MSFS Steam version just had an update?

My steam version of MSFS just had an update? Not sure what it is. Nothing in the content after launching the sim just the steam part?

No updates for me personally.

So nobody else had an update today in steam? My MSFS for sure updated!! My Auto Pilot seems to be much better.

I dont know what voodoo has happened!

I have Steam and have not started FS2020 for about 3 days. I saw your note and just checked - No updates found for me neither at the Steam launcher or FS2020 “Checking for Updates” screen.

can you check what version your flightsimulator.exe file is?

Also checked - no Steam MSFS updates for me.

I had a SMALL update a few days ago from the store bought version.It was only a few Mb’s for the GPS module.

No update for me

There was an def update from steam when launching MSFS yesterday, was it anything to do with development update.

my version is, but it defo updated. I pressed the Green button to start MSFS. It said the application needs to update, it downloaded about 2/300mb and the gave me the “application is ready to play”

I dont know?

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There’s definitely an update at the server end I think. The altitude bug problem has been resolved for one.

World update delayed, thats it, ill be flying 737 NGXu in P3D v5 until they fix all that went bad with SU5.

Often Steam games pump through very tiny updates, they’re to do with Steam (copyright protection or something) not the game itself. There was no update from Asobo yesterday.

Maybe somehow you now finally really got the latest hotfix…:rofl:

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I started the game 5x trying to get passed my CTD issue never saw an update maybe it’s for certain systems…

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