My Sim is offline, why? (Server Outage October 19, 2021)

marketplace, online features are offline

mine went into off line mode for some reason last week, check your settings. you should be able to switch on line back on

Yeah my sim is offline too. Everything is greyed out in the “Data” settings so I can’t even try to force it to go online. Wondering if their servers are just down?


Mine keeps telling me connection problem and I will have no multiplayer etc, yet I look at the map and there’s all kinds of planes around me. and not ai ones either…

Same here …

Mine too… no Multiplayer… nothing!

Same here…

same - offline since the update, unable to go online in game (checked connection, all good)


Mine is too

Same here!

+1 closing down now…Thank´s :-1:

Same my end . Michigan East Coast server

down here too



Same, when it was working, no other planes flying around

for me too here in France

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Same, in Japan.

Same here in Canada

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yea me too

Same here East Coast servers offline.