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Hi everyone

I know we have several posts on the forums regarding this achievement but many are old and one in the bugs/issues section has been logged and I feel what I’m about to type deserves its own topic so here goes.

Has anyone here on PC or Xbox unlocked this achievement after SU5 got released?
I know many on other topics have given tips but they unlocked it before SU5 got released and the tips are how do I put it? Outdated!

This is because you can no longer use AI to park. If you turn on AI it turns on AI ATC which automatically turns the true to life settings to custom, which in turn voids the achievement.

Since August of this year 9 people have unlocked this achievement according to TrueAchievements.
I have wrote to all and only one person wrote back saying it popped mid air during a flight.

He gave details of the last three flights he took:
KLAX - MMXT ( which ended in a CTD on his way to the gate) UKBB- LZIB and KATL-KEYW.
The flight that the achievement popped was:
He mentioned the achievement popped coming into approach.

I’ve carefully flown all the above routes IFR Low Airways/GPS Direct etc with/without using Autopilot. Have parking spots selected. Settings true to life.
Basically had everything setup to what they’re supposed to be. But no pop.

It feels like the achievement is not really bugged just since SU5 came out it changed a requirement for this and mostly all that are trying for this are not meeting it.
The guy mentioned above must’ve flown one of the routes and the achievement unlocked to 100% in the pilot profile achievements section, it was delayed popping on screen and when he flew the last route the xbox tracker finally caught on and it popped.

Those 9 people did something unknowingly right while flying/setup that we are all missing.

So if anyone here has unlocked this achievement after SU5 can you comment below the following in the hopes we can finally put this one to bed and move on.

Departure/Arrival Airport
Parking spots selected
If and what IFR plan you chose
What approach selected etc if you chose IFR plan
Flight conditions
What Aircraft
Autopilot used or not (Not AI one)

Basically as much details as possible that you can remember. Something as small as ATC did something different during the flight that could be the key.

I know this is a long read and I’m asking alot. But I’ve been trying daily since SU5 released to get this one and it’s driving me nuts :upside_down_face:

So hopefully we can get this figured out together and get this achievement popping for those that are trying.

Thanks :blush:


I’ve just received a reply from a pilot that very recently got this achievement. Here is what he had to say:

in my opinion there is no WAY for this, it is total random and I was just lucky! I did it on realistic, even I did the ATC by myself. A320 from Park 11 to ILS 12 Approach, GMAD to GCXO, just before the approach the airplane lost the Autopilot and the Achiement came, so this is what I mean all Achiements in this game are buggy! In GMAD I started dark and cold > Good luck!

Now I did forget to mention above that the other guy flew the a320 also.
So now we have two pilots that used the a320 and it popped for them at approach.


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No joy for me following this route, flew a320 landed and parked no cheevo. I did however get the option to park to a gate or parking. I chose gate. Will try the parking option next shortly and see what happens.

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Tried parking spot, no achievement! :frowning:

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Any regrets or too few to mention? :rofl:

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I wouldn’t know where to start :rofl::rofl:

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Don’t use the AI/CoPilot to park. Fly the whole thing manually from cold start to shut down (use autopilot in air)

Set up the flight to and from locations that you know. (choose the gate or parking location as your start point)

If it helps, quickly load up the destination at the parking spot you want so you can look around and check where it is.
(Or easier still, choose an end spot that’s easy to find, the closest to end of a runway etc)

If on PC then you can use LittleNavMap, it uses the same gate/parking spot numbering as the sim. If you chose gate 13 that will be the same in both and you can use LNM to help you find it.

As with other achievements like this NEVER break contact with ATC - if they cancel the ATC service then you might as well start over. So, respond to them quickly whenever they call.

Set everything to Hard.*

Don’t open the VFR Map window.
Don’t close any Windows. (Minimize the check list rather than closing it)

Pretty sure I did this with the A320 but of course that was back before SU5.
I don’t think the conditions to complete have changed and as long as you aren’t touching any of the assistance options then you should be ok.

