NVidia DLSS 3.1.30 floating runway/taxi lights

I just test the updated nvidia DLSS DLL version 3.1.30 (released July 27th) and get floating runway and taxi lights. Anyone tested the DLSS DLL 3.1.30 and/or see the same issue ?

  • Reverse to the previous version 3.1.13 solve the issue
  • My GPU is a 3080

If you don’t know how to update the nvidia DLSS DLL, please refer to this discussion : How to update Nvidia DLSS version

I run it, but haven’t noticed any floating lights.

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Issue solved after updating my nvidia drivers to 536.67

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Has anyone seen improvements in MSFS since the last update?

Is there an improvment on this version vs the last one?

I wasn’t able to point out any difference on my system