Nasty FPS drop and lagging on take-off and landing

A lot of people is having the lag when the wheels touchdown in the runway, here is another good example (minute 6:01):

And this is only one example. There are a lot of videos with the same issue (lag when the wheels of the aircraft touch the runway)… I dont know why Asobo doesnt fix it, its anoying!!! :triumph: and what is even more strange is that the most of people seems to doesnt care!! :frowning_face:

I really love the sim, soo much!!! I think is the best sim ever!!! but this issue is driving me crazy!! Please please please fix it Asobo.

This was exactly the case with me also. I bought a high-end PC just for FS2020 when it came out, and first everything ran so smoothly, but after WU6 (or thereabouts), the whole sim became completely unplayable on PC as when landing the FPS got sometimes as low as 0.25 (on high speeds near ground), even when landing in middle of Sahara with no photogrammetry within thousands of miles. You try to land a plane with 4 seconds between frames, and you understand the frustration I have been having. But now learning that just switching photogrammetry off, everything was returned to the blissfull smoothness that were before WU6. So big thanks for the info! It is sad to throw away the photogrammetry, but it is better to have the sim at least working.


I bit the bullet when SU7 was released and did a full windows re-install. Made a very clean and lean install and re-downloaded/installed the game. The issue has completely gone away. I have smooth Taxiing, take offs and landings (with photogrammetry on).

I know it seems like an extreme measure to take when it is clear that SU6 broke something with how the game interacts with the OS/Photogrammetry/Proximity to certain trigger areas when taxiing/taking off and landing. The thing is, the percentage of us who’s systems were affected is too small for Asobo to address (or even acknowledge as far as I know).

For me it was worth the effort. I’m enjoying amazing flights from cold start to hot shut down again.


Thanks to Tekolumimies and SplitCurve49315 for their useful posts.
Between them, they summarise exactly where we stand.
I first raised this issue three months ago and it is really VERY disappointing that MS/Asobo have never responded or even acknowledged the problem.
Come on guys: it’s crystal clear that you broke our sims through one of the updates and the fact that not everyone is afflicted is no excuse for doing and saying nothing.
MSFS is a retail product aimed at the mass market. Nobody ever said you have to have the technical expertise to do a full Windows re-install to qualify as a customer.
Some of us don’t have such expertise, but we do have PCs that fulfil umpteen functions and hold a great deal of irreplaceable data. We can’t be expected to put all that data at risk just to make a broken game work properly.
PLEASE do us a favour: acknowledge the problem and let us in on your thinking about a fix!

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Hello Peter

Has this issue been resolved? I have the same video card as you. I’m getting the same problems and issues. Tried everything, even bought a MSI freesync monitor, no help.



Sorry, CausingSloth765. It hasn’t been fixed. It’s nothing to do with hardware like video cards or monitors.
It’s a bug introduced around SU5/6 which affects many, but not all, users. It hasn’t been fixed because MS/ Asobo have failed even to acknowle4dge it (although you may find it goes away if you turn Photogrammetry off). It’s all very sad.

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Ok thanks. Was going a little crazy trying to re-configure the computer but nothing seemed to work. My computer is not high end but up there, figured it should run this sim at an acceptable rate.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up, I guess we will have to wait for Asobo to fix it.


I have not played in months since the photogrammetry bug hit my setup… finally bit bullet and did a full reset of my Windows 10 software and re-install of all my apps… logged in and opened FS2020 after reset and all is well for me again. What a PIA - but Im back in business with the realistic views again.

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Instead of reinstalling Windows, it might help with a repair.

Adding a video of the issue. In my case even lowering to Medium, still produce the same issue.
Only happens at landing, but as mentioned something didn’t happen before, and after several updates the issue continues


If you take a suitable aircraft and a suitable location,you can land in a field of your choice and shouldn’t experience much in the way of fps drops.This seems to point to the coding used for airports/fields/strips.I have taken to doing this for the pure joy of landing without uttering a string of very rude expletives.Also it is my belief that the European servers can’t cope certainly since the advent of Xbox,I only get kbps rather Mbps…

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Another Victim here…
Just have this unplayable bug as long as the PG is turned ON…
I have the most update Nvidia driver, Windows update and clean reinstall FS2020

hi guys, good news, i found a solution for this problem on facebook user… i had the same problem with heavy stutters on ground and also in the air with PG turned on so i had to switch it off.
I was just about to go and reainstall windows and MSFS…
The solution is very simple, i have posted screen shots from facebook. What you have to do is locate and delete the following two files…for safty reasons just copy them for backup, but as far as i was told after deleting them and when you restart the sim they will recreate them self again…dont ask me more as im no expert on this but this solution works as i test it my self and now FINALLY im able to have PG switched on again!

Good luck fellow simmers!


Many, many thanks, Captain Saso. I think you may have cracked it!
I started this thread back in October last year as the bug was frustrating me beyond belief.
Many other victims contributed to the discussion, but from our fiends at MS/Asobo there was a disappointing silence. Some users said the only way to solve it was to re-install Windows, which was risky and beyond the capability of many simmers, including me. Now you seem to have come up with a very simple solution which anyone can try and (for me anyway) IT WORKS!!
I deleted the two files you suggested (having made a back up copy just in case). I then simply re-booted the sim and - as if by a miracle - all the problems disappeared. As you suggested, MSFS has recreated the deleted files. I can now taxi, take off and land anywhere in the world - with Photogrammetry switched ON - without the catastrophic loss of FPS which made the sim unplayable.
My system is nothing special, but I am now getting between 60 and 85fps flying over major cities like London, New York and Washington DC and enjoying all the benefits of Photogrammetry. Smooth as silk. Given that MS/Asobo knew so many of their customers were in trouble and have vast resources at their disposal, how is it possible they cold not spot this glitch which clearly arose around the time of Sim Update5?
Can anyone else confirm that this solution works for them? It certainly does for me!


I’m thinking that this fix replaces the need to reinstall windows for the people with single digit FPS drops on the ground with photogrammetry on which is a great find! Can you set that post as a solution in your thread?

I think it’s a online functionally issue .

mon ordi charge en ce moment une mise à jour de 4.5g, j’espére que ça résoudra le probleme

85 fps over London. What you running ?

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I hope this is the solution! As you know I was one of those that re-installed windows/MSFS.

If it does fix this bug, then I am both very happy and FURIOUS that MS/Asobo have let something so benign affect so many of us for so long. This bug was a game breaker for anyone affected attempting to play the sim from a cold and dark position.

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mise à jour terminée; malheureusement pas d’amélioration ; je vais me tourner vers X-Plane, alors que j’utilisais FS depuis 1984