*One thing I don’t recall seeing before in the settings is the “reset gyro” or whatever it’s called. I have flown with this setting in both modes and have not seen any difference in aircraft handling - but I’m only flying the Da62 and Bonanza at the moment.

Do a test flight in the A320 with this gyro reset on so that you can get that field set to Hard rather than Custom. If it works ok make an achievement attempt like that.

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Thanks for the tip, AI/CoPilot is a no no for sure as that just voids the achievement completely.

Have parking spots selected at departure/arrival on every flight. This achievement just wont pop. But will for others it seems.

They are indeed as janky as hell. I contacted zendesk support to ask for the exact conditions for a few of them and they are utterly useless also.
“Ask the community” was the best they could offer.
Which sort of sucks because still after a year the community is just guessing and relying on superstition.


My reply from them was:
“We will try replicate your issue and reply if we need more information from you”

That was several weeks ago and it was about this achievement.

The way these achievements pop are very bunk. I don’t know if this helps but should add a little more to the high strangeness. I finally after multiple attempts on multiple occasions on random days got a Jetway connected which was to complete the Service With a Smile achievement.

Here’s where it gets crazy, It didn’t pop right there and then. I then exited the game upset once again. I checked the profile section straight away to see it sit at 100%. Here I was just stunned in silence.

After a few more minutes I pushed on with my tour I was doing. I did three 100-200 mile flights in a row, the achievement finally popped in the middle of the 4th flight. Why? How? So beyond words.

This was pre-SU5, but I was hearing all SORTS of odd answers when it came to “When does the achievement pop up for you?!?”

-Popped up on Touchdown
-Popped up during taxi
-Popped up while approaching parking spot
-Popped up when aircraft is fully stopped in parking spot
-Popped up during shutdown
-Popped up after shutdown is complete

I tried this one at LEAST 50 times, and the only way I was successful, was letting AI do all the taxiing for me (Which isn’t possible anymore??). I honestly don’t even remember which portion of the arrival it finally popped up.

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A few weeks ago I had a little correspondence with another user here, I wanna say he was on Series S. He said that he ended up reinstalled the game 4 times in order to make 4 achievements pop. This was on my thread regarding the Frequent Flyer Miles achievement. I have it completed on my log but no achievement. I tried his method and didn’t work. I’m on Series X so really don’t know if platform matters.

I had to do this also. A few achievements said 100% in my pilot profile but the series x tracker was delayed. The only way to get the tracker to catch up was by deleting the whole game and the save file.
After the reinstall was complete, I started up the game and when it finished looking for updates and the loading bar appeared I got whatever achievement was stuck. I had to do this twice!

Only thing missing from the game after deleting my save was my progress for the bush trips and saved flight plans. Everything else remained because of the cloud backup.

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Speaking of things going missing. Have you had a problem after booting up the game, starting a flight, then realising a rude surprise that all the assistance options have been reset back to default? It happen to me yesterday, this would be the 3rd time now it’s happened. Suddenly it decides not to save settings but remembers everything else including controller setups.

No, I only experienced this when I installed WU6. It changed some settings to custom. But all been fine since I put them back to true to life.

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Try slightly longer route than 300 miles. Try something like 350-400 miles. And second thing just disable all the liveries and third party content, do it in a default plane with no enhancements in a default livery.


Thanks RemisLT for the tip :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve tried 1000+nm trips with all planes used on default liveries. Basically nothing changed but the assistance difficulty set to true to life.

Yeah that is a must. And when you have ATC and checklist windows open at the start you can’t close them, neither of them, you can only minimize, otherwise it changes the realism setting and voids the achievement.

I’m ineligible for most achievements because of the “realistic” settings. Apparently, it’s unrealistic to not have a checklist and ATC window magically appear in front of you. I give up my ability to receive achievements because I don’t want those things popping up. (I use PDF checklists, and Pilot2ATC.)

I also have “crashes” turned off because they’re not realistic, and a few 3rd party aircraft require it to be turned off.