Not Much Going On At Airport?

Haven’t really noticed until now, but there doesn’t seem to be allot of activity going on around the airports?

Granted CYTS isn’t that busy to begin with, but even when I jump over to CYYZ which should be buzzing. There’s planes at the games, ground vehicles whipping aorund but absolutely no aircraft movement.

I confirmed my settings are set to Live Air Traffic.

Is this happening for everyone or am I perhaps missing something?

Live traffic has been having issues. Not sure why this thread was closed, but…

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Ah, thank you! I missed that in my search before posting.

Sorry for the redundancy!

Data feed between MSFS and the Live Traffic provider was resolved over the weekend. I flew four times yesterday and it’s still working.


There’s no departing traffic since SU5. Hence the lack of any ground movement.

And often (though not always), AI planes will land and then despawn after leaving the runway, vs taxiing to a parking / gate.

So that makes for pretty deserted airports other than the “scenery” planes parked at the airports that will never move.


There is a separate Bugs & Issues still open for Departing Traffic. That’s also been sent up to the Team.


I just pulled up the World Map and zoomed in on KLAX. It was showing traffic both arriving and departing. I didn’t actually start the flight, but the “radar” icons were on the map.

Much like weather, what you see on the world map and what you see in the sim are 2 very different things.

I can’t speak for others, but I prefer low and slow VFR. And the lack of any realistic traffic bugs me to no end. I don’t care much about the airliner traffic (although it’s nice to see). It’s the total lack of GA traffic at any airport that’s sorely lacking.

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Indeed. They bear no resemblance to each other.

Caught this screenshot over Atlanta - two outbound and two inbound.

As for planes vanishing, that’s probably not something that MS or Asobo can do anything about. When the pilot turns off the transponder and ADSB, then they essentially vanish from any online tracking systems. You see this a lot when watching airport traffic on sites like FlightAware or ADSBExchange.

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The vanishing planes syndrome was something that Microsobo said monrhs ago they were working on. The AI is supposed to take over when the transponder is off, ensuring that the aircraft taxis to the gate as appropriate.

Needless to say, they didn’t bother in the end.

At London Heathrow recently I found a C172 at a gate next to an A320. Had to laugh…but I take your point

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Well this is interesting,

I see planes in the world map over CYYZ. So I spawn at the active runway (parking close by to watch). But I don’t see anything.

I sit there for about 10-15 minutes and then boom. The airport started to come to life. Saw a few take off, a few taxi and a couple land.

But it seems dead when you first spawn despite the world map showing activity.

That said, the planes are quite funny looking in the air, just a pixled blob of red green and white light until they get close in.

You saw position lights on the Live Traffic? Interesting. This is still a reported bug (not appearing). I’d love to see a screen shot with nameplates enabled, as this should get sent up to Dev Team.

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I took a video of one taxing and one coming in, can see lights on both.

I didn’t get a photo of the other aircraft in the air where I saw their lights but I can try and get another later. I don’t have nameplates on but I can turn that on as well.

Did you by any chance install the mod that returns lights? I see lights, but it’s because I have said mod. Otherwise, there are no lights on planes atm and haven’t been since SU5. This is a universally known and accepted bug with the sim atm.

Thanks. Just to confirm - you don’t have the Lights mod from in your Community folder yes?

I can confirm I do not have that mod.

I just turned on nameplates and confirmed I have a live flight with lights.

Fascinating! Thanks for this. I’ll bookmark it for inclusion up to the team. It’s still an open bug.

If anyone else on the this thread has the time or inclination, I’d love to hear from you whether you’re seeing the same thing - confirm you don’t have that Mod installed and see if Live Traffic is showing lights.

If anyone else wants to test, I am at CYYZ Gate (Parking 163)