New Oculus Beta Software

My system is now working even better with Air Link, with none of the compression issues that I was getting with the wired link. I got Air Link to work by not even having OTT running, setting the ODT to default - except turning ASW to off. All my settings are on ultra/high in MSFS with a render scale of 100 giving frame rates of between 18-35 depending on situation. I have left Nvidia settings to default also on my RTX3080. If you set the proximity override in the ODT to on you can even take your headset off and leave it, VR will remain stable with no frame drops, allowing you to put it on later.


Working great here as well! Do you have to run the ODT to set the ASW to off on each run?

And what are your Nvidia game settings in the nvidia control panel?


Yes, I find I need to re-select the settings in the Oculus Debug Tool before each time I enter VR mode. So if I need to come out of VR mid flight, I’ll need to re-select ASW = disabled again before entering VR again. Was the same for me with the 3rd party oculus tray tool, so I ditched it - others were reporting it was causing performance issues anyway.

All default! I’ve not found the need to change anything any more! See my system spec and settings a little earlier in this thread. I’ll welcome any suggestions but I’m now using a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” Ethos!

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Yes ASW needs to be deselected in the ODT each time - even when just coming out of VR to do something else with the sim running in the background ASW somehow manages to reselect itself to ON. Nvidia settings are all set to default for MSFS - there may be gains to be had in tinkering but to be honest, frame rates are really good as is. I managed to even get good rates with the ODT SS set to 1.2 last night but it seems to be a bit hit and miss as today the performance was not as good and I had to go back to zero.

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First of all thank you to all for tips and tricks, with these I have been able to find the settings that work well for me so posting here in hope it will be helpful for others. This is with a cabled connection, not Airlink.

System: AMD 3900X, RTX 3070, 32GB Ram.
Oculus Debug Tool: FOV 0.7;0, Adaptive GPU Performance Scale: Off, ASW: Force 45fps, ASW Disabled
FS2020: VR; 80% Detail, all other settings on Ultra, Multiplayer, Live Traffic, AI Traffic all off.

Test area was Santa Barbara Municipal Airport. All planes tested worked very well apart from TBM 930. Planes that worked well were default and pay ware, some from Ceranado, and other steam gauge types but DA62 with glass cockpit also performed well so the TBM must be a bit of a resource hog.

I don’t fly airliners so don’t really care too much if they work well or not. If Asobo optimize more for VR to bring gfx fidelity in line with 2D mode and add in hand recognition (that works well in the Quest2) then we have a big winner from a VR perspective.

I never used VR controllers even if it seems well managed in some sim like in Aerofly FS2. It sound not easy to let go of the joystick to grab the controller, switch something and grab the hotas. But if MSFS Devs include the Quest 2 hand tracking, that’s’ another level, and will be very natural.