New Release: FlySimWare's Grumman G-44A Widgeon Seaplane

I think they are different. The Widgeon is smaller, it flies different. The Goose also has retractable floats and the Widgeon’s are fixed. I love having both. This Widgeon also has GNS530 while the Goose doesn’t, but the Goose has autopilot, which the Widgeon doesn’t. They are both great and both worth having.

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At first I was really dismayed by this add-on due to Jeremy’s initial review (because this is the perfect aircraft for me), but I’ve been following this thread and the one over on Avsim and the developer does seem very keen on improving it, which is promising. I’m a huge seaplane fan and regularly flew the Goose, Albatross, and Catalina in X-Plane. In MSFS I’ve been enjoying the freeware Goose as well as the other free float add-ons (XCub, 172) that have been released - looking forward to picking this one up soon. Baby Goose seems very fun to fly.

Also patiently waiting for Asobo to improve the water side of the sim!


Yeah, as you can see, my opinion of this aircraft has improved greatly due to all the fixes that came really quick.


built like a tank - Grumman style
Grumman’s Gosling - AOPA

I modeled this one from Dumas as a Continental powered ‘Super Widgeon’


Well, I downloaded the latest version but am unable to install it as I get multiple decompression errors messages. I deleted the previous version before attempting the installation, per the instruction. AV software is disabled. I was really looking forward to the updates. Any thoughts?

Re-download. All was ok here.

I just tried that thinking the file may have been corrupted in the download process but to no avail. This has me mystified as I have not experienced this before. I’m not a fan of auto-installers.

install it to a ‘new folder’ on your desktop and then add / replace the files manually?
or can you not point this installer or redirect it?

It’s an auto-installer w/o redirection option (grayed out). It won’t install anywhere because of the “decompression errors.” I’ll just file a support ticket If I can’t figure it out soon. Thanks!
Edit: Baffled beyond belief Support request sent. Cheers!

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It’s really difficult to get the engines started from cold & dark - even with the checklist I haven’t succeeded so far. The handbook might be worth having. Is there no “beta” handbook?

There is nothing at all difficult about this. Follow the checklist. From the top of my head:

Battery, alternators on. Both Mixture levers at 100%, enable fuel flow on both tanks. Fuel Pumps on. NAV/Beacon on. Magnetos to both. Engage starter. This isn’t anything complicated, I assure you.


In essence essentially the same for a lot of GA aircraft.

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First, try rebooting and then reinstalling. If that doesn’t help, maybe try deleting all your temporary files? Generally installers create files in the temporary folder, and leftover corrupted files might screw up the install.

Open File Explorer and type %TEMP% in the address box at the top, then after verifying it changed to the C:\Users(YOURNAME)\AppData\Local\Temp folder, hit CTRL-A to select all and hit the DELETE key. You’ll have to provide administrator rights and if you have any apps like Chrome open it’ll complain the files are in use.

Might not help, but that’d be my first and second troubleshooting steps. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’ll give those a shot in the sequence you stated.

Well, reboot/reinstall didn’t work. I’ll try deleting temporary files next.

Well, no luck there either. Thanks anyway.

The real plane does not have a water rudder. It is possible to add a water rudder function to the plane, this is not broken.

What is broken is the ability to steer a plane using differential thrust with two engines. You should be able to increase the rpm on one engine, and it should apply asymmetric thrust and the airplane would turn. You shouldn’t need to provide enough thrust to activate the “air” rudder.

Unfortunately, Asobo has not yet developed the asymmetric thrust for multi-engine aircraft to work properly. As I understand it, the thrust is applied on the centerline axis with a power commensurate to the power settings of the two engines added together. I could be wrong on that part.

Well, I just reinstalled the previous version with no problem. I wonder what would happen if I installed the update over it??? Curious.

Ive been really keen on this thing. It seems decent, esp w quick updates.
As far as the “look” is it okay in that department? Such as if some of you guys have the Bird Dog or the BN2, would it be in that regard?
I personally am completely fine w that if so

The checklist requires cross flow to be enabled (but not the fuel valves for right and left tank to be open) - can you explain why that is? I would like to understand…

I can’t. That makes no sense to me. If the valves aren’t open, crossflow effectively doesn’t do anything as far as everything I know goes. Perhaps it’s an error. I will mention to Mark. I haven’t really used the checklist as I am familiar with the aircraft from P3D, so that would explain why I haven’t seen that.