New Release: Aeroplane Heaven P-51D Mustang

I applied “ZZ JD P-51 - 08 Turn Coordinator Fix” and it fixed it for me, now my turn indicator works as it should :slight_smile:

I fond it’s easier to take off without holding back the stick to lock the tail wheel, just use the smallest increments of rudder while holding right stick till the back wheel lifts up. This way I can successfully take off on two wheels while getting some speed.

Now with my turn bank indicator working I really love this plane finally. Do others also have busted turn indicators? You can see how busted mine was in my video or photo below

This is the turn indicator after the fix :slight_smile: Loving this plane now! Finally

You don’t have to hold the stick back the whole time, doing so is probably not a good idea, and keeping it back is not required in order to lock the tailwheel.

The tailwheel lock is like a switch, stick forward to unlock and back to lock; you don’t have to hold it either way.

If you watch videos of P-51s IRL you can see they often hold that up elevator and gradually let it down as they gain speed allowing the tail to rise. The idea is they are relying more on the tailwheel for stability at slow speeds and more on the rudder as they gain speed. It’s a transition.

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Hello everyone,
sorry how can I find the mod ZZ JD P-51 - 08 Trun Coordinator Fix?
Thank you

Edit: Do not install the flight model mod as it’s old and meant for the original build. I just had to share the whole mod as I had to credit the creator.

I got mine from JayDee.

You can auto translate the captions to English too.

Might be easier to follow if you slow the speed too.

Let me know if you have any issues. You should just have to replace the interior file and that is it for the turn coordinator fix. Just back up the original first.

JayDee speaks English too and has a discord with an English section too.

You can get the link from his discord go to the modding channel he shared his google folder there.

Just look for the JayDee AH Improvement Mod. zip

Get it from him and don’t forget to send him a thanks.

Edit: Do not install the flight model mod as it’s old and meant for the original build.

Spent some time trying to fix this behaviour yesterday. Found that you can’t adjust the cg manually as with the Reno mustangs so had to trick the system another way.

I found increasing the ammo weight to around 600 removed the tail stall tendency until about 25% fuel. Trying to get the CG in the same position with empty tanks needed about 1200 in the ammo (I guess the ammo bays are in a similar position to wing tanks) . Clearly not ideal but it stopped the full flap issue (which I discovered with altitude tests doesn’t even go away in a dive above 200!!

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That’s good to know, but too bad it requires that adjustment. I hope it gets a fix. Kinda surprising nobody else has mentioned it.

Yeah, you really have to act fast when it happens depending on the situation. Raise the flaps, gear, slam the throttle and hope for the best!

SU 15 broke the AH Mustang’s start behaviour. Full throttle, max rpm and the plane will not accelelate beyond 50 mph. Full pitch down will not raise the tail. No chance to get airborne within a reasonable distance. Hope there will be a fix.

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I’m grateful that someone else noticed this. I was going crazy I left a message on JayDee’s discord but it appears to have been removed.

AH just did an update… you’d think they’d have found that and fixed it with that update…

I was running beta SU15 and the updated Mustang’s takeoff was just fine under that when it was released a couple weeks ago.

Something in the SU15 final version broke the takeoff performance. It was fine during the beta.

AH responded on this FB page:

I can take off in the vanilla AH P-51 without issue. It’s when I use JayDee’s mod post SU15 that I cannot unstick, period. That doesn’t sound like AH’s fault.

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Yeah, this doesn’t sound like an AH issue at all. I wouldn’t use the flight model portion of the JayDee mod anyways. It wasn’t all that accurate in terms of performance before, and using it now would negate every single benefit of the recent update to the addon.

Nothing has changed with this addon for me between SU15 beta and now.

Yeah I thought that part was obvious if that is what it is. I only applied the turn indicator fix and purchased the TSS audio pack.

Yeah guys the mod is from a few years ago so the flight model will definitely break it specially when there was just a fix from AH.

I’m still thinking about doing the propeller fix as it’s bothering me the way it looks at the moment.

My AH was fine in beta and post, I’m sure I played the post as just flew the other day after a MSFS update. I’ll test it again.

The only reason I did the turn indicator fix was because mine was still broken after AH latest update 15 beta fix and I knew that how it was going to stay unless I did something about it.

Except I’m not using the Jaydee mod… Wonder if another mod is conflicting?

Astrix, a couple questions:

  1. The TSS was made for FSX- how do you use it with JayDees Mod?
  2. What exactly was broken with the turn indicator? I have applied Jaydees “fix” and the ball is still cocked slightly to the left. It still seems borked, IMO.
  3. So, are you recommending going vanilla with the AH Mustang? Post latest AH update and SU 15, does Jaydees mod have anything to recommend it?
    Thanks in advance for any answers

Was their response on FB due to reports of the same thing? I don’t have FB so I can only see the top couple posts on their page.

What an odd issue.

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For the TSS mod you have edit some xml values. Just true and false and possibly delete parts you don’t wanna use (from memory). Copy over the wav files and also drop the layout file on the layout generator program.

I’ll try and find steps for the audio mod I think it comes in the pack that you buy. Plus I think from memory also uses a few threads online.

Regarding the slip ball it’s not perfect Im pretty sure it takes the opposite rudder pedals to re centre it to DCS. It doesn’t even come close to how good DCS’s is and how easy it is to keep it centred just using the rudder trim on their P-51 Mustang. The turn indicator is another level too.

What my biggest issue has been with the AH P51 is the turn indicator as you can see in my photos comparing them one is on the opposite side and in-fact it always stayed on the right side I doubt it ever made past the centre.

I’d recommend going fresh AH P-51. Then if your turn and indicator and slip ball are messed up use that fix. If you want to fix the audio which absolutely sucks specially the wind sounds I’d either fix it with one of Asobo’s P-51 Reno sounds if you own it or buy the TSS pack. The only thing you will loose is the change in sound when opening the convoy as it makes no change. That can’t be patched as it used a different system before and you would need to re do it from scratch using Audiokinetic Wwise as it’s what it used to use I believe.

These posts from earlier have some great info on implementing the TSS sound mod. Its from Nov 2022