New issue, experiencing black screens with HP Reverb G2

I have been experiencing a new problem that started few days ago.
My G2 is intermittently going completely black [5sec - 15sec] several times during a session, sometimes before going black I get video glitches (manually changing channels on TV decades ago).
I don’t know if it is a function of new Nvidia driver updates.
I do not experience this problem when inside WMR home. I haven’t played any other video games in VR at the moment, only can compare with WMR Home.
As anybody experience the same issue with their G2?

Yep. It seems to be a pretty common ‘feature’. No really good explanation why. Take a look at this thread:

Yes, thanks for showing me this. Since we got VR in December I never had any issue with my G2, apart from loosing the head tracking from time to time. When the blackouts started to happen last week I thought at first it was, maybe, my G2 cable connection was starting to fail, then I thought about an Nvidia driver upgrade, etc.
The thing is, I spend a good amount of time inside WMR home and the G2 performance is really solid. Don’t know what changed, something in my system must have. Gonna keep digging, thanks

Or the headset is simply going bad as Flight Simulator may be putting your hardware under different loads than the other VR apps. I’d RMA it and send it back to HP. I’ve read lots of stories of progressive failures of these headsets.

Yeah - let us know if you find anything. I’ve clocked up about 100 hrs flying in VR with my G2 and have had these blackouts since the start … not very often, but can’t say I’ve noticed any change in mine.

With all that’s been said, I do wonder if the power supply hardware design is right on the margin but it is odd and I haven’t seen any pattern (apart from the tendency to go off right after exiting the runway that a couple of people have commented on. It’s not consistent though.

For what it’s worth, I’m running off of a RTX 2080 Ti (11Gb) card (water cooled), and rolled back to the 457.30 driver.

I think you’re right, I don’t see anything that change in my system (10700k, FE3090, 32RAM) that could have created those blackouts. At the same time I am experiencing those screens shutoff, I am also experiencing some sort of video glitches (aka image distortion, video parasite on the image) before going black.
Gonna start an exchange procedure.

So my headset kept going down, I was still experiencing blackouts but at a much lower rate, but the sound from the G2 kept crashing, it would switch to the my external speaker sound and back to the G2 sound and as it would do that the sim was freezing (not responding in task manager) after a good [20sec-30sec] and would start again but would go through the sound issue shortly after and freeze again, it was then clear this was a new problem I never experienced before.
To make sure, I went back to iRacing which has always been running like a charm with the G2, the last time I was on iRacing was a good month ago, since I have been flying VR on MSFS2020 almost everyday. To my surprise, the G2 sound started to fail on iRacing as well, I would loose complete sound from the headset systematically after 3 min into the sim, interestingly enough it would not switch automatically to the PC sound, it would just be off, and the image would still go without glitches, reacting in a complete different way with MSFS.
I just started an exchange procedure, and should get a new headset in the next 3 days, by the way CONNECTION customer service s great.
I will let you know if all my problems with new headset are gone, if you’re interested.

Wow. Thanks for the update. Mine’s been behaving fairly well recently. I do feel that these issues might well be a design and/or quality problem in the HP headset by the looks of things.

I have only used mine in MSFS and IL2 (no problems in the latter). I do have Automobilista 2 installed that I bought about 6 weeks ago, only to find that my steering wheel isn’t working, so have never tried it … need to get that sorted and give it a go.

Please let us know how the new headset works out. Will be interesting to see if it was completely a hardware issue.

Hi. I have also the same problems as you are describing. I read that thread about the sound, but even at lower volumes, or not even sound on at all, i will get these black screens. It makes sense that there is someting with the audio, because when i get the black screen, it shows that it changes volume to 100 %, and then down to whatever i set it to.
This is the first hours with vr for me, including all the tweaking. Bought myself a rtx 3070 card for this.
I would say that except for the black screens, its totally playable, even without the tweakings i did, but with all this black screen, happening (varries between 2 sec to aprox 40 sec) it is not playable

Hi, I will let you know once I get my new headset which is already on the way.
Hopefully things will change for the better. I do think there was something wrong with my headset though. A little over a month ago I started to hear intermittent static noise in my right G2 headphone and sometimes a complete shut off of the right headphone.
At the end, meaning yesterday, I couldn’t play the sim in VR anymore, the situation got so bad, I was experiencing almost instantly a long freeze and if the sim would come back from it the second one was ultimately fatal. I really saw the situation degrading itself over a period of a week last week.
Anxious to get the new headset to confirm it was a G2 problem :crossed_fingers:

I raised this issue recently, but … fingers crossed … it seems to have been cured with the latest update!

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I haven’t been using my G2 for some weeks, and haven’t had any issues before. I got this issue yesterday when using it again (after installing the UK update). G2 going black every 5-10 seconds.

Installed the latest Nvidia drivers (461.40), and it seems to have fixed the issue!

I spoke too soon. The problem still exists but maybe not as bad and can possibly be sorted by experimenting with the sequence of connection between the headset and the computer and the program when it’s running. There are several variables to contend with but I know its working when I see several small white balls spinning round in the headset while the program is loading.

I hope this isn’t jumping the gun, but I have had the same problem a few days before the patch, but with all the talk about sound being part of the problem, I simply set the sound from speakers to headphones in the Windows task bar before firing up Flight Simulator. So far I did an hours worth of touch and goes in the EF 2000 with absolutely no blackouts at all.

In my case, like other people it started as blackouts, but I also knew I had some headphone/sound issue with my G2. I think it is a coincidence, from when I posted about my black screen issue and when my G2 sound failing problem increased drastically. At the end MSFS2020 did not have time to go into blackouts, it was simply freezing because of the G2 sound failing, and yes I tried to use the PC speaker sound as default, but the G2 would still crash the sim. I think those are really two different issues. When I was experiencing black screens, I still could see the sim running flawlessly in the WMR mirror window. When experiencing freezes, the WMR mirror window was frozen too. Plus, I was experiencing the same sound crashes with other VR sims.

Back in business, just received my brand new G2 from my exchange earlier this week (CONNECTION=great customer service). All my problems are gone, no more VR lockup due to my G2 sound failing.
No more VR black screens either.
The only thing that has not change, is the intermittent super annoying loss of head tracking which requires a head reset position, it is an immersion breaker but that is for another topic discussion.
So, IN MY CASE, and because of my sound issue with the G2, exchanging it FIXED EVERYTHING.

Glad to hear! I also resolved my problem, by connecting my hp reverb from my pci-e USB C connection, to my powered usb 3.0 hub. So no more black screens for me neither :smiley:

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Oh wow that’s a good tip. That’s almost what I did with the new G2, I used their usb C to USB adapter to connect it to one of my PC back usb 3.0 port.
The previous G2, I connected it directly to my PC back usb C port, it seemed to be fine on my ASUS MB, I saw that usb C at the back of MSI MB might not work well with the G2.
So I don’t know if I got rid off black screen because of the new G2 or because I connected it to a usb 3.0 port. Tired of trouble shooting, gonna fly in VR now until my eyes hurt : )

Glad you all sorted now…I get the annoying loss of head tracking now and again too
I hope either HP or Asobo fix this soon

Do you know if the QUEST 2 is having the same head tracking loss issue with MSFS?
Trying to find out where the problem is coming from, is it the sim or the headset? Could it be an OpenXR issue as well?
Like I said, I play a lot of iRacing and ACC with my G2, and head tracking has been super solid on those 2 platforms, and I don’t think they’re using OpenXR, so not sure who is to blame.