New release: Golden Age Simulations Kinner B-2 Sportwing

The reason AT Simulations is on my list is because the way the aircraft was released with its radio bugs is not ideal… Sure, I can forgive that. It happens. It’s a lovely model, after all, and I have a lot of fun if I can be bothered to manually dial the knobs every time ATC bounces me to 135 different frequencies. What is NOT excusable is that MONTHS have gone by since an update was promised and any attempts to reach the developer for status or ANY update on what’s happening have gone unanswered. It’s dead silence on Facebook or via attempted e-mail communication. Their communication breakdown along with months-old issues really make it feel like the aircraft was simply abandoned. If certain issues are causing a delay in update release, it would have taken a minute or two to put out a communication update to FB, just the way many other developers have done.


Gonna do a full flight right now, not just a circuit. Let’s see if this gets any better. Can I fly drunk so that blurriness doesn’t seem so bad? :wink: Kidding.

as always - buy what you like. The Golden Age Simulations team is very small and very focused on aircraft of the Golden Age of Flight. Also - there is always a ton of information about each aircraft and at least one video designed to showcase the model and instruct on how it works. There is no subterfuge or intent to mislead. Quite the opposite. GAS has only one goal - to model for flight sim enthusiasts those types of planes that were historically significant from that era (late 1920’s - late 1930’s roughly) which covers a TON of mfgs and air frames you will likely NEVER otherwise see in MSFS.
Criticism is useful to a point and helpful to a degree. Folks can draw funny lines when money is spent however and the line between criticism and disparagement often gets obliterated.
If you are unsure about this product line - or this developer - or this model then go directly to their web site or watch their video yourself.

Golden Age Simulations - Flight Simulation Aircraft

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I have a few of Golden Age Simulations planes for FSX which I enjoyed in the past so decided to pick this one up. It’s a bit of a mixed bag really. I do quite enjoy flying it, it feels very well modelled in that regards. Also the way the views are set up are pretty cool: instrument view switching moves you around the plane instead so you can click on various spots to add/remove things like the engine cowl, chocks, pitot tube and even put a roof on. Also the regular raised landing view has been modified to a leaning out the left hand side of the plane view which was a nice touch, it shows some thought and care was given to this aspect of the plane.

Visually it’s a bit of a let down though, the textures are pretty rough and not up to MSFS standards, the instruments are not the greatest looking but serviceable and the 3d model could be better as well. Sounds are alright but not great with some sounds like door opening missing and the engine sounds are the same with the roof up or down, the plane could do with some wind noises with the roof down as well.

Overall I think it’s an okay plane, but I am a big fan of this era of flight so I’m willing to forgive some of the downsides but I understand that not everyone will feel the same.


Just completed a full flight. This time around I found ways to remove all the tie-downs, chocks, etc… Did a full checklist. Proper flying from “parking to parking”…

It’s not awful. It flies nicely, though it always pulls to the left in the air (probably due to P-factor). It was REALLY hard to lose speed on it and landing was challenging because it rolls forever, but I am not critical of that, I can see how this old thing was a pain - there were no flaps, so it’s believable.

But all I could still see was a JARRING contrast between the beautiful scenery with gorgeous watermasks in Japan and this THING in front of me. I still feel those textures are inexcusable, I don’t care how good your intent was in releasing this to the market.

Anyway, here are a couple more screenshots I took.

I am glad some of you enjoy it quite a bit. But it will be challenging to pull this thing out of my hangar simply because of how ugly it is.

I do not want to roast the developer too much, as the plane is mostly lacking in the “looks” department. But to be fair, Wing 42 is also developing some Golden Age era planes and if you look at the texturing work on the preview screenshots of their Lockheed Vega 5 and Boeing 247, they look much more realistic in and outside.


Small and niche isn’t cover for poor quality though. Flying Iron just released a masterpiece with their Spitfire and the company consists of two brothers. The level of visual fidelity in MSFS is higher than what Golden Age Simulations has produced here, and I think it’s fair to point that out. It’s great that they produce planes no other dev would touch, but that doesn’t make it ok to put out an iffy or poor product does it?


“as always - buy what you like”
Wing42 made an excellent Lockheed Vega for FSX that they priced at $65 - available now for FSX for $41 and when they make that plane for MSFS I will consider buying it depending on the price, and its performance in the sim.
The Kinner is GAS’s first product for the new sim so ‘iffy’ and ‘poor product’ are a little over that line between fair criticism and disparagement in my view - but your opinion is what it is.

