New Eurofighter Typhoon in the Marketplace now

new fighter jet $20.00 in the Marketplace now…if you like that sorta thing

any video? Curious as to how it looks and flies.

Not too happy w/ dropping $40 on the F-15 – I was so hopeful for it. Hopefully they’ll improve it.

Nah the model looks nothing like a Microsoft job and the panel is lag city

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I haven’t purchased it - It was just a heads up for those who might be looking for one.
I didn’t know it was being developed for MSFS so it came as a surprise to see it there

it’s this one

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This is unbelievable. The quality of content put up on the marketplace these days are laughable. Bredok3d should be banned immediately from the marketplace since all their products are money grabs. Their Hamburg airport was really bad and now this aircraft is pathetic. Check out this video

Microsoft should learn a thing or two from Orbxdirect where only the best developers are allowed to sell. Or atleast we should have a system in which the flight sim community should have a say on what products need to be sold on the marketplace. We don’t need the marketplace to become another simmarket full of sub-standard products.


What a trainwreck… That main Attitude indicator is obviously from the A320, the standby is from the B350, there is an FMS from an airliner on the left side, the engine monitoring screen on the right is just the screen from the 787, and the other navigation displays are from a multitude of GA aircraft. I wouldn’t even get this as freeware, let alone paying for it. You’re just paying for a poorly modeled jet with an interior consisting of a variety of the avionics from the base game.


Well I have to say that, given what is possible even just visually in MSFS, the two most recent military jet offerings -with THIS one being sold in the Marketplace no less - the effort to ‘be as real as it gets’ is sorely lacking.

even if this was free it would be a hard pass…
I just don’t get it. Why is this happening?


I totally agree! Microsoft approving this product to be sold in the marketplace is even more embarassing.

@Skeedorr @Jummivana I hope the community managers relay our concerns to the marketplace team. This level of quality is unacceptable. If this trend continues we might see more and more low quality products in the marketplace.


I agree with everyone here. This level of “add-on” should not be in the market place. From that single video, it reminds me of something that I’d get off a FSX forum in 2010 to fly in FSX for free. It looks like something that’s ported over (from another platform or even worse copied over from payware/freeware without permission) and haphazardly put together to make a quick buck.

I think the in game market place HAS to be more professional than this. It’s nothing against smaller developers because we know once small and less known groups can become something exciting for the community, i.e. the FBW team and the A32NX freeware. However, there has to be effort shown and this plane should not have met that requirement.


I would suggest you follow up on the DC designs developer so you can understand why its in that current. If people knew the situation with the SDK or were in the development surely would not be complaining.The f-15 will get updates. In the meantime you can support the devs or wait until it reaches the quality threshold before making a purchase.

I posted a related question in Dev Q&A not too long ago. I hope this issue gets addressed soon before the marketplace situation gets out of control and loses its reputation.


the only problem with that - and I read his remarks at SOH - is that he brought it to market in this state.
It doesn’t do me any harm to buy it as is, knowing what the current state of MSFS is and that that is largely responsible for the missing capability…other than a roll of the dice that MSFS will meet expectations and actually fix the SDK and improve relations with the developers.
The part that surprises me is that it would come to market at all in this state at $40 with zero conveyance about the ‘reason why’ or indication that one isn’t buying anything near completed - let alone a work in progress. Why step on your own brand?
If I buy a car ‘as is’ two things are certain - I won’t be paying top dollar - and I won’t be buying it at night

LOL… I have had this circus of an aircraft almost since its release back on SimMarket and have voiced my opinion in the thread for this aircraft. What blows me away is that on SimMarket it has 4-5 star reviews. I suppose it’s from all the people that go “WOW IT GOES FAST!!!111!”… None of them seem to care about the Frankensteined avionics or lack of anything resembling a normal cockpit. Switches move on their own, most are not labeled, AP is a mess, it goes on and on. THIS thing as well as the new Virtualcol Model 99 are terrible releases that should have never been put on the market in their current state. Now this thing is on Marketplace. LOL @ Marketplace is all I have to say about that.


This addon titled ‘Eurofighter Typhoon’ is neither a eurofighter, nor an aircraft. What it really is…I have absolutely no idea. The MSFS marketplace doesn’t allow customers to write and submit a positive or negative review to be displayed so that any potential customer could be warned beforehand. My personal suggestion, if anyone asks, is to remove it from the marketplace quickly.


I am afraid we are getting to that “ugly” phase in the evolution of the market for MSFS. It seems that most casual gamers are happy with this type of thing where they can just get in, mess around at high speed and get back to their other games. These aircraft are not well-researched, they are made cheaply, and the mass market is there. So why should they bother? At the moment, this is the aircraft on SimMarket with MOST reviews. It’s also near their top seller for the platform. This is the kind of thing we can expect more of. More of these devs like Bredok and Virtualcol will flood the market with garbage and the public is generally starved for add-on aircraft. So any rubbish goes right now. We will have to wait and be careful with our purchases, unless we have the money to spare just to check something out. I know I bought it, and I NEVER fly it except when they release updates to see if it got any better. In reality, I am flying P3D a lot more than MSFS right now, thanks to FSLabs, PMDG, A2A, MilViz, and Aerosoft. THOSE are the guys I want to see in this sim, not this junk.


The Beech 99 isn’t that great - it is similar to most VirtualCol releases from previous sims, but I wouldn’t call it “terrible”.

PS - I think it’s actually not bad at all considering what they are asking for it - and that price is precisely the reason I would not advise anyone against buying it. If you know what to expect and like twins - give it a try. Hopefully they will address the FD errors and a couple of minor model issues at some stage. (FD = Flight Dynamics)

We’ve been in that phase since release, really. We’ll creep out of it when the SDK matures, and developers have got to grips with what it can do. Some have clearly invested more time in it than others, or are more skilled in its use, and there is a gulf in quality between some of the planes on the marketplace at the moment. All the developers are using the same tools as far as I know.

I’m surprised this has been deemed worthy enough to be on in game market place. I think third party developers and certainly Asobo and Microsoft have a moral duty to not rip off their customers. I bought the Typhoon a few weeks back and thought it was a badly optimised mess. Fair enough if the developer of it is still on a learning curve with the sim but don’t charge us money until you’ve mastered things.

Until third party aircraft developers have a good grasp on making things work with the SDK in the sim they should really think long and hard about what they’re charging good money for. Charging a lot of money upfront for something which is clearly a work in progress isn’t good form.


Yes correct, all of that information is available online. For people who are interested just follow the DC Designs Facebook page. They give great candid responses with dev updates every Friday.

The F15 shouldn’t hold any surprises, if it does then people should have done there research. It’s a port which will be updated to MSFS standard overtime. The developer has already vowed to update textures and geometry in the cockpit - I believe if you spend money on this plane you will enjoy it and it’s value will increase overtime but it’s a bit of fun not by any means a study aircraft.

As for the Eurofighter, well the less said about that the better! Stunning aircraft IRL but this is a cash grab.