Official Discussion: August 5th, 2021 Development Update

I got no CTDs,so i don’t expect anything except the usual microbugs which they will fix.

There is absolutely no apology needed, don’t rush the fixes, rushing could lead to mistakes being made, I’m a patient person.

Agree with this.

The communication strategy needs to be reevaluated based on this and the past. Hopefully the new community representative will have a better handle on the needed approach to cater to this community.

I personally have no CTD or major issues btw,

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Apologies if it’s been mentioned but is this update dropping onto Xbox also or just for pc? Thanks.

Poor communication doesn’t necessarily stem from the community team.

As a general rule, in a project like this CMs are as low on the totem pole as you can get - they shouldn’t be, but they are . They often get less decision making authority than the receptionist and personal assistants, and often given really important information as an afterthought hours or days after a decision has been made. Annoyingly they’re often under resourced and have their hands deliberately tied by management.

I can tell you that Jayne and Ollie work really hard for this community, and in many ways you probably won’t see, I’m also really happy to see they’re getting more help, but don’t expect it to fix communication issues as many of them are likely out of their hands


‘You can read more about the fixes coming as well as other issues we are working on here.”

ok thank you . I was more concerned about the MSFS_SDK_Core_Installer_0.14.0.0 bugs rather the game :slight_smile: I´ll post in that topic link as well.

Let’s just hope things will improve. The need for better communications was raised in a post a few days ago and was acknowledged.

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True. We don’t want to download 120GB in every updates or hotfixes

Yep, thats when we would get our emails from Sergio Marchionne. Lol The man never slept.

My only hope is that there is a trim fix for Thrustmaster accessories. I did not see it in the rush fix due out soon. That’s what’s making my game unusable. Bugs are OK but not being able to fly a plane is unacceptable. I really don’t want to wait until the end of August to play again!

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Man, I hope the hotfix drops today. Have the day off, would love to fly!

Some crackIng photos this week. Love the one by @Maniek87PL


You really need to adjust your reality lenses here: we are talking about a computer game! No one’s life depends on it! Not even if you’re making money with add-ons etc.


what you say is understandable if the bugs weren’t so obvious. they obviously didnt test the patch or not enough. how do you not notice there’s no volumetric lighting and ground textures are ■■■■■■? did they just not care or think no one would notice? this is 100% they fault for whatever quality control they have (if any). people usually work late and weekends to fix mistakes. especially if your most passionate customers are upset.

and id say most xbox player probably didnt even pay for the game. theyre probably on gamepass. im willing to bet most everyone on pc bough it.


Yes. It’s a business. Developers are people, and employees who have lives and plans.

Flight Simulator is a game. This isn’t life or death. :roll_eyes:


Don’t forget breaking the spoilers and trim.

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I don’t blame Asobo if they wait until next week to push the hotfix out. Friday is not the best time to release any piece of software. You know there will be bug to fix and maybe major ones. I believe when they push these fix out it’s around 8:00 am PT. Enjoy the summer and get out. Be safe simmers🤘🏾

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It seems if it wasn’t going to be released today they would have told us by now. Maybe there’s a good chance it is today…

Absolutely in no way should the lower level staff be required to work on their time off because of management’s shoddy decision making… period!

If anyone should be working around the clock, it should be the decision makers, reevaluating their strategy for how they’re going to allow the developers to improve upon these kinds of situations in the future, if they even care.

And by decision makers, I mean the real ones. I see a lot of people throwing Asobo under the bus here, but I doubt they’re really the ones in charge. They’re a dev studio that was hired by MS/Xbox Game Studios to develop the sim, and I imagine core decisions on timelines, release dates, allowances come from Xbox, not Asobo.

Of course these are all assumptions on my part, but knowing how corporate decision making works leads me to believe that’s most likely how it really is. Let’s focus the blame on where it really lies, not on staff who can only work with what their corporate masters allow them to have.