My Way Achievement Tips


Yep, I’ve completely given up on it. Seems they’re not interested with fixing it.


Replying here to not open a new thread about this.

I’ve recently been trying to get this because I just started flying in true to life settings and figured the achievement might be a good way to know if I’m doing everything right. After several flights where I’m pretty sure I did everything correctly and not getting it, I found out about this mess.

If I had to guess, I’d say the issue is mostly related to parking.

I’ve been doing a route around the Canary Islands, departing from Lanzarote and landing in La Palma. A straight path from one to the other is less than 300NM, but if you add detours to visit all the other islands the total goes over. Anyways, I chose this location because the views are nice, the weather is always clear, the airports are small, I’m familiar with them, and it’s always clear which way to go, what runway you’re assigned to and where the parking spots are. The plane I’m using is the TBM and I’m playing on Xbox.

Even though I’m pretty sure I’ve been parking in the correct spot, the directions given by ATC seem to sometimes contradict the settings you’ve chosen in the world map. Last night, after having picked a general aviation parking spot in the main menu, ATC sent me to Gate 2 once I requested taxi to parking. I noticed the game had a bunch a airport staff loaded there as if it was expecting me to go there anyways—when normally they’re loaded in the parking spot you’ve chosen in the main menu. In any case, after parking at the gate, the achievement still didn’t unlock.

So I was wondering, maybe it’d help to not even pick up a destination and simply fly freely to a place you know is over 300NM away, then just follow whatever directions ATC gives you to avoid contradictions with the main menu settings?

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Interesting. I kinda wish I didn’t get this achievement when I did, so I could experiment with the rest of you.

I think this is a good place to start:

Next time you try, pick a destination airport, but DON’T pick a parking spot. (Choose an airport you know REALLY well for taxiing purposes) When you arrive and switch over to ground, choose the “directions to parking/gates”, taxi over, shutdown, and see what happens.


A year in, and less than .1% of ALL players have unlocked, arguably, the easiest achievement in the game.

Hey Microsoft/Asobo - Learn to identify a problem ^^^^

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Is shutting down by procedure manually or just by CTRL-SHIFT-E?
Not sure I’ve done a proper manual shutdown on Neo before.
Tried for ‘My Way’ this morning with the default Neo, but no sign of ‘My Way’. Did everything manually including taxiing to and from gates (do you need to manually fuel and take on baggage too? I think I abandoned my passengers at the gate lol.), but I also had a few settings like fuel on ‘unlimited’ so wasn’t sure if that was an ‘assist’ and the cause or whether it was the shortcut shutdown. It’s a mystery challenge to be sure.

Here’s a few more tips:

-You want every category and sub-category set to “Hard”. (And Yes, unlimited fuel will disqualify you from this achievement, as it sets one of the sub-categories to “Custom”)

-Try it with a smaller airframe. Takes all the “Ground Services” out of the equation. Do you fly the 208 or TBM very much?

-DO NOT CLOSE ANY OF THE WINDOWS THAT ARE OPENED UPON LOAD-IN. Pretend like they’re not even there.

-IFR - Not sure if it matters with low/high altitude airways
-Start cold and dark. Not lined up on runway
-Don’t pause during flight.
-Don’t go External view during flight.
-Reply to ATC IMMEDIATELY when called.
-Not sure if AutoPilot disqualifies you or not. I think after 10-15 unsuccessful tries, I started flying the entire thing manually purely out of frustration.
-Shutdown manually.

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What I find really strange about this achievement:

-Flights of Fancy: Obviously a multi-flight achievement. Says it right in the description.

-My Way: “Complete A (single) non-stop 300+ mile flight”

But it sounds like, at least from your experience (and You’re not the only one I’ve heard of, getting this pop-up mid-flight) that the Sim records certain portions of this achievement. You got the achievement before you even landed, so the sim HAD to of recognized the portions you already completed, to get this achievement.

Curiouser and Curiouser…

Thank you, interesting to ponder all that. I did pause and did go external. Can you use the checklists to start engine or dies it have to be all from memory? Is there an equivalent list for engine shutdown procedure? I’ve not seen one.

There also seems to be some inherent XBox delays in awarding things sometimes. I was trying for ‘job shadowing’ award on a few flights not knowing how much to do manually etc. No sign of award after 2 flights recently, then I power the XBox up a day later and the award pops up during loading screen! :man_shrugging:

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Nothing works for this achievement. I’ve tried everything and I mean everything. Last attempt was choosing departure only. Starting cold as usual and just taking off and flying my route without it being selected as destination. Flew the 300+nm and input the runway/clearance etc etc to land as I got close to the airport. Requested taxi to park. Parked up perfectly and no pop.

Also tried several times not choosing parking spot when setting up my flight for the destination. No pop.

Trust me guys I’ve spent I think at this stage over 60hours on this achievement alone and It just won’t work.

I’ve even went through all the available planes with no luck.


Would be interesting to know if anyone has got this on XBox and if so before/after which update.

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Half thinking of just buying the disc version and playing offline with no updates. Complete a 300+ flight and when I go online it should pop. They messed it up with SU5 and haven’t even acknowledged yet that it’s broken.

Even prior to SU5 it was jank because people had to turn on the AI when parking to get it to pop. When the achievement description tells you “No assistance”


Is it even possible on the Xbox?

I seem to remember, when SU5 was implemented and the console version hit the market, everything went to s*** regarding this achievement.


There is a whole mainly PC (I think) thread on this award on here somewhere.

If only we could do polls on here!

My suggestion?

Give up on this achievement until the next update.

Probably still won’t be fixed, but you’ll at least save yourself a lot of headache, and a LOT of wasted time.


Exactly this. Just fly and enjoy the sim. You might get lucky and it’ll pop sometime hopefully.

My last few attempts was during SU6 beta and gave up trying immediately as they didn’t fix it.

Several tickets sent through the zendesk thingy with the average copy/paste replies.

They have no interest. Sure its impossible to 1000/1000 on this one. They removed the weekly activities so those achievements are gone for only they know how long.


That’s exactly how I got it!

On that flight, i just said “F*** it, let’s try the AI”. When the achievement popped, I immediately closed MSFS and didn’t load back in for 2 weeks.

So I turned all assists off just for fun and chose prop plane, chose departure airport (not gate) and destination airport (not gate), then ‘fly’ and I’m now seeing this new checklist. Is this a normal list or is it what is expected for an unassisted award. I’ve never seen this list before. First few items are already completed so that an assist I presume. Dunno.

I think some planes have different checklists.
The achievement is already void for you since you didn’t start at a parking spot.
I’m 100% certain you have to start cold and start the plane up yourself.