New Release: FN-333 Riviera

For the fisrt 2 weeks, it will be exclusively available at IniBuilds Store.
It will then release on SimMarket and MSFS Marketplace as soon as they can push it through.

You can use this as a support thread!


Mario N.


I flew it briefly before work today. Engine is a bit quiet inside the cabin but maybe that’s normal given it’s a pusher? Switches kinda sound like they were recorded in an empty room with no sound dampening. The plane flies superbly, textures and PBR are great, and it’s got the best rotating beacon I’ve seen in the sim. Well worth the price.


Looks great!! My kind of quirk! Nice set of features. Retractable gear, retractable wing floats, yoke controlled, looks like it can STOL and BUSH and Sightsee… and land on water… pretty much a lot of my boxes ticked there!

And the price… I’m in for sure!


The last thing I need is another plane…

So of course I just bought it. Looks very cool! This one deserves a group floatplane trip.

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I’ll get it from the marketplace for sure. I hate this “exclusive” releases in some other stores.
and it was a very nice surprise.
Wonder if we can get any research about some of these still flying, the wikipedia page mentions about 6 airworthy and 2 were sadly lost in accidents.

There’s a dedicated FN-333 website here:

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The last piece of news there is from 2014?

According to that website, there were several engine options in the pre-production and production models, including a desirable 250 HP fuel-injected Continental IO-470-P in the last production model.

Which one does this model have?

According the the product description the IO-470p

I’m loving this plane. Another high quality product from this dev, his stuff is instant purchase for me now.


Thanks, I missed that in the description.
I mean, I didn’t fully read it. :crazy_face:

There is a surprising amount of features for an addon in this price range.

Working breakers and multiple avionics options.

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So much to love here, instant addition to my hangar. Took her up for a flight around Snohomish County, WA, landed on a river and on a small airstrip. Delightful to fly. Retractable wingtip floats are definitely the chef’s kiss.

I broke my temporary moratorium on new aircraft purchases for this and am very happy I did. I think the sounds are one of its best features, especially the switchgear and hardware sounds (engine is great too and I don’t think was too quiet inside).

I am an instrument junkie and I love new and unique gauges - something this has in spades and I want to say thank you for spending time on the panel - it’s fantastic.

Lastly I would like to heap praise onto you for the outstanding PoH - such great documentation really helps to connect to the addon overall. Thank you!!

You’ve put many other devs to shame with the quality and value here - well done!

One fun detail: keep your eye on the breaker for the DME when you toggle between the two radio stacks. So cool!

As I was reading this new post I thought the developer sounds familiar but couldn’t remember what they did. Wow that was actually the C-22J, another little unique plane I found really cool! Will get this when reaching marketplace. Thanks for your great work!

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I love it. It’s a great, feature-rich addition to the sim for an absolute bargain price, just like the Ventura. You spoil us Mario! From my few flights: Animated everything, interactive everything, several custom coded systems, working circuit breakers, anchor, 3x dimmable light sources + cabin lighting, looks and sounds good. I’ve been hoping for a Sea Bee and this is as close as we might get for a while. Only “issue” I’ve had with this is it does NOT like a crosswind, but that’s not unexpected. I do need to figure out how to properly water land as well, but that’s on me I’m pretty sure.


One minor issue I’ve noticed: auto rudder seems to not be working. Only noticed it because my daughter likes to drive amphibs around on the water but she can’t reach my pedals so I have to turn it on for her.

Thank you Mario for having developed another iconic Italian aircraft! Instant buy for me :wink:


Good point! I’m one step closer to my all-Italian aircraft hanger (plus 1 Polish Wilga… and I suppose 1 American Comanche lol).

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Bought this too and loving it. It’s so cute LOL!!! Did a flight around Bora Bora checking out all the nice landmarks.

My only complaint is the schizophrenic green key chain thing that seems to go nuts even if the plane is turned off.