New Nvidia 497.09 Always CTD

Glad I’m not the only experiencing these problems… whew

Yes, add me to this as twice within 10 minutes after installing the latest firmware.

Just know i have the same problem :angry:

Tried MSFS after seeing this thread. No CTD but the game froze when I was loading into the F-18 landing challenge. Tried again after a restart except I loaded the TBM at an airport - seemed to be working fine. So, I don’t know if it’s a driver issue for me or not… shrug

Time for a hotfix driver by nVidia. :grin:


Back to normal after roll back to 496.76.


Tried cannot get load reverted back

Have you tried a clean install of the drivers?

yes ddu clean install back on 496.98 i believe

Confirmed, blue squares and ton of Stutters.
Rolled back to 496.76.


I just loaded up to test because I was concerned, having just updated the driver. Didn’t crash.


Maybe another of those system-specific things we often see with the sim? My specs:

Ryzen 7 4800H
GeForce GTX 1660 Ti

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Man I’m glad I saw this thread before I booted up my computer. As soon as Windows (Win11) booted up, I got a notice that a new driver was available and was downloading. I haven’t had a legitimate Nvidia driver issue since the first public previews of WinXP literally back in 2001, with my Geforce (3?) card of the day. So normally I just update as a matter of course.

Sounds like I should wait this one out for sure.

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never had any problems and did , just like always, the update to the new driver.

in the plane on the runway, no problems , if i go to the outside view 5 sec later it freezes the screen.

did go back to the previous driver and all is oke again…

I had to go back to the previous version as this one had blue squares popping over the ground and then CTD shortly after. It seems I was getting a higher FPS too with this latest firmware but CTD only. Next time you guys can be the beta testers LOL.

CTD with latest driver on win10 with the 3080ti here as well

i didn’t use that in the first place, won’t work.
just rollback and wait for a nvidia hotfix

Thank goodness I found this thread, I thought it was just me!!! Hoping for the hotfix very soon as some people have reported more FPS!

If not quite happy to be on the rolled back driver.

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FPS is probably more of a placebo effect since this game is always all over the place. Testing out the previous version now and hopefully back to normal.


Yeah blue squares for me to and 2 ctds since when loading into places that worked fine previously. been working on sim for days and hours before hand with 0 issue’s.

I haven’t changed driver since 457.30, I only play MFSF so I don’t have to change all the time, and 457.30 is still one of the best drivers for the game, if not the best.