Nvidia DLSS support

Yes. correct, it was back a couple of months after release Asobo even told us they “improved AA”, etc, etc. It was actually CAS.
However, it is not the only feature from that API that they use for their in-house engine. Lots of features are part of the GPUopen, and together with Gameworks middleware by nVidia it is an open standard that studios such as Asobo make extensive use of.

Those can often be and in fact are features not often exposed through the final product’s UI that work at the lower levels, for example quite good radix sorting algorithm by AMD for the parallelization of various functions in a title, efficient multithreading for up to 4 workers in DX11, etc.
Or the reflections for example, a studio can use the present sampling via monte carlo rendering and perform the depth tracing (ray marching) - but then use a very good AMD’s SSSR to shade the surfaces with exact evaluation of materials…plus you can go with low res source reflections with just 2x2 or 4x4 tiles in the screen-space for all types of rays in the scene, yet still get the nice looking reflections coz that approach supports using FSR directly on source reflections mid-process. The ones in the sim are maybe created using a similar or the same comb of tech.
Studios build their in-hose engines and solutions and use a number of features, tools whatnot…be it in Unity or UE whatever…tools by Pixar, Nvidia, opengpu…from all sides.
I like the fact Asobo uses 3ds max and Babylon…when it comes to modelling, materials and all that stuff for MSFS…I mean it’s one of my favorite repositories.

Yes, there is no official FSR implementation, that is true.
I have some great news to share with you, at least with all of you who didn’t already hear about it:

The next big thing in the (should be March) version of AMD Adrenaline driver will be - FSR! :slight_smile:
Indeed, so they managed to place their spatial upscaler and the algo and all the tech for the in-driver activation on basically any title. So even if a game doesn’t have FSR integrated natively, we will be able to activate the feature from the upcoming Adrenaline driver suite.

Theere is the minimum requirement (as AMD says) in that the GPU architecture has to be based on RDNA. They obviously have some difficulties with GCN…but let’s hope it also works on those cards.

Another novelty with that driver will be introduction of the AI based eye/gaze and head tracking. All you need is a webcam with depth sensing or that Kine…ct (?) or something. Same one that Windows Hello requires.
The technology in the upcoming AMD Adrenaline suite comes from the AMD’s partnership with Eyeware. Let’s hope it finds good use in the simulator ! :smiley:
More about it you can check out here —> Eyeware | Head & Eye Tracker Software Tech - Webcams & 3D Cameras

I completely forgot!
I took to trying and testing out the FSR, as it is available as an open source now.
This is how NYC looks with FSR enabled and set at Ultra (the “worst” quality where it takes 1080p and upscales to 4K):

I’m sorry, but the image improvement doesn’t shine through for me. I’ve looked at both sides of the image above in Gimp, and truly can’t see any differences between them.
What I do see is the claimed FPS increases, and if they are borne out in MSFS, then that alone would be sufficient to demand/beg for DLSS support for the sim.

I am really interested to hear from anyone who tries the SU10 Beta update with DLSS…
How does it run? What does it look like? What do light masts look like? Fences etc? Thanks

It’s looking great on my system. It got rid of the shimmering AA on AI buildings that was introduced around SU5.

There are various levels you can set it at, I’m currently running it on Quality and everything looks much better to me.

Performance has also increased and I’m now running everything on Ultra and at around 60 fps on my 2070 Super/Ryzen 3700X system in 2K res.
I’m going to lock it back to 40 fps though as I don’t see any real difference between 60 and 40, no point hammering my GPU for something I can’t see. So far very positive results.


Running it on 1080p 5600x /w 2070s. DLSS /w quality settings look like the image got upscaled to like 1.5x, shimmering is indeed gone and well, antialiasing is the best it’s been in the game. I haven’t looked the dev-options yet, but it sure feels as the frametimes have improved.

If anyone decides to try it and finds that the DLSS is ghosting ie. like version 1.0, just upgrade your drivers to latest and that’s that.

I’ve seen ghosting in the glass panel textures, but only there. I’m running the Game Ready drivers.

DLSS causes blurry speed /altitude tapes and screens in general for me. Gone back to TAA running DX12 tho

64gb ram at 3600mhz
Rtx 3090

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+1 for the blurries.

@XTCQuinn , @Naukumaa , @Vibstronium , @xlStuartlx87 , @VacantCamp32568 ,

I see that some of you are participating in the Sim Update 10 BETA category. Good! (And thank you!):+1: For those of you who are not, I encourage you to leave your DLSS feedback there instead of here. The Community team reads a lot of posts in the forums, but right now, all eyes are on the beta category.

Likewise, @ManicMiner00 , I encourage you to read some of the DLSS threads there. If someone were to leave crucial feedback here and not in the beta category, it would be a shame if it got missed.


Doesn’t DLSS cause some degree of blurriness no matter what you do? You can minimise it, but you can’t eliminate it entirely.

Some games you just won’t notice it, but if you are trying to read small text, you definitely will.

DLSS always cause blurriness even on Quality setting.
Small text and digids on instruments are is somewhat harder to read.
With my 3 monitor configuration it gave me about 10 fps advantage with DLSS on Quality setting.
I don’t like the balance and performance settings because of to much instrument blur.

Hi @PliantWings5288 ,

Please provide this feedback in the Sim Update 10 BETA category instead of here. Thank you!

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Note the blurry glass instruments has already been marked feedback-logged in two distinct threads in the beta section:

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My option for DLSS disappeared after updating to today. Anyone with the same issue help please. Thanks