New Release: Mario Noriega Designs C-22J

Ah thank you for letting me know. I’ll keep an eye out for the offical update then I think even though your work is amazing


thank you! I’ll probably do similar skins once the upgrade comes out so we’ll have loads to choose from.


Based on all the comments I just got the plane from Simmarket. I really really did not expect it to be so good. The sound and feel of this is one of the best in the sim in my opinion. The sound is truly immersive. It is clear that A LOT of work was put into this plane, attention to detail and systems is great.

I do not get it… with this potential, this plane with high-res textures and some more polygons in the 3d model would be worth 30-40 USD in my opinion. Perhaps the price because it is a direct port from FSX.

This will be my “go to” aircraft for longer routes.

Finally, @OrLoK3D , you saved the day with the interior… it looks much much better. Thank you.


it really is a groovy little aircraft.

I too was surprised at how good ot was for the price.

I’m glad my little mod helped a bit, it’s really nice to know I’ve made things a tiny bit better for someone.

I’m definitely going to keep an eye on this dev for any more msfs 2020 releases.


The price should be a bit higher, seldom I say something like that.
The C-22 is one of my favorites and the price is more than fair.

Not to mention the very own flight characteristics, which in my opinion are a lot of fun to fly.

Yesterday I flew the C-22 in formation with a friend, and we once did a test with (me) and without (Buddy) the spoilers, and it’s really hard to get the part on the ground. It works very well with spoilers, but without it, it has easily eaten up a whole 4000 feet of runway. We ask ourselves whether the ground effect is a bit too strong with the C-22 … but since we don’t have an RL reference, it is impossible to compare it. The flaps were of course extended :wink:

But as I said, otherwise absolute awesome to fly, and as I heard the developer is working on a texture update for the cockpit.

Me too !!!


The C22 is derrived from a glider so personally I suspect the problems landing without using spoilers to dump some of the lift are accurate.


Of course we know that…

My buddy also flies gliders in real life, but he also thinks that the ground effect is very pronounced.

But anyway, the C-22 is still my number one when it comes to fun.

My thoughts exactly. This is a very nice plane to fly, easy to trim, totally unique.
It’s extremely stable, but I’ve just flown the MacLoop with it and it proved to be nimble enough.

Yes, the interior textures (seats and upholstery) are not up to par with some other offers, and the brakes make a weird sound (as if the jet engine was spooling up when you press them).

And I do have a hard time getting it down on the runway. Extending the spoilers makes it baloon initially, so that’s not the best option. I may need to try and assign spoilers to a slider and see how it goes.

It’s more than worth its price and one of my favorite planes so far.

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Gliders are the only thing I’ve flown in real life and trying to landing the C22 without spoilers doesn’t feel that off - but my flying days were quite some years ago so I would want to defer to someone with current experience.

I am still amazed how much value this aircraft is. Dirt cheap for so much coolness!


Absolutely right…there appears to be wanna be developers who have thought hey we can port XYX model into MSFS without too much trouble bundle a few textures and maybe we can push it on to Xbox as well its a good income stream …the GA spectacle of some ported GA aircraft demeans MSFS IMHO…I exclude the current version of this plane re my comments

Sooooo any updates on the textures?


I am also curious, I hope there is still something to come.

Don’t want to blacklist the developer too, there are enough others already.

Apart from the textures, it is a real masterpiece.


The textures are adequate, the flight model is superb.

No update is required.

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Not required, but one was promised by the developer.


Exactly!!! From that point of view, the price is really low. But the JU was only slightly more expensive and we know how good it looks. It wouldn’t hurt the CJ22 if it got a texture upgrade in the cockpit. That then finally lifts them to Olympus.

We often fly them in formation, it’s great fun.

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Correct. My question was based on the dev saying it was coming. Texture upgrade would be nice.

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don’t know if this has been posted already - but it has the POH and some other items of interest - along with the history of this kind of remarkable aircraft
Caproni C22J (


Oh my, I am very late to this thread. Thank you so much to @MariopilotPD808 for the addon and @OrLoK3D for the awesome mods. I’m so glad to hear this aircraft is still being worked on as it’s one of my favorites for MSFS.

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A teaser: expected after Sim Update 6, with compatibility fixes, 4K textures also on the exterior!
Coming to MSFS Marketplace as well!