New update in the microsoft store, sim deletes itself

I was in SU6 beta, but not Reno beta. Seeing version

Getting a lot of CTDs - random a few minutes after starting a flight. Not had more than a few minutes in the sim since the “update” without a CTD. Not tried emoty community folder yet - that’s my next step.

Tha C:\Users[]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache definitely got wiped. My airframe time in the DC-6 got reset, which is stored in there. All folders in there show today’s data about 90 minutes ago when I first hit the issue

I’m seeing a correlation with Sim Update 6 Beta users maybe, did anyone get the update who was not in the SU6 Beta?

I was in both. And yes, My sim was apparently deleted and is now reinstalling (I hope)

And DC-6 seems broken, so reinstalling that now. Engines not turning when trying to start and options were all reset

Looks like it is reinstalling the whole sim. 96 GB.

Today the Sim Update 6 flight users were purged on the back-end of the flight, so we believe this could be the cause, and coming later as we thought it would have happened on Sim Update 6 Day here:

I believe this would be the sim reinstalling on the default drive as we thought (but super late), and those who have it in a separate folder aren’t seeing this reinstallation.

We sincerely apologize for this. We will investigate more and not repeat this in the future.

If we find out anything else we will report here.


I was in the SU6 beta, and I am also currently having to re-download 98GiB of data to a dedicated drive that the sim was installed to!
The sim was not installed on the default location, it was wiped from my dedicated drive and is now installing again to the same drive.

Thank God I bought the Steam version :grimacing:


So if I was on both the SU6 and Race beta teams and MSFS is installed on my C: default location, am I safe to use the sim yet?

For those with the PMDG DC-6, I think a reinstall of this is needed because it stores some files in the folder that was wiped.

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I think it will get wiped, which was an expected impact of the SU6 beta, but maybe didn’t happen until now… I thinkl that’s what the post above means.


Were the packages installed in the WpSystem directory? If so, that still counts as a default installation path. I also used to have the simulator installed on a separate drive on my old PC, but inside the default WpSystem directory, and the packages ended up getting deleted after leaving both the Sim Update 4 and the Sim Update 5 betas.

Now I have the packages on a totally separate folder in my system drive, and I’ve been prompted to download the client again in the Microsoft Store, but so far the packages are still intact.

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@ChaoticSplendid Yes,it was. Thank you for that info! It’s a shame that the info wasn’t made clearer in the announcement.


I was in SU 6 beta only. Package folder was default but installation folder is in D:\WindowsApps\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_1.20.6.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe. Time stamps on files and folders still shows 8. October which is a bit confusing. Version is Everything has reverted back to vanilla, need to redownload WU files, etc. I guess I am back to square one for the first time since alpha.

Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately there was no way out of this situation, because files inside the WpSystem directory cannot be copied and backed-up. I learned this the hard way twice.

Now that you have to download all the packages again, you can install them in your separate drive again, but make sure they go anywhere else but the WpSystem directory. For example, X:\MSFS works great, and it should help avoid such issues in future beta tests.


Thank you and i’m lucky that i didn’t install it earlier now when i know that. Will install it in a different folder then. How do we install in different folder tha wpsystem? Or do we just drag the package folders into another folder and point the sim towards it?


If the files are installed in WpSystem, I believe there is no way to copy them out. The only way is to select a different folder when you are prompted to install the packages, it should be somewhere in the bottom of the installation manager after the splash screens.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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@ChaoticSplendid Unfortunately, no way out of it re-installing back into the WpSystem folder this time as it is part of the way through. I will definitely look to installing to a different folder next time though. Thank you for your help.
Sorry @perrry I seemed to have replied to your post and not ChaoticSplendid

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Did it now, looks like it works fine :slight_smile: Thank you so much for the help :slight_smile: