New Release: Deimos Su-57 Felon in Marketplace

for 1 more $$ you have the Ju-52 (<= great plane)… I think you get my point ??

Encouraging scavenger devs like Deimos, CaptainSim/ Br3doked etc is BAD for the whole hobby/ community !


This^^. Multiple people say this but don’t seem to give weight to the fact that it is Asobo/MS who are deciding who gets certified and given oxygen on the marketplace.


Err, I think you are mistaken. On this Marketplace history : only the end consumer (in this world at least) have a real influence on the outcome… Microsoft has to check for legal stuff only before posting stuff to their marketplace (it is not Asobo’s Marketplace, remember), and according to them, their only obligations are NOT TECHNICAL/ quality-related… They are mostly legal.

Yes it is a bad move after what Ms/ Asobo announced before the Marketplace was opened, but hey, check Steam’s marketplace now, and tell me which one is cleaner ? :wink:

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I just came to the forum to ask a few questions but it seems unnecessary now given what people say in this thread, anyway if someone knowledgeable or the creator itself wants to answer, my questions are:

-How important was the flight model when developing the aircraft, and how was it created (using real sources? Guessing?)
-Is super-maneuverability (post-stall flight envelpe) correctly modelled (or even supported by the sim)? Both aerodynamically and the 3D thrust vectoring capabilities.

Overall how good is the flight model? Because if it’s good I might consider a purchase even if the rest is bad.

I couldn’t find any place to contant the creator directly

Based on their previous work, there is very little to no consideration given to flight model for these guys. You will be lucky if it flies. That’s the extent of how well thought-out this stuff is. Like I said, MScenery is very much along the line of this… and their stuff barely flies. And just like this product, most things don’t work - switches, etc… In some of these junk planes things such as altimeter may be INOP (as is the case with a couple of MScenery planes).

Also, doesn’t the fact that the “developer” doesn’t even have a website speak volumes about what you are getting into?


I didn’ think they were this bad, oh well, it’s a bit of a wasted opportunity doing one of the most manouverable fighters in the world (especially at slow speed) and giving it a trash flight model. Why bother?

It would be like doing a Harrier without the possibility of STOVL. Or an A-10 without the gun- oh wait…

Although I’m not sure if and how the game handles super maneuverability to be fair.

I guess I’ll wait for the excellent F35 by IndiaFoxTechno.


I think you should be able to read through the posts in this thread and learn all you need to know about the quality of the flight model (or lack thereof).

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That’s a good game plan. India Foxt Echo’s stuff is very very solid. The answer to the question of “why bother”? To milk as much money out of people for minimal effort. If you think they give a ______ about aviation, think again. :wink: This is someone who thought “hey, if I can get a cheap model somewhere and make it fly somewhat, I can make a ton of money selling it to idiots who will jump on it. Just make the price attractive and it will sell like hot cakes. After all, a bunch of those people don’t really care about details, they just want to zoom around.” That’s the mindset here. Combined with a lack of skills to actually make something decent, it necessitated that they steal part of the work by DC Designs to make their previous aircraft. It didn’t work. They had to have it removed from everywhere and had to turn over any revenue earned on it to Just Flight (the publisher of DC Designs’ F-15). This was well-documented in the community and on social media. A few months pass, so they are back! With a new offering! Maybe this time without theft (or at least none that we know of yet) - but the trust is broken. I don’t forget and forgive this. And hopefully others in the community share that view.


I think part of the issue here is with the influx of new players from the console side a lot of us have no idea about the past history of certain 3rd party asset developers. Obviously the forums can be checked and some information can be gleaned but let’s be honest, most console players won’t bother doing that. In certainly sounds like waiting/hoping for a fix is going to be a moot point. As the son of a fighter pilot you can guess the types of things I enjoy flying on MSFS and am looking forward to. Bring on the F16, F35, and hopefully down the line an F22. Actually I’d love to get an F4 in there for posterity’s sake.


Yeah agreed, I regret buying it simply because it’s flight characteristics are dog ■■■■ and cash grabs hurt the community, I have changed my stance

It handles like dog ■■■■, no manoeuvrability to speak of, I’m only buying the concorde and F35 from here on out

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I think a key thing for some XBox users is to search the forum for past aircraft and reviews. Back a bit ago, I was buying ALL planes released for MSFS for the sake of doing reviews. So, a lot of the past efforts are documented. Those threads contain not just my humble opinion, but also opinions of many other users. I always title threads for aircraft with the name of the developer included, so… a search for the name should yield some results.


Funnily enough the 3rd person engine % stays at 0 despite engines being on

Alas this was the one time I didn’t do that before, never again

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I’ve read these posts, and I have an honest question about what you’re declaring as “junk” and “garbage”. If the flight model of this plane prevents it from staying airborne, or if the plane is literally unflyable, or if it’s a rip off of someone else’s code, then yeah, it shouldn’t be offered. I get that and totally agree.

But if that’s not the case, then what about people like my 12-year old nephew? If he saw this plane, he’d go nuts over it. Being under ten bucks, he’d beg me to buy it for him. And if I did buy it and he played it for days on end, would that not be a good purchase? All he wants to do is get in the air and move the joystick around. So my question is, would you say that this is something that even the most novice FS user couldn’t fly, or is the problem that it doesn’t measure up to the high standards us more advanced users want to place upon our aircraft? Because those are two completely different issues.


Yeah, flying multiplayer I see lots of Eurofighters and Bredok 737’s. Who’s to say what constitutes value to different people? Hopefully not MS/Asobo. That being said, they need to allow written user reviewers on the Marketplace. Buyer beware is fine, but people need to know what they are in for.

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No like it’s literally unflyable, if you are too aggressive with the controls it will tumble out of the sky and there’s no instrumental feedback for if you lose engine power apart from a decrease in knots, I’d give him something from dc or indiafoxtecho over this without doubt, the mb 339 is way more user friendly, yeah plane models are not cheap in sims but I’m starting to realise you pay a premium for a product that works

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By “junk” and “garbage” I mean stuff like switches in cockpit that don’t work, altimeters INOP, gear sometimes not retracting and sometimes working for no reason at all, nothing resembling actual aircraft behaviour, Garmin avionics stuffed into military jets, etc… In other words… junk. If your 12 year old can enjoy that, more power to him. But the way I see it, there are more quality aircraft out there that he can have just as much fun in and it can also be enjoyed by someone who cares about aircraft and flight simulation. Additionally, purchasing these things gives more motivation for these “developers” to continue to put out this type of stuff and then we will have a market that’s even more flooded with garbage than it already is. For a few dollars more, I think it’s worth it to uphold certain principles, etc… So, that’s my honest take. Cheers! :wink:


Thanks for those quick and well-thought responses. I’m glad to see that the community is watching out for each other and not simply declaring that if an offering isn’t of the highest possible quality then it should be removed.


Can the Piper (or 182) be seen as a useable sale for the reduced price? I might grab the arrow. At least till the JF one will come out. Which will likely be a very long while.