Nose Wheel Steering is now an Axis

Hi all!

In case you missed it, a new NOSE WHEEL STEERING AXIS, is now to be found in the control panel… and i’m thoroughly enjoying it!
Only tested it in the Cessna Citation until now, but by GOLLY, does this make a difference. Love it!

This is the “Tiller control” that many have been aching for, for so long. Yes, it’s finally here!

Mind you, the Rudder still activates the Nose wheel, as upon landing a tricky airplane you are still going to be able to transition between working those rudders hard and once you’ve slowed down enough, take your feet off your pedals and gently turn the airplane with the tiller handle.
I’ve got a nice round axis-knob on my G940 joystick (bottom right) so as soon as joystick inputs are no longer nescessary, my hand slides to the axis and guides the airplane to it’s parking position. It is just and awsome feeling, and somehow so much more accurate than what my feet can achieve upon taxiing. As you slow down to a crawl, you get more steering angle, but still need to pump the brakes and add a bit of power if you actually want to do a 90 degree turn.

You might want to put in a bit of Deadzone in the sensitivities and, word of warning, you might want to add “neutralize PWS axis” to your pre landing checklist, as i guess if you leave it on full left or full right, you might actually head off the runway or make a wingstrike if you activate it outside the deadzone.
Lining up with the runway, making sure your nosewheel is straight, is also a nice added challenge. I for one, am loving it.

I hope you guys and girls out there enjoy this feature as much as i do.

And, just to st(r)ay off topic, the little Cessna 152 has it’s domelight turned off now, so no more red dashboard… it wasn’t mentioned as fixed in the releasenotes as far as i’m aware. (just a minor fix, but we can give this little bird some loving again.)

Have an awsome Flight… and taxi to and from the runway,

Woof ~ Woof & Salute!



Just noticed I cannot control F-18 turning on ground anymore and don’t have enough axises to assign to nose wheel steering.
Rudder used to control nose wheel too in this plane before the latest SU. :open_mouth:


Set the same axis as your rudder to the nose wheel steering and i’m guessing that should do it?

You might actually have to press a button to get into a nose steering wheel-mode…at least, that’s what i see from the release notes…
-Display Nose Wheel Steering modes on HUD

Might be just like in DCS, where you hold a button to make the NSW steer harder.


Have to test that.
Edit: Yes, now using the NWS switch behind the stick I never even noticed before. :grimacing:


The F-18’s NWS switch is a button on the left side of the stick. Has two levels of effectiveness.

You use the G-limiter paddle on the front of the stick (or key bind it) to disconnect NWS. Or drop the launch bar.

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I think this is a great new feature. Unfortunately for those of us with the T-Flight HOTAS One and pedals on xbox, the manufacturer in their wisdom mapped the pedal steering and joystick twist axis onto the same control axis in hardware. So sadly although I have all of the controls I need, I cannot use them. Apparently on PC you can just plug the devices in separately and these axes are split, but that is not possible for xbox users.

They are sold out, but this company sells tiller controllers:

There are alternatives:

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We already replaced the old nose wheel steering axis on the FBW A32NX (dev and exp version) with the new axis (introduced in the SU9). If you use it and have it on the old mixture axis, update your plane and remap your bindings.


This advice was offered in the SU9 Beta forms on this topic, if you don’t assign and then press the button on the F18 its pretty much impossible to manoeuvre on the ground:

You need to bind a key/button to “SET NOSE WHEEL STEERING TO LIMIT”. The first press will turn on the steering and give an NWS indication in the HUD, subsequent presses will toggle between NWS and NWS HI. Once turned on, the “TOGGLE G LIMITER” command will turn NWS off.

Also make sure you don’t have the Launch Bar extended, the Nose Wheel locks position when that is extended.

The NWS switch is present in the 3D cockpit (it’s on the stick) so mapping a key is not neccessary.

I’ve resorted to turning NWS on through the cockpit rather than a keybind, because inadvertent activation of that in other planes (I learned this with the P-38) can mess with their NWS presets.

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So finaly i can use my modified doorknob for something else than opening the door.


As soon as Asobo adds doors to stock aircraft and a keybind/axis, you’ll get a conflict though.


So many ■■■■ controls and peripherals…how are you guys getting around the fact that your computers have a limited number of USB ports?

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You can get external USB hubs that’ll give you all the extra USB ports you could ever need. Not had that problem myself though as my tower has 9 or 10 USB ports front and back which does come in handy.

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For me I installed a PCI usb hub

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
To avoid conflict i add on the wishlist Electric dooropener.
Thanks for heads up

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Can an Xbox controller be used for the steering tiller?


You have to buy motherboard with as many usb ports and aux usb also when building i use Leo Bodnar usb board where u can setup 6 axes and 32 knobs par board this will use only one usb on the motherboard. In fsuipc you can adress for example 7005 brake settings and added with, /1 or,/2 up to i believe, /12 so 12 settings for loran or rotary switch and uses only one or two inputs.

Possible yes, select xbox controller profile and search steeringtiller, than program on axis

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I love technology.