Multiscreen - Multi Window Independent Window Zoom Factors

Can you implement independent zoom factors for each simulator window on each monitor?
Because my two side monitors don’t have the same resolution and height as my main monitor. I can do it in P3D but not in FS2020.


No slider for that so I don’t see how.

No. You have to use 3 identical size / resolution screens in order to get the same zoom on all. It’s a single master zoom factor applied to all screens.

Hope they do this. Matter of time, but we are at 2+ years and Multi-monitor is just now in Beta and far from polished. Same with replays. Both there but both “features” are inadequate (compare to other versions of the same sim)

Home Cockpit builders are a minority, so I suspect we have some time before xyz axis configuration adjustments will be completed.

Configuration of Multiple Views more important than multiple monitor support… I’ve posted about this in a thread.

FSX, P3D, XP all do MM better… for many years, if not 2 decades.

There’s a lot the other / older sims can do that MSFS can’t. It’s not hard to see why the diehard, hardcore simmers on the other sims refer to MSFS as a ‘scenery simulator’ or ‘an Xbox game that came out on PC first’. I don’t necessarily agree, but I can see where they’re coming from.

A lot of things that simmers consider to be basic, elementary stuff is either still not in the sim 2 years after launch, or implemented in some half-baked, experimental manner that will likely never really get much attention and repair since they’re seen as niche features for cockpit builders.

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I haven’t even had a look at the " Experimental tab yet. But I thought I saw a video explaining that you create a Render Window, as many as you like, then rotate lateral, vertical roll etc to get the position and everything to line up. Then select the resolution to fit the extra monitor’s viewports.

I could have picked it up wrong.
Here is the video
Microsoft Flight Simulator | SimUpdate 10 Is Here!! | MultiMonitor Support! - YouTube 15mins 10 secs in

You can only do 4 + the main screen. Your main screen is front and centre, and you can have up to 2 monitors on each side.

Adjusdment options for these views are a bit limited with the current implementation. They work well as long as you have 3 identical size screens placed in an angle to each other. It’s still a bit limited in the adjustments possble though.

But related to what the OP was asking - there’s no way to adjust zoom factor individually on each screen. WIth that, we’d be able to use different size screens. But that option is currently missing.

I see, I bought a widescreen 3440 X 1440 monitor as I thought it would be a while before the multiscreen arrived.
I have other monitors that have exactly the same screen height, around 340 mm.

Do you think they will work, even though the centre screen will obviously be a tad wider? height wise they all match up.

If they have the same vertical resolution, it should work. Like an UW 1080p centre screen with 2 x 16:9 aspect screens on each size should work fine. The key is the physical height of the screens and their vertical resolution.

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Thank you!


I recently setup MSFS in my homecockpit as multi monitor support was introduced in SU10.
So far I am very impressed by this feature especially by the very good performance I still get with 3x 4K resolution. Very good job with that.
However I’m having some issues because my side monitors are a bit smaller than the center monitor. Because you’re not able to set individual FOV or zoom levels you can’t align the different windows. There will always be some kind of offset because the FOVs don’t match.
Please add an option to manipulate the FOV or zoom on each monitor. Otherweise this feature is not 100% usable for everybody that hasn’t got identical monitors.

With xbox controller it is possible to get the right perspective by panning, however before you you start creating these windows it is best to set zoom right where you want it and then translate the view.
When this is done set homecockpit to on in general settings camera section.
Now you set up youre extra monitors and when they are done pan the view in the right perspective
By using pan by the controller.

Hope u can use and work with it this way

I think you’re not right. If you have a 32’’ Monitor and two smaller Monitors (like 22’‘) the picture will be shown smaller. Even if you try to set different resolutions - the shown picture don’t have the same size. So if you have a Zoom factor for every window you can balance the size to each other monitor size - and not only the resolution. In the moment I have to use my 21’’ Monitors View upright then it works because the High is higher then my 32’’ Monitor ( 22’‘upright mode 19201080 the 32’’ normal mode 25601440) If I use the 22’’ Monitor in normal mode the complete picture will be shown - but smaller. So if I could zoom in at this monitor I could make the picture bigger and fitting to the main screen…


Same problem for me
My setup is 55+75+55inch TV
180 degree view is a mess

Can you share some pictures or perhaps a short video? I’m about to purchase 3 TV’s