New Eurofighter Typhoon

Has anyone used the new Eurofighter Typhoon that came out on the marketplace about a month or so ago?

Is that compatible with SU15?

If so, does it have autopilot capabilities, at least basic ones that can hold an altitude and adjustable heading?

I previously had a Eurofighter Typhoon from Breedok, but it didnt have a great flight model, and it has CTD every time I’ve attempted to use it post SU15 so I gave up on it. By CTD, I mean on the loading screen, so it doesn’t even load anymore.

Wanted to ask about the new Eurofighter before ponying up for it. Thank you.

I’m not aware of any “new” Eurofighter model, but I would recommend you to check the one made by CJ Simulation.

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Maybe thats the one I meant. Is that one working with SU 15? Does it have any autopilot capabilities, even basic ones?

Seems to work fine for me.

Not sure, never tried. But just out of interest why would you want autopilot with a fast jet?

Yes, the CJ Simulations one has an autopilot and auto throttle. I’ve been enjoying flying it. Have a look here:

Thanks. This is A LOT better to fly than the Breedok3 one, that has an “odd” flight model that changes from time to time and normally CTD for the first month or so after a major sim update.