No Online Traffic / No Live Traffic

I decided to give up on live traffic in MSFS due to never actually seeing any. Iv’e now switched to AI Online Traffic and set my AI Traffic Density setting to 100% and Traffic Variety setting to 100% and still I have absolutely zero traffic. I fly mainly in UK and I’m connected to the West Europe server which is the fastest for me. You would think there would be traffic in larger airports like Gatwick or Manchester or Glasgow but there is nothing. I fly mostly GA aircraft and the lack of traffic really is a spoiler for me. I have ultra fast cable broadband so no issues with server speeds.
Nvidea 3080 GPU
16GB Ram
Intel i9 processor

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I have near identical set up and also fly GA and low altitude airways across UK and EU
And have exactly the same frustration, I see No traffic on Live Traffic and also when switching to AI
This is why you cannot call MSFS 2020 a Flight Simulator just yet as it is lacking in some of the fundamental requirements to a flight sim. And Traffic immersion being a big one


the lack of live traffic has several reasons as Mr. Neumann said in some interview pre SU5:

Jorg Neumann: First of all, there is a data issue. The navigation data isn’t always perfect. For instance, we have this airport in Germany named Heligoland Airport. In the data we get from FlightAware, there are planes landing there. In our sim, they never do. We saw there was an issue with the navdata and we added something driven by Chris from Working Title. We also added FAA data in the United States. I believe that’s now in as we see a bunch more approaches.

There is a strike team and Working Title is on it. Our aviation experts are on it, and some people from Asobo are on it and are looking at what is the best synthesis of data in order to get to the right global solution. It’s not that simple. We don’t think there’s a single database that we can use.

There is clearly Jeppesen, but no singular database has everything worldwide. There’s Navblue, Garmin has some stuff… On top of the strike team, we’re starting to reach out to the community as there are people who know a lot about this. Kai and his team at AIG have looked at this for a long time, for instance. We saw that we had a solution that wasn’t as good as we thought. Live and learn. It just means that we have to add some things.

Full interview:

In short:lack of traffic (and GA traffic ofc.) is some lack of data when it comes to approaches, airport data and tracking data. On top of that the current traffic approach is somehow Frankensteinish as it’s a mix between legacy FSX systems and the online implementation. Also it’s bugged but that has already been reported (aircraft won’t depart their gates/parking areas).

As the last Sim Update unfortunately broke many aspects of the sim somehow I guess traffic was set to hold right now but might be back on track soon enough.

The plans on traffic (including real life aircraft instead of Generic), as said in the interview, are nice but that of course needs time :slight_smile:


Moreover I don’t know why they changed the distance when you can see lights of live traffic. It was I think around 15-20NM, but after WU4 or WU5 it looks like it is only 5NM-10NM. Therefore we are seeing very few of live traffic aircrafts, but on G1000-G3000 are plenty of them.

Yes I can imagine the complexity of AI traffic (on- or offline) and it will be difficult to fix. Now I see planes landing on the grass, cross my path on the taxi way, cause a ‘ravage’ in the cities and suddenly disappear.
What I don’t understand why the property ‘Ground Aircraft Density’ doesn’t work ( set to 100%) - In my opinion easy to fix. Now most of the airports are empty; especial the add on’s.

Have the same problem. After last update no live traffic, clear skies only, no wind speed on map.

I can’t switch weather to live, Checked status of xbox account , it shows status - offline and near servers - shows circle that can’t connect.
Tried to use REX weather - it works, map is loading excellent, so there is no any problem with internet .
Have this problem only after last update…

I have same problem since last update.
Zero live traffic or AI traffic encountered. Empty skies

Hi everyone, please check your status in-game (online or offline, servers).
Also make sure to update Gaming Services and the xbox app to the latest version, 2110.1000.23.0.

I noticed this earlier on xbox on a short flight, did not encounter any ai traffic or multiplayer traffic.

I admit I dont use nameplates but normally I see something, even my garmin map was not showing anything.

How do you do that? My XBox app is 2109.1001.8.0 . I go to MS Store and check for updates and none shown. Windows updates shows no updates.


Since today im encountering the same problem, not any online ai traffic anywhere. Im watching on vfr map and go in important airport and there is no any traffic.

Hi Ollie, I am seeing no live traffic whatsoever in the sim, and I am failing to understand how updating my X-box app (an app that isn’t even required to run the sim) will have any bearing on this issue? Could we have an explanation about what is going on here please?

I checked in my MS store and the app is not showing any updates and I have no idea how to check what version I am on. Forgive me but, really, we should not need to go through this rigmarole!

Thank you.


Flying around northern Norway I was thinking, it’s a bit quiet around here but maybe it’s because of where I am. Looks like I’ve got the same problem.

All connections working okay, I’ve reset the Gaming Services App, it’s still showing 2109.1001.8.0, nothing in Windows Update, including trying the troubleshooter.

Looks like there may be a glitch somewhere, servers etc?

Same here … started last night / this morning … (reminds me to Stephen King’s “Langoliers”…^^) … suddenly iam completly alone … There is absolutly no traffic in the air … but a lot of planes at destination airports … all air traffic grounded ? Ok, there is someting volcono action at Las Palmas … …^^

But for real… what the * happend ?

I am not seeing ANY Real Time Live Traffic (Not talking about MP or Offline AI) this morning, Sept. 24, 2021 or last night. The day before, the sky was full. I have changed servers, logged out and back in, restarted PC to no avail. I am flying in the USA. Tested at KJFK, LAX, ORD, ATL.

Will others please chime in and let me know if it is just me or maybe the servers are down.



Done a flight between Singapore and Hong Kong today, no traffic at all as well. It’s probably one of those quiet days in the server farm, I guess…

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Thanks for responding.

To be honest, I stopped thinking about it these days… If I get traffic, great… if not… oh well…


PHNL was a ghost town last night during a sunset flight (local real time).

Just another day in the world of MSFS…some things work, others not so much. Had to change to ai offline traffic… :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face:
I would absolutely love to be able to just log on, fly a full flight, and everything (and I mean everything) work properly…without traffic, it sure is not the same. I know we are spoiled with even having the ability to have a flight simulator in our homes so I am trying to manage expectations.