friday streams.


That’s what you get when the polling is done on Twixter and Facebook :smile:

Guess if the same same would have been run here in the forum we’d have had a totally different development.

How about it? Second try? :wink:


The voting preferences of simmers who follow @msfsofficial on Twitter and Instagram are just as valid as those who post to this forum. The 787 isn’t what I would have personally chosen for the champion (Team DC-3!), but over ten thousand simmers picked that as their winning aircraft. There’s no need to act elitist and superior to other aviation fans who use different social platforms.



If this is run again in the future it would be worth considering another platform of choice, so that more people could participate.

I realise this is about visibility, but if the only people who even knew to vote were forum users, why not host the voting here, at least as an option.

I avoid these social media platforms like a great whites kiss, and am as likely to become president of Venezuela as I am to get an X account. :slight_smile:


Certainly understandable for those who don’t use those particular social platforms. We appreciate the feedback there. Perhaps next time we do this we also have a poll on the forums in addition to the social spaces. It would be really interesting to see what planes are chosen here as well!


Thanks for considering it!