Multiple screens functionality

Already have a 55" 4k its good enough for this.

Multiple PC’s - go look them up from back in the day, there was a reason they used Multiple PCs to power there cockpits ;p

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This is my idea of a wrap-around cockpit…

When I can do this with MSFS like I could with P3D I will be happy. Not before.


To much discussion about multi monitor support with P3D and X-Plane.
This is a MSFS2020 forum and the problem of multi monitor support is with this sim.
Asobo has to fix this.


Well yeah…but the thing is that MSFS in all its previous versions had these things. Asobo chose to remove them for whatever reason. This decision right here led to the speculation on the forums that the developers had no idea of what the sim was or should be or that if they had even been on a plane in their lifes before. Which in turn led to the dev’s posting about riding in a GA to get the feeling for the thing etc, and that so and a so was an actual pilot blah blah blah…


My Baron G58 home cockpit is just about finished wiring up. I am soooo hoping for multi monitor support when done for three projectors. But there is some exciting be with mixed reality coming out soon we might have the best of both worlds. The ability to see clearly inside our real home cockpit and the depth of looking out the windows in vr. Apple’s mixed reality set that is geared to be released next year looks quite thin and more comfortable.

Exciting times ahead. But, ya. I want a solution now lol!!!

Keep hoping for two years now… :smiling_face_with_tear: