MSFS more and more an arcade game

More and more airplanes are being released by Asobo, free and payware, and maybe with the exception of the Cessnas 152 and 172, none of them comes even close to what can be called a study level airplane. Especially that new ridiculous F-18. Asobo, please be so kind and leave the daunting task of realizing such a complex airplane to those who know how it is made…

I wish that the same huge effort which is being dedicated to the landscape, POI’s, fauna etc would be dedicated to the airplanes. E.G., realizing properly just a few of them, instead of dozens, to put it mildly, “half baked”. After all, we are talking here about a FLIGHT simulator, and nor about a LANDSCAPE simulator.

The same can be said about the many bugs and missing features, some of which were already profusely mentioned in my thread:

And of course, in many other threads in this very forum, as well in others.


I wish that the same huge effort which is being dedicated to the landscape, POI’s, fauna etc would be dedicated to the airplanes.

Aren’t these directly contradictory statements? At the end of the day the sim needs planes and new planes, even for those who don’t want to spend money on study quality. That’s the need Asobo is meeting.

If you want study quality buy them. But it’s going to take a while for that market to develop, same as it did with every other sim out there.


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Of course I know that here is freeware / payware aircraft already available and coming and this one is the 12 th flight sim for me…
That is not the point though…


No they are not contradictory. Maybe I did made myself not clear:
I meant INSTEAD dedicating such huge effort to the landscape, POI’s, fauna etc,
dedicate it to A FEW proper airplanes…
And why does the sim need new half-baked planes?
Already using the excellent A320 NX, and eagerly waiting for the PMDG 737.
Not interested in the Aerosoft CRJ, and in the PMDG DC-6 in spite that I believe they are excellent.


Well I suppose a couple of reasons.

Firstly as you correctly state it is not their area of expertise. Understanding a plane in the level of detail required to build a study level version of it requires little less than a lifetimes passion for that plane. Asobo are focused on a huge range of other things that are essential to building the sim in which these planes can exists.

Secondly, then you’d have even more (and more legitimate) complaints that the sim only has a handful of planes.

There are probably more reasons. But as I said if you want study level you really need to pay for it, has always been the way in flight sims as I’m sure you know having used 12. If you don’t like the ones currently out that’s obviously unfortunate.


No sim has ever released a default plane you could call study level. I mean they could but then the cost of the sim would be far far higher.


I’m Ok with the landscape aspect. When I want to VFR fly and explore the world it’s great. If I want different aircraft or study level aircraft, I am fortunate to go back to FSX/Prepar3D and XPlane.

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Wrong. DCS releases the sim AND TF-51 which is study level, and moreover for free…


Idk why you are surprised, this topic has a ton of bugs listed in very high detail each with their own vote thread and has been up since 1 year

Last time I checked only 1 of the things listed has been fixed
Remember, even microsoft state on their store that this is an entertainment product (they changed the description for it now), and was never meant for proper simming… or so it looks that way with how things are going

Because they are not sim developpers. They don’t have any aviation knowledge. So they let those who know, 3rd party devs, doing good aircrafts (for those who can reach the market, not an easy task).

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well if you are only interested in only a few aircraft, you just gotta wait.
i sere more than enough quality aircraft already, 3 rd party yes.


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I have to say I disagree with the main point. You should not be asking the core platform developers to produce study level aircraft. Nor should that be a reflection of the platform capability - the two are fundamentally different.

Asobo have more important things to consider with there limited resources spread over a wider field.

Eagle Dynamics do develop amazing study level aircraft but the rest of the sim is pretty crude. It’s not a rounded sim, not at all accessible or polished in many areas.

As for the bugs, well that’s been a problem from day one. The cold hard facts here are a lack of flight experience in the development and testing teams. The QA’s are also clearly over stretched given some of the glaring issues which have been encountered.

I know Jorg is aware of this as he’s spoke about it several times and the beta is helping with this but maybe the changes need to be scaled back with more emphasis on getting key components right first time.


Yeah because there’s a small percentage of ‘hardcore’ flight simmers who are and will never be happy. Asobo can do nothing right in their eyes. I totally get the frustration about bugs and things breaking with every sim update. Like everyone else I experienced my own frustrations in regards to the technical issues.

But with regard to there not being enough ‘study level’ aircraft and the sim not having enough seriously in depth features people just need to be patient. People need to realise they can’t have it all. On the one hand people are complaining about all the bugs that need sorted whilst at the same time also complaining about the sim not having massively complex features of various descriptions, from weather to aircraft to ATC features.

Some people here need to be patient and play a bit of a waiting game and enjoy the sim for what it is and look forward to what it will undoubtedly become over the coming years.

Very different business model as to how DCS works though.


There is more progress than you’re giving them credit for.

  • Prop dynamics continue to evolve.
  • Wind is improving
  • pilot sensation of black out/red out are now approximated. (Change settings to civil pilot with no g suit and hop into the F18)
  • planes being tweaked. I feel they have more weight than they used to.
  • earliest stages of downwash/wake turbulence simulation

I will concede that there is still much work left to be done - my big gripe is tame wind effects below 3000 ft AGL.

However to say only one item has been fixed ignores the incremental steps that have been made since @Nijntje91 's post a year ago.


It’s only been a few flights but I already loath the F18 … nice country sightseeing and


Why? I had a super thrilling flight across Afrika with the beast past weekend. Nearly went into a dead spin but just tipped the sea while pulling up again just in time. And so fast! Found out how the plane worked on the flight. Had my speed brakes on half of the flight and didn’t understand why I didn’t go supersonic :rofl:. Had to find out the afterburners (right click). Etc. But landed (almost) safely in the bushes before the runway. And died anyhow…


Impressive. For me, it is not a hobby but a job and I have been doing it 50 hours a week for 22 years and can only get to 15 serious sims.

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Yeah and DCS as far as I am aware does not cover the whole world. I’m talking sims with global coverage. Easier to put effort into higher quality planes when you are not simulating the entrie world.