My Way Achievement Tips


They need to 1) widen the parameters and detection to trigger the achievement and/or 2) be VERY specific about what needs to be done to pop the achievement.

They CREATED it. It shouldn’t be that hard to hot-fix a solution and put an end to everyone’s misery. Nothing worse than completing a multi-hour flight exactly as described and non getting the achievement. Soooo frustrating and this has been an issue for over a year now with no fix in sight.


It’s like some sort of ■■■■■■■ evil genius made this achievement.

“We’ll say specifically ‘NO Assistance’… but they’ll HAVE to use AI to complete. Even funnier?!? We won’t tell anyone!!!”



Ok so since they figured that out we will release an update that stops them using AI.

Let the games begin :frowning:


When you say disable third party content and enhancements, are you talking about scenery stuff, handcrafted airports etc like that or just not using modded aircraft/third party ones?

Liveries mostly and fly with default aircraft. And again when you start with realistic settings you have checklist and atc windows open. Do not close them! I know it’s annoying but if you close any of these windows it voids the achievement you must keep them open from start to finish (can be minimized). Stupid i know.

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You nailed it with #2. That’s what we need, and what I don’t understand. The devs can check the code and give us a checklist for what they think is required. There are plenty of people out there who would gladly do a handful of trial runs in order to give them telemetry to check and see where/when it isn’t going as planned.


I’ve wrote to them several times Twitter etc. No response. They are fully aware of the brokenness of certain achievements. But at this point in my view they couldn’t care less about them.

If nothing is fixed in SU6 I’m going go try my best to bring the matter forward to Microsoft and see how I get on with that. Asobo should be ashamed of themselves really.


It’s kind of a blessing that the Top Gun DLC is delayed, I sorta wish they’d delay the air race stuff also.

Now they’re having to shift focus to fixing the game. It’s frustrating to see people upset with some problems having existed for a whole year.

I figure that they have a clear 2 months to turn things around. There’s no excuse otherwise. For God sake, is there a developer out there who could give us a Christmas present by producing a game that actually works?

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I always like seeing your posts. Great to know I’m not the only one that cares about achievements. They may not be a big deal in the PC space, but on consoles, there’s an expectation that achievements work properly. I’ve never seen them this broken in a console title before and it’s so frustrating because there is not a single person that has 1000/1000 so far and NOT ONE SINGLE TIME have I seen Asobo even acknowledge the existence of achievement bugs.

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Yep its very frustrating. I am up to 930/1000 now after finally unlocking 1000hr legit earlier today. Now only need ‘My Way’ and the weekly activities / spotlight events achievements - another thing i hope they address soon.

So called weekly activities yet here we are nearly 10 weeks since Xbox launch and we haven’t had 1 weekly activity, never mind 10 of them


Congrats on the 1000 hours! You’re almost there

I finally got the achievement yesterday after about 30ish flights. The achievement popped mid flight from KSAN to KSFO. I listed some of the characteristics of my flight below.

  1. 787 Dreamliner
  2. KSAN to KSFO - using high-altitude airways - allowing MSFS to create the flight plan for me. Used parking spot for departure and parking spot for arrival.
  3. Started Cold and Dark from parking
  4. Ground services used: Catering, baggage, and Jetway Connection. Forgot to use power service. I never ended catering or baggage, I allowed them to end by themselves. Not sure how long it takes. At least 2-5 minutes…
  5. I did not follow IFR taxi plan before my departure from KSAN. For some reason I couldn’t get the plane to turn left onto the runway. So I did a loop back to where Ground told me to hold short.
  6. I never closed any windows. I only used Checklist and ATC windows. I DID minimize windows frequently.
  7. I never used 3rd person camera. Always cockpit cam.
  8. AutoPilot used, that is, I used the AP button for flight. I did NOT use Co-pilot whatsoever.
  9. I DID NOT use taxi guidelines to find my way around.
  10. I manually communicated with ATC the entire flight.
  11. I was flying high over Gilroy, CA when the achievement popped. I believe I was beginning my decent because I added my approach to the FMS and my my plane made a U-turn I had to correct.
  12. During my U-Turn is when the achievement popped. :laughing::man_shrugging:t4:
  13. “Flights of Fancy” achievement popped 4 minutes before i got “My Way” achievement.
  14. I fly both on PC and Xbox. I got “My Way” during a flight on my PC.

It is worth mentioning that I almost never fly 3rd person and ALWAYS start cold and dark to fly from parking spot to parking spot. So it is possible, the achievement was for some previous flight….maybe. Hope this info helps someone!


Originally, I posted the comment above in another forum. BraveStoner asked me a question about why I added an approach to the flight plan during my flight.

Reason: While some of the waypoints were plotted to KSFO from the msfs map, ATC assigned runway 28R with EEDDY transition (if I remember correctly). So I had to add that approach in order to get that waypoints into the flight plan and also with hopes it would populate NavRad with the proper ils frequency. I ended up having to lookup the ils frequency (google) and manually adding it to the NavRad.

It’s worth mentioning, i read forum posts about the plane U-turns after adding/activating approach to the flight plan. Seems that some people have the same issue and others have no issues. Nonetheless, most everyone agrees the premium edition 787 Dreamliner HAS bugs. I should note, since I am on Xbox I am not using any mods.

It might also be concluded Xbox and PC pilots are experiencing different issues. I will be back to PC later today so I will share any info about the navigation errors if I come across it for the 787.


Someone tried to unlock it on Xbox with different plane?

I tried several planes including the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, Cj4, 747, A320, TBM 980 as well as others no doubt - all on Xbox but no pop


Same have tried for this achievement with every plane while getting the achievement Jack of all planes. Didn’t pop for me.


Similar I used several planes, different distances, always in “true to life”, but impossible to have the “My way”. It looks like on Xbox this achievement is definitely broken.

On the other hand, I can confirm that “Frequent Flyer Miles” works on XBox (I got it on touchdown, using a CJ4, unlimited fuel and using acceleration, so that flight last about 3:30). I also had the “World Traveler” using mainly a VL-3, in France and Portugal, where the airfields and ULM bases are not far away.

And the same for the weekly activities, I’ve never seen one :slightly_frowning_face: .

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New update is online…

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I’ve been part of the beta for SU6 and the achievement is still broken.

Don’t think it’ll be fixed at all, at this point.


Has anyone tested to see if turning on AI-copilot still changes the setting from Real world to custom?

Edit** - Confirming that it does.

Sorry guys, I don’t think this achievement is possible anymore… Not without being really, REALLY lucky

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