Wing42 is immaculate. Their work on the Bleriot is amazing. Those two aircraft will be great, I have a feeling!


I don’t find “iffy” and “poor product” a disparagement of this AT ALL. Those are facts. Just because this is GAS’ first product, it does not give them a pass. Again, Flying Iron’s first product was… The Spitfire. And look at THAT. IndiaFoxtEcho’s first product was Long-EZ. Iris’ first product was the Jabiru 160/170. Wing42’s first product was Bleriot. Carenado’s first product was C182. None of those hurt my eyes. And none of those are really priced much more than this one was. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Just as you have yours, this is mine. It’s here to stay. Kudos for the selection of aircraft. No cookie for execution. :wink:

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I would add the Sim Skunk Works G-91 to this list. It’s a niche plane, made by a small team, first release by the developer for MSFS, costs $3 more than the Sportwing, and is probably the best plane in my hangar. The modeling, texturing, and sounds are breathtaking on that plane, and the developers are active in the community too.

I was hoping for a better quality release on the Sportwing. Would have purchased this one just to goof on in from time to time.


Yup. That was another SOLID first release on the platform.

There are quite a few aircraft on the way. I don’t think we should lower the bar. The nicer the aircraft some of these guys come out with, the less tolerance we should have as a community for quickly slapped together ports and outright nonsense like that F-18.


Yes, we’ll have to disagree on that. I think you knowing the devs may make you cringe a bit when you see people push back against their products, and that’s probably fair. I probably would too. However I’m trying to separate a product being charged for from the people producing it. This plane is not a reflection on them as people and neither is the criticism of it. It just really strikes me that this seems like an FSX level plane being built for MSFS2020. It would appear that the devs have not upped their game or adjusted their methods to account for the the higher standard of visual fidelity provided by MSFS and that is becoming standard from quality third parties. It’s great that people who are into these 20s and 30s era niche planes can get their fix from Golden Era, but at the same time that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hold them to the same standard we would and do hold other third party plane devs. Heck, if anything, the folks that passionate about these planes should be the ones at the front of the line pointing out that this offering really isn’t up to snuff.


Just thought I should chime in. This seemed like some relevent info to share on with the community over here too. :slight_smile:

Not sure how many of you here keep an eye out on simouthouse, having been flying, enjoying and following these guys since this Kinner 1st arived way back in FS2004. So was exited to see this coming to MSFS. I got it earlier when released and was surprised to have recieved a refund.
When I checked the forum post over there again I saw this post.

Ive really been enjoying this lovely girl. Very nostalgic to be flying it again and a nice addition to my sim! Yes the textures might not be upto todays standards but seeing them comfortably step up about it is nice to see.
Hopefully their incoming stearman shows they have what it takes to bring these old birds into the new golden age of simming!

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I mean…I’m not sure this is in any way redeeming. please correct me if I’m wrong, but I read that post as, “Ok we realize that this isn’t very good, so the people who followed us for a long time and bought it right away direct from us will get a refund and get to keep it. But then we’re not going to in any way fix the problems we’re admitting to and still go ahead and sell it on our website and third party sites as is.”

Sorry, but that’s…kinda unethical.

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Fair play to them for refunding everyone even if some like me didn’t mind the plane! I do hope they revisit the Kinner in the future with improved textures and modelling though as it is an interesting and unique plane and does deserve the full treatment. I also hope their Stearman is good. I believe the dev of the recent F-15 is also working on one so it’ll be interesting to see how they compare.


Well he does say that they’ll be putting it back up for sale for a ‘nominal fee’ which one assumes will be significantly cheaper than what they were selling it for beforehand. I’d also hope that they will put a disclaimer in the product description when it’s back on sale to let people know exactly what to expect. So IF that’s the case then it’s not really that unethical, although this is just me speculating…

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Understandable frustrations but to keep things on a more positive note…
If anyone does want to give it a fly, it is free from the link provided over at simouthouse for a short time if that was missed. :slight_smile:
It is an absolute joy to fly regardless of the textures.

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I’m a bit confused. He said he’s refunded “everyone who purchased” the Sportwing. Has anyone who purchased through simmarket been refunded? I have not.

No. Only those who purchased it through that obscure site got a refund. SimMarket customers didn’t get it, and the price has been reduced today.