Need a Mod for front window into the darkstar!

Okok you got me. I don’t actually have a big prize lined up, BUT the community will forever love you. And if you happen to be near me at some point in the future, i guarantee exactly one hug… No funny stuff :rofl:.

But seriously can we get a window.


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Roger, meant it to be light hearted, sorry about that.

I don´t think you can mod an official plane in that way.

I kind of like the challenge of using the synthetic vision display.

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I assumed it was more of a camera, which means I wish it would show planes in front of me when taxi-ing.


I feel you on this one. It’s just when you’re low to the ground it’s almost useless lol. Trying to land is something else.

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Hmmm I’m still not sure on this considering the numerous alterations made on other planes. This one might have specific license issues though :thinking::unamused:

Lindbergh was able to do it. T/O and Land plus all the way across the Atlantic!

Mind you, he was a tad slower :laughing:


:smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear: Too true… Maybe I should be stepping my game up.


It’s a challenge…. Like playing an early 90’s sim…within the sim ;).
I ran out of fuel on my first flight in the beast and managed to dead stick it into the Austin Bergstrom airport in Texas. Nice long runways there, but I managed to put the airplane down on the centerline of the runway using the SVS. I was pretty pleased with myself until I ran off the end of the runway (the brakes are not very effective with the engines shut down). :crazy_face:

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You can lean outside the side windows in track-ir? (was only checking progress as i was coming in for that first landing, i promise! :wink: )

It’s definatetly challenging trying to land that darkstar using only the little digital display and the side windows…

But guess what… i’m contemplating it’s just a process to get us used to landing like that, as i think another “local legend” might just be the famous SOSL that Charles A. Lindbergh flew On May 21, 1927 between two “little” towns called New York and Paris… in one go… single engine prop…across the atlantic… you know, with fueltanks all around him, at age 25… :thinking: Now what was i doing at 25… hmmm… not as impressive…

i do hope someone mods a toiletseat as a chair in there though, just for humor.

have a great flight!

Woof ~ Woof & Salute!


The aircraft doesn’t have a front window. It’s also from the movie which makes it licensed content, and therefore probably unmoddable.

But even the sun-proof cars of the movie Daybreakers have a front window. :smiley:

For the Darkstar that´s realistic because the cockpit glass would shatter at Mach 10.

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The concept aircraft on which it is based isn’t even supposed to have a cockpit, so we should be glad it’s not unmanned :wink:

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Ah I didn’t even consider this.

Yeah but at least Lindbergh had a periscope… LOL!

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You shouldn’t mod extra windows into a fake plane that shouldn’t even have a cockpit as that would destroy the realism in the sim.


No one ever does… :slightly_frowning_face:

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Lol don’t add game to the game… Ever!!!