NVIDIA App, no more control panel!

Nvidia has finally released in beta version the programme that will replace the control panel. All functions will be available in the future.


Very interesting.

Got it installed, and I like it a lot.

It looks more like a replacement for GeForce Experience, than the control panel. Isn’t it?

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It merges Geforce Experience and NVidia control panel into one app. And one doesn’t need an account to download the latest drivers.


Sounds good
I never failed to encounter the hibernating problem with Ge Force Exp using Windows 10, it always stopped the PC from going to sleep. Hopefully, that will be fixed now.

It should come with Record, Screenshot, all your Colour Filters etc, all in one place. Plus the usual Nvidia settings.

I would expect it will have a " Save settings" to the cloud so all your hard work will never be lost!


So we are forced to install a UI that introduces more bloat when NVCP is sunset?

A UI change should be a very minor change in resource usage, if any at all. If there is any bloat it will be with any data tracking they add into the app.

I like it.

Hardware unboxed did a review of the beta.

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many of us, me included, only install the driver and do not want or care about the experience thing or their game overlays. So with this new UI, I think ALL of us will be forced to install stuff we have no desire for. Hope I am wrong.


You are not obliged to install the Broadcast, Canvas or Frameview plugin. You install Nvidia app and driver.

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That’s great news. Thanks.

My biggest issue was the data collection Nvidia embarked on. Some of the stuff in the app looks useful to me. More so it will not use up more than a few MBs of storage space. It cannot take up resources unless you use it. There is always the chance NVidia will use it as an excuse to run back ground stuff that still collects data, but then it is easy to block an app from sending information outwards.

Be aware to install filters with this app. If so, your MSFS doesn’t start anymore (graphic card error…). Disable overlay and MSFS works again. Anybody now how to remove the filter settings for MSFS when not in the game?

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Clean, debloated version 536.67 until they pry it from me.

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during the installation, I think there were 4 boxes to be checked IF you wanted to share data.

So glad you don’t have to log in anymore.

Even when you uncheck those boxes, it drops 2 services into your start up. You can remove these by using Autoruns. Disabling The services seemed gave me no indications to having a negative effect on the app.

I found the app still a bit clunkish. I am only playing WoW atm, and it felt jerky. I also lost the mouse in game. I tried this with the services running and not. It is still a huge step in the right direction for Nvidia IMHO.